About Me

Dating, Relationship, and Life Coach Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti is a certified coach, speaker, and the #1 International Dating and Relationship coach for men. Apollonia has a signature strategy, focusing on a healthy approach to dating and relationships.

She teaches men how to be successful in all aspects of life including love, dating, self-confidence, seduction, personal development, family, and spirituality. Apollonia has a dedicated audience of men who are committed to personal development and are eager to hear her recommendations and advice. Apollonia has had numerous success with thousands of clients all over the world! From wedding invites, new relationship pictures, and just internal happiness and freedom with the men she has worked with and more.

“Love coaching is a discipline of personal development to help you master each of your actions, to transmit a positive message to yourself and your relationships.” 

“I believe it’s how we love ourselves that determines the quality and relationships in our lives.”
-Apollonia Ponti

What is a “Love Coach”?

Apollonia is known to present herself not only as a professional but also knows the science of Love. Apollonia is really known for her humble truths and a sentimental advisor. Driven by the desire to help men in love, dating, confidence, life, infidelity, broken relationships, and personal development. She supports you and even guides you at times you feel that you can’t. As a coach she allows you to take stock in yourself and your personal situations. But, also is very direct when needed for change. During personalized and confidential support, Apollonia Ponti adapts to all situations as she has coached over 5,000 men all over the world. It’s her mission to help enhance your human potential that everyone possesses in life and their relationships. She will identify your needs, give you advice, and together discuss an action plan to be carried out after your session.

Why This Profession? 

Apollonia talks in detail a lot about her much impactful story during her guest live speeches or tours. This is a story that has moved people and shaken them to the core, in a great way. Apollonia is not only a coach but also an image of what she teaches. Apollonia grew up always wanting to do something in the realm of love. As early as the age of 8. Instead of reading math books, Apollonia would read books about love but going into her adult years became fully emerged as a coach for men. Apollonia motivates men to open their eyes to what women want, what they should want, point out opportunities, and work with you to build confidence. She guides you towards getting out of the “friend zone” and staying out of it forever. But ultimately, Apollonia is known for teaching men attraction that gets phenomenal results. Just look at our testimonial page!  

My passion is to guide men to believe LOVE is not complicated, unrealistic, scary, unhealthy, false, or addictive! It is beautiful – it’s right in front of you waiting for you to find it! -Apollonia

Let's Get You The Best Results!

Here is where we make a lasting impact on your life!

My Mission is to help give men the guidance this world needs when it comes to love. I want men to know that no matter what walk of life you come from, or what mistakes you have made in your past – you, and only you can make the decision to be the person in charge of your love life. You can have the life of LOVE you have always dreamt of!

My dream is for people to be excited to wake up and confidently go after what frightens you, to date a healthy loving partner, and ultimately find the love everyone deserves!

I’m ready to take action! Are you?

“In order to feel complete love with another we must first discover the love within”
— Apollonia