Dating Coach For Men Apollonia Ponti

Have you heard about the fearless women who is transforming and impacting hundreds of thousands of men’s lives all across the globe and taking the relationship industry by storm?

Her name is Apollonia Ponti.

Apollonia Ponti is a ICF certified coach, speaker, and the #1 international dating and relationship expert in the world who specializes in coaching men in her own strategized healthy approach to dating and relationships. In less than 3 years Apollonia has amassed 90 Million Views on YouTube and 550,000+ subscribers while embracing the spotlight on major TV networks such as ABC, Telemundo, and the CW. Her dating expertise has been published in Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

She hosts a world renowned program called The Algorithm of Attraction. Where she teaches men how to communicate, have self-worth, and embody the “E.P.I.C” effect that every woman desires! She has a culmination of her own personal insights, expertise, and self development skills. On her website, social media, and YouTube channel she strives to ensure you are successful in all aspects of your life including love, personal development, finances, career, fitness, family, and spirituality.

Apollonia has built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up and has a proven track record of guiding and coaching over 6,000 men to believe LOVE is not complicated, unrealistic, scary, unhealthy, false, or addictive! It is beautiful – it’s right in front of you waiting for you to find it!

Relationship Expert

She offers Dating and Relationships Coaching for men which includes advice and professional guidance that helps attract women into their lives. Apollonia always had a passion for love. Such leads her to guide men to believe LOVE is not complicated, unrealistic, scary, unhealthy, false, or addictive. Through her coaching programs; Breakfree of Codependency, The Algorithm of Attraction, Private One-on-One Sessions, blogs, videos, and podcasts, Apollonia has helped several men to find the love of their lives. She has created programs like her Master Your Confidence program, where she will give you the exact strategies for inspiring men from all over the world to dig deeper and find their inner warrior confidence and authentically.No gimmicks or tactics that just make you more disconnected in the first place!

Apollonia will teach you how to get the girl of your dreams with her Algorithm of Attraction Program.

She will show you how to get out of the friend zone and into a relationship.

She will even show you how to upgrade your Online Dating Profile.
She does it all!

Dating Coach

The reason Apollonia knows all aspects of dating and is so talented and passionate about what she does is because growing up, she always had a passion for love. During her early days starting at 10 years old she would wonder why the Disney movies she would watch were so much different then my real life divorced parents constantly fighting for custody and arguing every time they spoke. She would even sneak her headphones into her room late at night to educate herself listening to late-night Dr. Drew and Dr. Ruth.

As her life progressed from a teen to a young adult, she started dating and found herself in a whirlwind of toxic relationships, codependency, and healthy relationships. She went through so many challenges in her life until she mastered precisely what she needed. That was to master her confidence within herself in order to receive everything she wanted.

Apollonia’s mission is to help give men the guidance this world needs when it comes to love. She wants men to know that no matter what walk of life you come from, or what mistakes you have made in your past – you, and only you can make the decision to be the person in charge of your love life. You can have the life of LOVE you have always dreamt of! Her dream is for people to be excited to wake up and confidently go after what frightens you, to date a healthy loving partner, and ultimately find the love you deserve.

Apollonia’s ultimate drive is to provide the guidance this world needs when it comes to love and healthy relationships. She’s ready to take action and help you achieve the relationship you have always desired. Are you?

You can book a session here with Apollonia or her trained team of coaches.

Leave a comment below and let us know if Apollonia’s coaching or products have impacted your life in some way!
You are always loved!

– Team AP

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    1. Hi Jamael,
      Thank you for your comment and for reading my dating coach for men blog.

  1. hi apollonia
    this gregory hunte from the island barbados your great person ,its been an honour at lest knowing you someone such as yoursef exsist ;im so fortunenate ;this atually benifited in all areas of my life true it is most appreciated that is the truth ,i further my self my self awareness started iam glad for your personal touch don’t lose it ,selflove is important , (not in a selfish mood) but not in a relationship ,but very happy i realize once you connect with self and god everything is worth it, thanks to you im in an advanced mode in my life blessings love
    respectfuly yours G Hunte

    1. Thank you so so much! I appreciate you commenting and taking the time to let me know. xoxo

  2. I’m sorry, but when all one ever hears that men are trash, men are dogs, men are oppressors, men are sexual harassers, men are just plain bad, bad, bad…well…there isn’t much hope for engaging the enemy camp, especially considering that guys are pointedly unwelcome in the female universe.

  3. Hi Apollonia,
    I committed about every mistake in the book recently. After watching your videos, I realize how much pressure I was applying and how I would toss my self-respect aside to appease her and the situation. I’ve known this girl for 7 years and we have been on and off and each have been hot or cold at some point along the way. I reached out a couple months ago, and came out if left field. I overwhelmed her and sent too many messages, made too many calls and just made the situation worse. I haven’t been the needy type in our relationship, but I showed her that side lately. She said she needed more time and I’m failed to give her space and made it so much worse. I know where I am, and I know I overwhelmed her, but I also know that I didn’t like the way she treated me and the lack of communication and I know I deserve better as a person. I’m an over communicator and she under communicates; forcing somebody to have a conversation is the worst thing to do. It’s been a week since I’ve said anything at all. This all started in July. Thank you for your videos and advice, they are really wonderful and helpful.

    1. Hi Morgan,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy my videos have helped and you found me. 🙂 Take your time through this. We are here if you need us but continue to commit to the work. 🙂


      1. Thank you for your response, Apollonia. I’m adhering to the process and bettering myself. I still think about her often. I also recognize that communication is so important and the lack of was my main concern or issue. Am I aloud to reach out in the future or is that encroaching and being invasive? Is it possible to be tunnel visioned but also see what it takes to resolve the issue? I know it takes two and pressure shouldn’t be applied. Thanks again!

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