Turn Offs For Women You Should Never Ignore

Today’s topic is a power-packed piece of content because I’m not alone and this is one-of-a-kind. I wrote this content by interviewing SEVERAL women! We want to share with you the truth about what we think turns women off so, you don’t make the same mistake with your partner. Here’s what turns us off when we’re dating men.

If you’re new to my site, please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Apollonia Ponti and I’m the founder of Apolloniaponti.com. My team and I have put up a series of incredible programs to help you improve your relationship life as a man. And this is something that we’ve been doing and getting amazing results. Without much ado, follow me while I take you through the business of the day.

Top 3 Biggest Turn-Offs For Girls:

When I’m dating a man, one of the things that I believe is a big red flag for me personally is when he lies. He can lie in a variety of ways, including maybe lying to impress me, right? But lying about stuff he’s doing throughout the day. Lying because he’s trying to fit a mold into anything to make me like him, or just lying in general because he wants to hide things from me on the back end of whatever he’s doing in his life, is a red flag.

Lying is such a big deal for women, and it destroys that link and safety net with a woman, so when you lie as a guy, whether it’s a large lie or a small white lie, it’s a big deal. You turn a woman off which isn’t healthy for a relationship. We ladies can live with little white lies, but if they become persistent, it signals insecurity in the man. I believe that women are intuitive and that when men try to compensate us by boasting about their accomplishments or titles, or simply over boasting about anything they’ve done in the past, we begin to feel uncomfortable with the person because we sense that something is amiss.

When he’s inconsistent. A guy who tells his girl anything at the start of the story but then changes his mind in the middle is unreliable. Such a guy’s train of thought is inconsistent, and he’s continuously attempting to impress others while not being genuine with his statements. When a man refuses to be himself, he loses his ability to affect his relationship. Furthermore, if you are inconsistent as a guy, it will show in your conduct, time management, and interpersonal relationships. Inconsistencies are a big red flag, guys. It depicts a wide range of topics.

Develop Your Confidence And Not Let Your Insecurities Keep You From Attracting High-Quality Women

Lack of respect. This is a major one for me because respect is a large element of my value system. As a result, we are excellent observers as women. On a dinner date, how do you respect the waiter who is serving you and your date? What is your approach to your girl? When you’re walking through, how do you treat other people? What kind of relationship do you have with the homeless? Are you obnoxious? Are you inconsiderate of other people? These are little infractions that act as red flags and turn a female off if you engage in them.

It’s a sign that you’re just putting on a show and bravado, whereas the real you is someone who doesn’t respect others. When a man is disrespectful, his partner is concerned about her emotional stability. A rude person is incapable of resolving conflicts maturely and amicably. So, lack of respect is a major one, because it shows that you’re not a teammate or a team player, and you’re not someone who can come to the table and say, “Okay, that’s OK. I hold you in high regard. You hold me in high regard. Let’s cooperate on something, and let’s construct something as a team.”

Alternatively, someone who apologizes first, regardless of who is to blame. Several explanations have been given by women as to why they had to quit their relationships with their men, and several of them point to a lack of respect. “I simply did not approve of the way he handled the waitress. As a result, I’m never going out with him again.” I routinely advise on how a man should behave with individuals on and off his dates on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen my videos already, I recommend that you do so after reading this piece. At the bottom of this blog, I’ll include the name of my channel and the link to it.

#1 Turn-Offs For Girls & No Coming Back:

Every girl’s dream man. This is a serious warning indication. No girl, at least not in the case of their men, enjoys sharing what is theirs. “Just tell me, Apollonia, what do I remind you of?” a male client said one time while I was talking with him. “I’m getting this frat boy vibe from you,” I said, feeling terrible, but he said, “No, I appreciate your honesty. I asked for it.” I explained to him that I don’t know how else to explain it so he could understand and he said, “Yeah, I get it.” The trouble with him is that he never had a problem attracting women, but he struggled to keep them in a long-term relationship because he couldn’t connect on a deeper level. So, he comes across as this fun person, and of course, they have great sex. They’re having a great time, and the vibe is just so good, but women aren’t interested in being with him.
A woman will most likely be unable to take the entertaining guy seriously. Women are often drawn to him for the sole purpose of having fun, making it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship. “Oh, you don’t have a problem getting ladies,” or “Your social media accounts are packed with photographs of you with women,” some girls might think of such a person as a player. Girls think you’re simply flossing, but you’re just trying to get into a relationship and date someone who feels your vibe.

Guys who make offensive remarks about other women. This is a massive red flag. It frequently takes the form of a shit test, in which a girl can question you, “So, what went wrong in your previous relationship? When was the last time you were in a committed relationship?” “Oh, my goodness… you’ve been single for ten years? Why have you been single for the past ten years?” It’s natural to get triggered by inquiries like these, but be cautious about how you respond. If a woman does not shit test you, you should be concerned. When she does, it indicates that she might be interested in you.

So, here’s the thing: in situations like this, it’s not appropriate to make derogatory remarks about your ex or any other girl. Also, refrain from talking badly about your mother, even if you have a horrible mother. For instance. “My mother was not a particularly excellent mother, but it taught me a lot,” you could remark. It should always be turned over. Make a positive statement with it. Maybe you were in a toxic relationship and want to tell a woman about it. It’s fine to want to open yourself to your new girl but make sure you do so in a positive way. The truth is that you can never speak constructively and intentionally about a toxic connection you had with your ex if you haven’t done the work on it, since toxic relationships hold us in a victim mentality if we don’t work through them.

So, if you want to get to Rebecca and make her your final partner, you’ll need to master the teachings from Tiffany, your ex, who taught you about boundaries and self-respect, or you could need to date Natalie, who taught you about sexual ability. What I’m saying is that every lady you’ve dated has taught you a lesson or two, either directly or indirectly, so you should always look on the bright side when you’re out with a new girl.

We often assume we know what we want and have pre-programming in us, but each girl dated will get you a lesson you didn’t know. So, if you came from a toxic environment or you were around poisonous women or ladies who were not up to par with you, you can end up with that player, fun boy attitude. The player, fun boy persona comes across because you may be unduly relying on other women to impress others, and what it reveals to a quality woman is insecurity. You may believe you sound impressive when you criticize your previous relationships, but don’t go overboard. If you’re a player looking for women who share your vibe and with whom you can connect, have fun, and have a nice night, go for it.

When a girl approaches you and asks, “So, what happened with your ex-girlfriend, or why did you split up with her?” She might be putting you to the test, and you shouldn’t ask a girl the same question. I was just discussing it with another guy I was coaching the other day, and I was teaching him how to ask the appropriate questions to gain the information he needed, such as instead of asking, “So why did you split up with your ex-boyfriend?” This will lead to statements like, “Oh, because he was this or that,” and other similar statements. “How have you produced growth for yourself since your last relationship?” is a simple question to ask. When you ask the appropriate questions, you’ll obtain genuine replies rather than sentimental responses.

What Are Turn Offs For Girls? It’s Your Lack Of Purpose and Direction.

Lack of purpose and direction. So, if a guy doesn’t know what he’s searching for or what he wants out of life, if he doesn’t know whether or not he wants to date and be in a committed relationship, or wants simply a one-night stand, he is purposeless. It doesn’t have to be “I want a family,” “I want to travel,” or “I want to experience something with someone.” Before you become purposeful. Knowing a little more about what you’re looking for, as well as your direction and goal, is crucial. Your girl will think you don’t know and aren’t sure what you want if you don’t decide what you want, and this makes her believe you are unaware of the connection, making her feel uneasy and distant.

“Well, then, how do I have a direction?” many guys will question. Right? First and foremost, you must understand your standards and beliefs. You are free to set your standards and principles. You are free to place a high value on yourself. We’ve developed a negative image of guys, which is reflected in Hollywood films, forgetting that movies are mostly not true. You should have expectations of the ladies you date. Just because you’re a man doesn’t imply you should sleep with every lady because it boosts your alpha status. You are not obligated to do so. Some men don’t, but if you do, great.

Nobody is looking down on you because of it, right? But there’s a catch: you have to direct your choice in a specific direction. I recall my first date when I started dating my spouse. He’d ask me things like, “What are your goals?” “What is
something, other than money, if you could have anything in the world, what do you see yourself doing if money wasn’t an issue or if your job wasn’t an issue?” he asked. “Standing on stage pushing people to improve their lives and be happy,” I recall telling him.

This still gives me the goosebumps, and I recall how he grinned at me as soon as I said it. I became emotional as a result of it because I know, and now that I think about it, after that date, I was like, “This is a fine man. To get this man, I need to be top-notch right now.” As a result, it motivates me to improve as a woman. That is how a man shows up in his natural masculine, and how he can consciously lead a woman towards him.

What Turns Off A Woman: Extreme Turn-offs For ALL Women!

If you tend to complain at the slightest thing, I strongly advise you to schedule a coaching session with us. When you’re nagging in a relationship, you’ll always appear to be unhappy with your life and dissatisfied with your current situation. Guys, we all have things going on all the time, but if you don’t make me fall in love with your life when we’re out on a date, I would be less interested in being a part of it. “What makes a female want to date you?” Do you think you’d date yourself? When you talk about yourself and the things you say, pay attention.

To a girl, your words reveal your level of confidence; they reveal whether you are a man of purpose or not. If over-complaining is your greatest way of expressing yourself, especially on a date, no woman wants to be a part of that and it easily turns a woman off. If you’re this type of guy, I recommend that you take the time to work on yourself. Watching my YouTube videos is an excellent way to start!

Using drugs and overindulging in alcohol. So, I believe that consuming any form of drug or overdrinking is extremely dangerous. I mean, I’ve coached a lot of this, and it works both ways with this one. There’s also a sex addiction. If you fall into any of these categories, or if you are dealing with addiction and want to be in a relationship, or if you are dealing with someone who is addicted but wants to be in a relationship with you, you should schedule a session. This is my forte and area of expertise. If you use drugs or drink excessively but then want to date, it will be tough because you will appear emotionally disconnected.

As an addict, you may find yourself utilizing the individual as a means of escape. You unintentionally end up using people as a strategy to escape your feelings and emotions since you can’t bear your personality and so feel uncomfortable. Of course, if you have social anxiety and need only one drink to relax, go ahead, but keep that in mind. If you’re approaching a woman, limit yourself to two drinks at most. You don’t want to come out as sloppy or overly emotional. On the other hand, if you’re dating someone and you’re observing their dates, and you notice that every date revolves around going out and partying and drinking, these are major red flags. This could be a result of unhealed trauma and someone who’s unable to connect to their own emotions and this makes it a big red flag to avoid.

Aggressiveness, manipulation, and not taking accountability. Unfortunately, in the United States, 9 out of 10 women have been in volatile relationships with men. Emotional manipulation happens when a manipulative person seeks authority over another person by using deceptive or exploitive tactics. An emotional manipulator seeks to use, manipulate, or even victimize someone else, in contrast to persons in good relationships who display reciprocity and cooperation. I know there are a lot of nice men out there who shudder and can’t believe it when they hear it, but as a woman, I’ve been in them. I know personally what it’s like, and I’ve found myself in circumstances where we all had to escape, unfortunately.

Guys, I honestly don’t know of a single friend who hasn’t experienced it. So, just thinking about that gives me the chills. Manipulation of others, as well as a refusal to accept responsibility, are both significant warning flags. It takes a significant amount of courage for a man to take responsibility and just say, “I’m sorry.” “Listen, you’re correct. I didn’t do it properly.”, “Listen, I liked you a lot, but I was trying to put on this act, and I knew it wasn’t working. Why don’t we just reset, take a week off, and I’ll take you out on a date, and you can give me another chance?” This is a show of responsibility, which women love. I’ve written a blog on this topic.

A guy who always fixes. This could be a red flag for a lot of 7, but not all of them because some emotionally insecure women want a man to come in and fix them, but as time goes and years or months pass, she suddenly realizes, “I need to find myself” Right? As a result, it’s critical. This is very crucial for guys since it happens so often, and I believe it stems from simply being masculine. Okay? So, when we go into people-pleasing, it’s over-consuming, over-nurturing, and repairing, fixing, and we’ll eventually push that woman away and it’s a big red flag in general. If a woman doesn’t need to be fixed but you show up anyhow, by considering this, “Oh, okay, I’ll take care of it.” You’re continually telling her, “I’ll do this, I’ll do that for her,” And you’re never letting her figure it out on her own or asking, “Do you need my help with this, or would you prefer to figure it out on your own?” “Do you need my assistance or are you simply venting?” Simply getting a sense of it is crucial, and I believe that being excessively caring and people-pleasing is a great turn-off, and you should avoid it.
I’ve written another blog post specifically for you. I encourage you to read, and you may do so by downloading this free e-book from the link below. It’s titled, 7 Common Mistakes E-book That Men Make When Attracting Women. The E-book is great at tackling what you may be doing wrong and fixing it. I would encourage you to go ahead and do that, it’s free. I’ll see you guys in my next post.

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  1. I’m 43 and have never been in a relationship with anyone because no woman could want me. Added to this, I’ve been told that for women to want me sexually, I have to show them I want them sexually as well? I have no idea how to do this and tbh have never tried because suggestions I’ve seen (touch, sexual banter, etc.,) would likely get me accused of a crime. I never get hints of interest from women, so these things that apparently work for other guys are off-limits for a fundamentally unattractive man like me. My women friends have asked me questions, such as those you mention above, i.e., “why have you always been single?”, etc. I don’t answer that type of [inappropriate] question other than by saying – politely and respectfully – that I keep private things private. In other words, it’s none of their (or anybody’s) business.

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