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Is She Playing Me? Find Out The TRUTH Here!

It’s absolutely horrifying to like someone and then wonder if they are playing games with you because of their inconsistent behavior or their hot and cold attitude towards you. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment, relationships and dating can be very confusing especially when you really like someone. I know what it’s like

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How to Stop Being Needy and Get The Girl You Want!

There’s a lot of times where you’re probably wanting to share emotion and you’re scared that if you say something that you’re going to come off as being needy and that this is not going to get a woman to like you. In this blog, I’m going to talk about exactly how to emotionally connect

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She's Playing Hard to Get

Is She Playing Hard to Get? 11 Tips You Must Have

Why do women play hard to get when they actually like you? I, being a woman myself, am going to give you the truth about why women play hard to get when we actually like you.  There’s a couple of reasons why I’ve been playing hard to get in the past and actually a lot

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personal values

Personal Values: How To Know My Values

Values are a very important foundational trait that we must live by in order for others to either admire, respect and treat us appropriately. Yes, people can treat us badly if we don’t have values and you might say “that’s horrible” or “that sucks people shouldn’t” but that’s easy to say rather then far from

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How to Heal from Trauma and Have Healthy Relationships!

Most of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives, whether not or not we’re aware of it. Trauma is much more pervasive than some of us realize and a much more expansive experience than its traditional definition. We associate trauma typically with the big bad event that emotionally disrupts our lives, but

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How to Understand Women. The Truth Behind the Way They Think!

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what’s going on in a woman’s head? Like you’re playing an endless guessing game and hoping that somehow you’re getting somewhere? That you’re not entirely sure how she feels about you? Well, the truth is, women DO internalize things slightly differently from men, but men don’t

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