Love Is My Inspiration

I am here for you!

Love Is My Inspiration

I am here for you!

Love Is My Inspiration

I am here for you!

Educational Speaker

What feeds my soul is being able to speak to young adults! Our future is in their hands, and it’s so important for a speaker to have adaptability to students. I remember when I was in school I felt an absolutely enormous amount of pressure to just “fit in”. We go through so many years of education, yet nobody ever teaches us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important! My extreme “did I say EXTREME?” passion is to speak to students about the importance of love, forgiveness, limiting beliefs, and living a life of confidence.

My way of speaking to students is through stories, truth, patience, and I highly engage! Our teenagers and children should never feel like they are alone. Students deal with constant challenges, and we should always give them an opportunity to have a clearer vision of life outside of academics.

A love coach in a college class to motivate young people

– College Class

Apollonia Ponti speaks to highschool students

– Highschool Class

Motivational Speaker

Apollonia Ponti after her speaking at the Women’s Success Summit

– Speaking at the Women’s Success Summit

Deepak Chopra and Apollonia Ponti

– Deepak Chopra and I

My motivational speaking comes from my spiritual background from meditation, tapping and all things love. When speaking my goal is to give a clear vision on everything that exists in the world of love. I speak about Self- Love, Law Of Attraction, Dating, and Relationships. During my years of experiences and working with others I’ve come to believe there is only one way to attract all things love into your life.Thats by putting in the work. So if you want your love life to work you must be willing to do the work.

Speaking about my story and how I overcame all obstacles to become the woman I am today is what connects me with my audience as they see how relatable I am to many of their stories. I offer tools to men and women to enhance there dating life and also give key elements on what makes a relationship succeed.

Depending on different events the topics may vary but whats most important is that I leave behind a memorable experience, be truthful, energetic, and leave women and men feeling as if they received answers and getting them on the path to truly finding love.

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