6 Week Workshop

Week One- Identify What’s Setting You Back!

Identifying and releasing your heart from blockages.
Bringing forward memories and wounds that you’ve been hidden in your subconscious.
Uncover your healing powers on relationship wounds that influence your love life today.
Reflecting on your patterns of past relationship love.

This week we will be working genuinely on feelings that you have subconsciously ignored. We will identify your image of what you honestly see as yourself then start healing any negative thoughts you have settled with as your image. These negative feelings can play a huge effect on your day to day life and might be something you just didn’t realize because this was something you carried with you. The three syllables of love will revel and show you how you saw and received love as a child, to yourself, and in your past relationships. This practice is the beginning of an energy shift which is very important for this 6-week program. Get ready to uncover and heal!

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Week Two- Controlling Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Honoring your fear and owning it.
Identifying your fear patterns.
Feeling the fear practice.
The fear checklist.

Feeling the Fear Meditation Practice
Releasing Fear Practice

This week we will discover the ways fear is holding you back. Fear is one of the most significant sources of what ego loves to hold on to. Fear ultimately blocks an enormous amount of love being sent to your energy and also prevents you from having a higher relationship with the Universe. We will walk through this step by step, and this week I will show you how to release these fears with the Feeling the Fear Practice. You will be able to start identifying fears and shutting them down right away into your “Fear Checklist” so they stop impacting your life today. Get ready cause this Feeling The Fear Practice is no joke! It has helped transform numerous client including myself. Even though this week can be fearful, it’s one of the best weeks yet to come!

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Week Three- Set Yourself Free!

Forgiving thy self through self-forgiveness.
Learn how to truly forgive your past and continue to forgive your future.
Breaking down forgiveness for others including yourself.
Forgiving and consciously setting free.

This week I will work with you and walk you through a place of self-forgiveness and forgiveness for others. I will be guiding you through this with my self-developed worksheets towards self-forgiveness and forgiveness for others. To forgive we must understand that we are not the victim. Incidents that have happened in our life are for our lessons and now they are under our full control.
Feelings and thoughts are combined with energy, forgiveness for others are setting them free and being conscious that they have played an awakening in your life. Once we forgive we can stop attracting habits and patterns that may be reoccurring and outcomes that our energy may be attracting.

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Week Four- Dating Detox

Learn the art of letting go.
Your core values statement with my what, why, now process.
Owning your power of self-dignity.
Confidently attract the woman you want.

Love Detox is one of my favorite weeks! This week I will work with you on letting go of relationships that are not serving you and how to manifest love in your everyday life. To attract the ultimate confidence and respect, you must make sure you’re in alignment with the truth of who you are as this is your path to freedom. How you live is about what you value, and your values. The center of all this is the principals and convictions that you inspire to live by, love by, learn by, grow by, and engage by. Who you are is behind your core values and the center of everything you do. When you have this, you get clear. Opportunities start to align, and you see clearly on what’s not align with you. You will get clear about your values and your relationships. This week you will have the opportunity to honor and teach yourself discipline that is alignment for YOU and YOUR integrity. You will realign and embrace integrity and credibility. Break free of the unhealthy habits, get clear on your visions, detox your relationships, and start manifesting what you truly desire!

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Week Five- How To Start Living For YOU! To Attract Love.

Daily self-love practices
Setting daily intentions.
Cultivating the f* It, let’s go mentality.
Showing up for you only.

This week we will be working to implement self-love practices and activities for you. I will be guiding you on setting daily intentions for the rest of your life. This week will be all about you and only you! Every day is a new day and by setting intentions daily, we are more connected to the source. The goal is always being as connected to the source because this is when things start happening for you. The cause is within you! This week is all about you. This week will have a lot to do with inner confidence how to get it, how to maintain it, and how to keep it! I will be sharing my Self-Esteem blueprint made especially for you then we will be making your own! It’s all about you!!

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Week SIX- Dating with Intension

Communication, don’t overshare but share just enough.
How to detect red flags.
Conversations to have on your dates.
How and where to find a date.
How to dress for a date and questions to ask
Learn Your Power and Owning it.
Sex Action Plan- Sex Appeal and Body Language.

This week we will talk about and practice how to have the conversation with a woman about love, sex, and relationships without scaring her away. We will also talk about how to know when you are oversharing and learn how to engage in the right conversation. Most importantly I will be giving you the critical signals of attracting unavailable women. We will discuss how to identify red flags in a woman and get her to pursue you if she is open to a relationship. We will also be doing activities around sex appeal, body language and how to own your masculine power by energy, communication skills, and other patterns when you are out and about being the new conscious YOU!

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