How to Manifest Love In Your Life!

A special note to the person that is reading this right now. Manifestation is real, manifestation is powerful, and I want you to believe that you can manifest love! If you are reading this now, you deserve love. Welcome to the first step to your adventure in how to manifest love! Manifestation has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. I created this article because I want everyone to experience love. I share this exact process and attention to detail with clients that have been able to manifest their soulmates, and I have manifested true love myself.

I am not going to give you short answers like you find in other articles you’ve read. I am going to go into every detail of what you need to know on how to start manifesting! Please feel free to comment on this article after reading if you have any further questions about this process. I am always here to help. You might be thinking, “Why are you giving all the answers away about manifestation?” Well, I truly believe everyone deserves love.

Wandering how to show love? 4 key points to help you get affectionate:

  1. Start by loving yourself
  2. Write down everything you want in a relationship
  3. Feel it into existence
  4. Awareness

Continue reading for more information on these key points!

Manifesting Love: The truth no one talks about…

Here’s the thing about manifesting love. You have to understand that the law of attraction aligns everything in life and just because you want something deeply does not mean that you will automatically get it. You have to be able to work with the universe for the universe to show up for you.

In the next paragraph, I am going to talk about the Law of Attraction and how that works to make more sense of the art of manifestation. But let’s talk about the key principles to start to understand as you go into this process. You have to let go of all timelines.

What do I mean by timelines? You have to stop saying you want something right now and putting a concrete reason behind it. For example, “I am 40 years old, and I need to find someone fast if I want kids” or “I am a single mom with two kids, and no man is going to want me.” The truth about manifestation is that you have to be able to get honest with yourself, be open to change, and remain open to seeing how you can heal any old wounds from your subconscious and conscious mind. You have to be open to clearing out old habits, beliefs, patterns from past love experiences, childhood traumas, and memories. Once you are open to this, you begin taking your first step. Your next step is allowing yourself to give up complete control and putting yourself first!

Let me break down the idea of “control.” Be open to the idea of trying new things and challenging yourself to experience these new things. Let’s say online dating scares you… Well now it’s time to try it, and stop controlling outcomes in your life that feel safe to you but are holding you back. You know they might be things that you need to deal with and face, or aspects in life that you need to try. I am not saying you need to give up control of the things that keep you safe in life. I’m talking about the complete opposite: The ways that you hold yourself back.

Now let’s explore the idea of putting yourself first. This takes commitment. What ways are you not putting yourself first in your life? Are you giving time to people that are draining you? Are you not being honest with the men or women you date by not saying you want a relationship? Are you giving your time to men or women who are unavailable? Are you giving time to a man or woman that does not fulfill you but loves you, simply because you feel protected by the fact that you’re in control and are not vulnerable to getting hurt by them? These are all ideas to think about. Also, this is partially what I mean about working with the universe. You have to show up and face the things that have challenged you so you can personally grow and be the best version of yourself that you can be.

So, what do you do once you’re there? Let me briefly explain how the law of attraction works.

How to manifest love with the law of attraction!

The universe is ruled by natural laws. We can fly airplanes, we invented electricity, and this all stemmed from a vision, an idea, a belief. Aviation works in harmony with natural laws. The laws of physics didn’t change for us to be able to fly, but we found a way to work by the natural laws, and by doing so we can now fly. Just as laws of physics work with aviation, electricity, and even gravity, there is a law that governs love. To harness the positive force of love and change your life, you must understand its law; the most powerful law in the universe – The law of attraction.

Law of attraction holds every star in the universe and the planets that surround us. Our cells within our body, the ocean that separates land, the thoughts that become actions, just like the bees that are attracted to flowers. This force is what holds us together. We are all attracted to different things, places, people, tastes, and we desire the attraction of love in all ways. Attraction is the force that draws people, animals, groups, and nations together because we all share one common interest: The love that you desire. So as The Power of Now book explains, the force of attraction is the force of love! Attraction is love. When you feel an attraction to your favorite food, you’re feeling love for food. Without attraction, you wouldn’t feel anything or have a desire for anything. Everything would be the same which would block all emotions and soul driven aspects, which incidentally is what drives our lives. Attraction is connected to the soul. Everything outside of us has no bearing because the soul is the driver of your actual connection and your true manifestation. Through the force of attraction, you feel love, and love is tapping into your soul where you hold power.

To further simplify things, here is another important note about the law of attraction. The universal term is the law of attraction. This means like attracts like. In simpler terms, what you give out, you receive back. This means your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, and beliefs. The key to all of this is awareness. You create your life with your thoughts and your feelings. You are a magnet!

How to Manifest True Love: 4 Real Life Tips!

I am going to give you the step by step process on how to get started, but don’t forget what I mentioned at the beginning of this article. This is the step by step process to follow once you’ve faced your challenges head-on and committed to carrying out deeper work. Example: If you still have anger and resentment towards an ex that cheated on you, then you have to work through letting this go. You cannot harbor any negative emotions related to love when you are manifesting true love. That’s why I created my Soulful Love workshop in which you can learn how to manifest the right man for you in 6 weeks.

So now that you’ve done that let’s begin…

Manifesting Love Tip 1: Start by loving yourself!

Waking up in the mornings and doing this is the best way to start. Write down things that you love about yourself and start to journal about them every morning. Read it every morning and add to it as your days go on. This will help you own it and in the morning this energy helps you become more in tune with who you are. It will help you to enjoy who you are in the moment right now. Start to have that inner self-talk dialogue about the things you love about yourself. If you have a tendency to look at yourself in the mirror and say things like, “My thighs are too big” then pay attention to your words and switch them to a more loving aspect about you. This is the first step to becoming aware. Observe your thoughts and challenge yourself to create new ones.

Manifesting a relationship Tip 2: Write down everything you want in a relationship!

A lot of people get this wrong. You don’t want to attach yourself to the idea of the desired person. You have to trust that the universe is going to give you exactly what you want. So if you have a crush on or are in love with Adam, you cannot put Adam on this list. You have to go with the feeling. Think, “I want to feel secure, trusted, loved, etc.” What do you want in a relationship? Yes, you can put handsome, but try and stay away from the superficial things and trust everything will fall into place.

How to use the law of attraction for love Tip 3: Feel it into existence

This is where it might be tricky for you but this is so essential for your growth in manifestation. You have to be able to understand the feeling of what you want and feel it around you. One thing I used to do is daydream about the feelings and tell myself I feel it coming, and I actually would feel it! It was incredible because I believed and knew in my heart that I would feel that sense of security and loyalty from a partner. Feel it to the point where it makes you happy. It’s like when you were young. Remember that imaginary friend you had? Well, this is the time to start doing it again. Let’s say you’re cooking dinner for yourself one night… Imagine your partner standing in the kitchen with you chatting and smiling. This is feeling it into existence.

How to manifest my soulmate Tip 4: Awareness

Understand that obstacles, tests, and lessons will be thrown at you from the universe and the key to this process is being aware 100% of the time. What I see many people doing is losing control of their thoughts and actions by giving someone else control or by losing hope whenever a challenge arises. Example: I had a client that was manifesting love but kept going back to a partner she didn’t want to be with. She knew it wasn’t right for her. So she did not create the space for her manifestation to take over and there was still a lesson to learn here. Her physical attraction to him was making her return to him, and her awareness was not strong enough at this point to show her that she was doing it as a result of feeling a lack of something in her life. She came to realize that this was stemming from a thought she was experiencing: “ I don’t know if true love exists because I have never seen it. “ This is common, but she became aware of the root which drove her to be attracted to things that weren’t good for her. Now she has started walking into awareness and has never looked back at that relationship. She is now moving towards becoming more aware and alert, especially since the universe will throw you challenges.

Let go of fear, and stop coming from a place of lack!

The best way to explain this is by giving you an example. Think about when you say things like, “ I am getting older and I will never have kids.” Though this is a valid concern and I am not dismissing it, you are only putting additional pressure on yourself. That pressure turns into fear and that fear turns into a lack of something. This has to disappear and you have to trust. Another example is dating someone and not being honest about what you really want. You may be feeling a lack of self-worth. Not being able to stand up and say “ I want a relationship” may make you attract unavailable men/women, or men/women that are too needy. It is a mirror of where you are right in that moment. Here is where you must become aware and change these things.

How to manifest true love: Tolerating the right things

This is divine timing in relation to what I just stated before. Let’s say that you give your time to that unavailable or needy man or woman. This is about showing up for yourself. The key here is not giving your time to the things that do not serve your purpose. The clearer you get on this, the faster your manifestation process will become. This is where many people get stuck, so the faster you walk away, the faster you will see results.

Manifesting A Relationship

When you become clear about what you want and believe in this process, you will start to see results. If you have doubts, yes, the universe will show you it’s worth believing, but you have to give 100% in order to get exactly what you want. So many of us think that relationships are just something that is handed to us in life and they are! I mean you can have just about any relationship, but in order to have the right one, you must truly be able to identify yourself and put yourself first. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve and understand that forgiving yourself for taking a step back during the process is OK. Everything works out in divine timing and in order to manifest the right relationships, you have to make sure you cultivate the relationships around you.

There is no exact timeline but what I can tell you is that the timeline is up to you! If you would like guidance on how to become more deeply connected to manifestation then I invite you to reach out to me here. Also, if deeper work is calling out to you please visit my workshop here to start manifesting your love life right now. If you have comments or questions I always love hearing from you. Please comment below and I will try my best to personally reply!

Sending you love,


Apollonia Ponti is a dating and relationship coach that helps soul thriving strong men& women build confidence in life to attract the right partner! Clients that work with Apollonia are known to increase their self- confidence and helps you master your dating life and manifest the soul thriving relationship into their lives! You can get in touch with Apollonia through her YouTube channel, private coaching sessions, or attract a man in 6 weeks workshop. To stay up to date with Apollonia subscribe here to her weekly newsletter. 

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  1. I am currently working to “rebuild” myself after a devastating breakup. I know that I want to experience love again and refuse to let a negative experience make me bitter or turn me away from love.

    I have just read this blog article and watched may of your You Tube videos. I have taken pages and pages of notes. I getting an understanding of your approach to love and relationships and I am really buying into your philosophy. Thank you Appolonia!

    1. Thank you, Mike. I am so happy to hear this and hear from you. People like you are the reason why I continue to do this work. I know your on your way to cultivating a healthy, beautiful, and sustainable relationship. There’s a strong beautiful love out there waiting on you! I am here if you need anything! Always feel free to reach out.

      1. Hi thank you for your advice. I have been single for 2 years. My last relationship was a nightmare. I am ready for love and happiness. I often dont understand why I don’t have a wonderful man to share my life with. Doing my best not to lose hope

  2. I love a person, but that person says he doesn’t have feelings for me,because his family won’t agree. I am not sure how true it is. But I want this person to accept my love and take it forward.How do I do it?
    Note- There are a lot of hurdles in between.

    1. Hi Rita, thank you for taking the time to read How to Manifest Love in your Life. I would need to know about the situation but this does happen. Some cultures are big on family. Also, if this person is saying that they don’t have feelings for you, why stay? Why not find someone who makes you feel amazing?
      I would suggest learning to fall in love with yourself first, take yourself out on dates. And then look for someone who does want to love you and treat you well.

  3. I would never tell any woman I have feelings for her or that I want a relationship – even if my feelings are very strong (and at times they have been). No woman could want me so there is no point. I do love myself, but it’s obvious no woman could / does.

    1. Hi Jethro. Thank you for taking the time to read How to Manifest Love. I would need more information but it sounds like someone from your past hurt you and made you feel that way. You might be afraid to open up again and trust that someone will do the same with you. I would encourage booking a private coaching session

      1. Hi Apollonia – yes – I was hurt as a child to the point I literally didn’t speak for 2 years. I will never allow another person to hurt me again. This is why I never express feelings to women I am attracted to..

  4. Hi. Thank you for your insight. It’s very helpful. I am working on myself at the moment. I struggle sometimes to find myself. How can one work towards that?? I am wanting to do the inner work like loving myself more and not being too guarded. But I don’t know how. Are there any resources for that like books, manuals etc. ? I am thankful any will appreciate any help I get in this matter.

  5. Hi again! Thanks for your time ????. I am not able to get over this person, as I feel it’s not a natural reason to say no to me. He is restricting himself from thinking of having feelings for me. I am even ready to take the responsibility of convincing both the families, and he is aware of that. But he is not ready to consider, and he is already speaking to an alliance that his parents have found. Which again am not able to digest.

  6. I know I have met the right person we have crossed paths our entire lives without even knowing it until we were together and talked about our lives places we’ve lived etc. we have had ups and downs and fairly recently have decided our past traumas are restricting our growth together and the phrase “the timing isn’t right” has been used. We have agreed to take time and space to heal ourselves but I have been able to do so much quicker and she continues to run from the exact things she has always wanted in a relationship. My intuition, gut all are saying wait for her as I continue to work on being better still do you have any advice?

    1. Hi George, thank you for reading How to Manifest Love in Your Life. This really depends on what it is that she has to work on. If it’s more traumatic then it takes a lot of time. Only you can decide what you want to do. I would suggest just focusing on building your life, finding more ways to love yourself. Learn your boundaries. It is attractive to women for guys to know their boundaries and what they will and will not tolerate. It shows that they respect themselves and allows us to feel safer with them. I would say focus on that. Just “going with the flow” can feel unstable for a woman.
      Wishing you the best,

  7. So there’s this guy I’m sorta dating, we are taking things very slowly. He had told me he’s interested in me and I am interested in him. We text everyday we see each other here and there. But lately he’s been acting a bit distant. It’s confusing like he still texts me EVERYDAY but there’s times where he replies right away, takes hours, or replies the next day. I know we are taking things very slowly so I shouldn’t get upset. But I just want to know if he’s still interested in me and wants to pursue a relationship. I honestly don’t know what to do or what to think. I want to ask him but I am not sure, I don’t want to sound like a needy person who is seeking for his attention because then that might push him away further. PLEASE Give Me Some Advice!

    -Thank YOU! 🙂

  8. Hi I’m married but have recently contacted an old flame. We both still have feelings and he said he’s not happy. I’m not either. I’m not in a hurry to leave and he seems to be resigned to stay as well. I guess the question is can I manifest a future with him and when the time is right the universe will help it all fall into place? I’m not in a hurry and happy to trust life’s timing, just wonder if there’s any point to hoping and manifesting a new future? Thanks.

    1. Hi Abby,
      Thanks for your comment on my blog about how to manifest love. But, when it comes to manifestation you have to do right by you and others. So, that is being ok to let go and also do things that will clear the path for you to be happier. Once you do the work for your happiness for YOU which is part of the process of manifesting it will happen.

  9. Hi, I have lost my would be wife because of my insecurities. Many times I have apologised for my act. How can I attract her back in my life using law of attraction.

    1. Hi there,
      It’s about aligning yourself to be the best version of you! Once you focus on this start to heal from insecurities and find happiness within yourself is when life will start working for you too since you are putting in the work. Makes sense? 🙂

  10. Hey mam i broke up with my girl after 4 years of relationship. We both were madly in love with each other but she says now that she want to be single. I broke up 2 days back. What should i do now, should i manifest instantly or should i take some time. Plz reply

  11. Hi Apollonia
    I’m a 20 year old female that is intrested in a guy that Ive known for almost 3 years now.He is a year younger than me but his maturity level is remarkable. I really do have genuine feelings for the guy but contemplating on letting him know about my feelings. Im a virgo and rejection is something I’m always trying to avoid.

    Any tips on how to go about this situation?

  12. I have been focused on loving myself for the past 7 months and I must say I have grown tremendously. Deepening my awareness was the game changer after calling off my engagement, going through the pain is where I found happiness. I have been drawing different type of oeople than my past. After reading your article I believe that the universe is definitely testing me, I met a man who’s totaling different than my ex who I was with for 13 yrs he’s what I desire from the universe but he’s in a relationship. Is there something more specific that I need to work on?

  13. How beautifully written are your words.
    Which gives a perfect explanation of timing, expectations, self love, creative visualisation and incorporating feelings into your thoughts and creating intention.
    I’m 45 have lost all my family, I have gone through the most painful separation from my fiance and had been decieved and hurt so badly.
    I lost my house and nearly everything except the belief that things aren’t falling apart but falling together the universe has shown me the way regardless of what mountains or obstacles I have to overcome to find my way.
    I am an honest good person with values and morals and integrity and I was with someone so attractive and beautiful looking but someone whom took advantage of me because I loved her more than myself.
    It took me a long time to love myself again after I was so badly hurt..
    It’s been the hardest 10 months of my life but the most amazing experience and journey I have ever embarked on. I am moving state to start a new life where I don’t know a soul except for my own and I have found peace in knowing that the universe showed me the way and for particular reasons guided me there..

    I did want everything to happen quickly but
    My journey led me to your article and I was inspired by your beautiful words ..
    I understand and read what you said about timing and I am accepting that this is now no longer an expectation I have.
    I have read the power of now and fully understood your explanation, I have my reiki master certification only to heal and protect myself!
    I am blessed to have so many wonderful people come into my life since who have guided me and showed me the path each one brought the next ring to my ladder..
    A very useful book time was Jordanna Levin’s ” make it happen” to everyone including yourself thank you for guiding me through my journey and I believe that in time I will meet a mate for my soul with the same values, integrity and able to give myself and I have learnt to be the best version of myself and never stop loving myself but also share my learning and share a powerful love that I hold inside..
    Thank you for giving your gift to people such as myself..

    Thank you with much gratitude for helping me understand and believe that one day I will find her..

    Thank you to the universe for guiding me..
    Thank you Apollonia ..

    Regards Dave , Sydney Australia 2020.

  14. Thank you so much for this insightful article!
    In the recent past I have made mistakes and acted pretty badly towards a potential romantic partner. I know that there is a connection and we definitely have strong chemistry that could turn into something great, but I’m wondering if it is too late. If I try to mend my wrongdoings and start manifesting a healthier, better relationship with that person, do you think it’s possible to reconnect? I would appreciate any comment! Thank you

  15. Apollonia-
    I have been divorced from the Father of my 3 children and soulmate for 8 years. He left me for a coworker that had been working on him for years. They have been married for 5 years and have residential custody of our children. He foreclosed on my dream home, took my children away, and broke my heart in two. I have just recently wrote him a letter acknowledging my parts in the demise of our marriage and about forgiveness. I have now figured out that I was not appreciating the love that he was giving me and I still love him and want him and my family back. I want to thank you for your amazing guidance on doing the work to manifest my exhusband and children back into my daily life. He has barely spoken to me in years. How long do you think I will have to wait to manifest such a tall order? Please respond. All the Best- Laurie

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you so much for your feedback, We really appreciate it.
      We are so happy to hear you have found our articles so helpful.
      Apollonia’s team

  16. So interesting and informative article
    It has almost everything covered
    Really very helpful
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Please write more..

    1. Hello Gurpreet! Thank you for reading “How to Manifest Love In Your Life!” Truly blessed to hear your kind words.

  17. Your article is amazing.
    It’s so helpful n interesting topic for anyone who seeks for some advice in this
    Thank you so much for sharing it
    Please write more..

  18. It is the great blog post .It is the helfpul and informative blog .I am always read your blog . I like it thanks for sharing this information with us .

  19. It is the great blog post.It is the helfpul and informative blog .I am always read your blog . I like it thanks for sharing this information with us .

  20. Instant Manifestation is an effective transformational system consisting of several techniques. Each technique has been specially planned to manifest the things needed in life.

    All information that makes up this system is base on facts and psychology. You will gain invisible energy which connects the whole world around you. This means that you can get real concrete results that give extremely positive results.

  21. Wow, thank you so much for sharing Appolonia! I think self-love is the hardest thing, it’s hard to attract someone who loves me if I don’t love myself… but my very critical inner voice often gets the better of me! Still, I’m trying, and improving every day.

  22. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful gift from the universe stumbling across this blog post, the most prominent part for me was when you said; “The key here is not giving your time to the things that do not serve your purpose.“ – my heart is so pure, but I’ve been forcing the flow in trying to believe I was with the right person even though he kept throwing me away for years now, relationships are difficult but I realise now the Love I give is the love I deserve to receive and that it is something I can manifest in this life time. – thank you for this understanding, I’ve been caught up in my emotions and drowned in tears for weeks now.

    1. Hi Ricky, I’m so glad you enjoyed our blog How to Manifest Love in Your Life. I’m happy it gave you a sense of comfort and understanding!
      -Team Apollonia

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