35 Christmas Gift Ideas For Her! Unique Gifts She Will Love!

It’s that time of year again! I’m going to give you Christmas gift ideas for her! Any holiday really. If you’re in a relationship or dating a woman you’re interested in can be a little overwhelming during the holidays. So I am here to bring you some light on what to get her. I know it can be quite difficult because you don’t want to get her just anything, and she might be a girl who has everything! Well, you’re lucky you have a wing woman like me to let you know what women love these days and you can blow her away by some of these gifts below.

Remember the gifts I give you below are for you to choose from. What would best fit your girlfriend’s style? Also, if you have a sister you can get some great ideas from this blog too! Want to get some unique Christmas gifts for her?

You might be thinking the following…

I need to figure out what to get a girl that has everything.
Is it too early to get her a gift? We just started dating!
My girlfriend said she wants nothing!
It’s been a while since I bought something for a woman.
I need some ideas! Help!

Well, you came to the right spot. Not only do I know what women want but I also know how to give great gifts. In this article, I am going to give you a list of gifts to get her. You use your own discretion to understand what Christmas gifts would be compatible with your girl or your relationship.

FYI- The links are even included so make sure you do your homework! 😉

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her:

1. Flowers and a card if it’s a newer relationship. (never got a gift before possibly) 
2. Spa gift certificate. 
3. Certificate for two for a wine-tasting event

4. Perfume ( I’ve listed a couple of popular ones below)Hermes Jardin


5. Puppy ( If she’s asked! Healthy long-term relationships only lol ) 
6. Gift Certificates to her favorite home store.
7. Shoes
8. A romantic boat ride or getaway to a ski lodge
9. Uncommon James jewelry collection or Mejuri

10. Fresh
11. Laptop/Computer
12. Purse
13. Coffee Mug with something meaningful. They have great ones on ETSY
14. Swarovski Pen
15. Concert Tickets
16. Personalized Bathrobe
17. Paid classes at her favorite yoga studio.
18. Sephora gift card (every woman loves Sephora) 
19. Fabletics or Lululemon(Every girl likes a nice pair of workout clothes. Not only to work out in but to run errands and have her day to day activity.)

20. Pay a chef to cook you a romantic dinner 
21. Paid classes toward something she wants to learn. Examples below…

            • Salsa Classes
            • Ski Lessons
            • Guitar Lessons
            • Culinary Lessons
            • Tennis Lessons
            • Photography Lessons

22. Lush Bath Bombs
23. Artwork
24. Photoshoot with a photographer
25. Crissy Teigen’s Cookbook (If she loves to cook, I love this book) 
26. Kate Spade personalized jewelry
27. Kate Spade desk supplies
28. 23 and Me Ancestry Kit
29. Polaroid Snap Camera
30. Ted Baker cosmetic bag
31. Fitbit X2 Bangle
32. HP Photo Printer
33. Week of chores around the house
34. Winc Wine Delivery
35. Under Lucky Stars
36. Mantra Band

37. Nespresso Machine (For the coffee lovers)

Christmas gifts for her!

I’ve included links for you to take a look at these gifts. I do think that any of these gifts would be great for her. I welcome your comments. Please let me know which one is your personal favorite? Happy Holidays.

Your Coach,

Apollonia Ponti

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