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Reacting vs Responding. How to Communicate and Handle Anything

We’ve all been there. You’re in a heated argument and suddenly you start yelling things you never really meant to say. You react impulsively and aggressively to the situation at hand, without thinking about how you’re communicating and what effect your words may have. If you’ve ever seen Marriage Story, it’s a bit like the

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How to Take Control of Your Life!

In the whirl of life and trying to figure out how to find the right partner, how to find your purpose, how to have happiness or even success we often forget about ourselves. How can we really get clear if we don’t have our own lives in order? There is so much pressure that is

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Dating Someone with Anxiety: What You Need To Know!

Life is stressful and we all cope with stress in different ways. Some of us are more anxious or more easily depressed because of trauma or other difficult life experiences. But dating someone with serious anxiety or depression doesn’t mean you need to label them as such or avoid having a serious relationship with them.

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How to Spice Up Your Relationship!

When you met, everything was exciting. Every kiss felt like something new. Getting to know her was like discovering something. Now, a year in, everything is starting to go a little bit stale. Something is lacking because the relationship has become routine and it’s become comfortable. It’s not that the relationship isn’t good (comfort is

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How to Be More Confident with Women: 4 Ways to Leave Your Mark!

Let’s face it, dating can be really intimidating. Sometimes it’s hard to meet new people and exude that ever-elusive word: Confidence. What does it even mean to be confident, and how can you find it if you feel like you don’t have enough of it? Building your own confidence can help you with all aspects

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