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Abundance Mentality: Why Women Are Attracted To This!

The most important thing to think about when you think about an abundance mentality is the source of someone completely knowing who they are and stand confident in their beliefs, values, and insecurities. Abundance mentality does not mean that this is something that can be faked, it’s something that needs to be understood and then

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How To Set Boundaries in Dating and Relationships!

It’s important to know how to understand your values and your boundaries as a man and how to implicate them when you’re dating a woman because as a woman, mentally, we are intrigued by a man that values himself and that is unapologetically honest, open, has another opinion other than ours, and knows who he

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3 Nice & Honest Ways To Deal With A Clingy Girlfriend!

In this article, we’re going to talk about clingy girlfriends. Typically when you have a clingy girlfriend, it’s because you’re getting to a point where you’re just like, “This is too much. I love her, but I can’t continue to be around this, and I need to get her to change and understand this as

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