Why Is She Ignoring Me? 7 Reasons Why.

Why is she ignoring me!!?? I know this process can be frustrating and leave you confused since your yearning for your loved one’s affection or attention. In this article, I am going to discuss the reasons why you are being ignored and what to do from here. It’s important to understand to not look past the things that got you to this point. Either you didn’t court her properly, you did something to ruin her trust, or she may not be interested. I will define all this as you read along.
One of the things that I often see men doing is not taking ownership to the reason why you may be getting ignored especially if you did something wrong in the relationship. But you taking ownership now by reading this article is the first step, so congratulations on becoming a better man! In this article, I am going to explain to you exactly what to do from here moving forward. After reading this article you’ll be less confused and you will know how to handle this moving forward.

How about if you didn’t do anything wrong and you feel like you’re being ghosted, or maybe she said: “I need space.” Well, this is where you’ll find all the advice you need!
I love hearing from you, share your feedback or questions in the comments below.

Why Does She Ignore Me: 7 Reasons Why

She’s Bored- Typically a woman gets bored with you because there isn’t something new. You might be doing something with her that’s just routine and not enhancing the relationship. The thrill in the relationship might be lost. Here is where you should do something enticing and different. In relationships, you should challenge each other to step out of your comfort zones in healthy ways. So, if this rings to you and you feel like you’re getting ignored because dating you was too routine then try changing it up like go rock climbing, laser tag, vacation, beach, there are so many ideas. Look for ways that you can do things differently in a relationship.

Pushing an Issue- A lot of times I see men pushing issues on a woman about possibly spending time together or not getting enough time. Maybe she has kids, and you want to spend more time with her, you continue to push her on spending quality time together, and she ends up begin resentful or aggravated with you. This is the most common one I see all the time. There are a lot of other issues that you can continue to push on her, and it just ends up driving her away. Whenever I see couple’s pushing their problems on each other, I ask. Why are you forcing this issue? Is it for self-fish reasons, expectations or is it because you want to be in control? The relationship gets often destroyed because of this.

You’re Too Shy- You’re probably thinking what? I got to this point so why would she think I’m too shy. Women love a man that steps up to the plate and pursues her. So, if you’re going with the flow, she may think that you’re not serious about a relationship or her. Woman love when a man courts them to take her out and do things together!

You’re Inconsistent- If you’re not showing up for a woman by sticking to your words and following through then she might not be taking you seriously. So, if your dating a woman of high-value and she sees that your inconsistent she’s not going to wait around for you. Some examples of being inconsistent are not planning and doing everything last minute, not sticking to your word, sending a text every once in a while, to check in. What people call breadcrumbing. You sprinkle a little bit of attention to hope she sticks around.

Life- As general as that sounds life can get in the way! There is divine timing for everything and everyone. If you try to force your way through this, you will get hurt! Here is what I mean by this. Maybe she is working and trying to advance in her career or school and doesn’t have time for a relationship or the attention you deserve or want. Or possibly she isn’t ready to settle down at this very moment, and you can’t change someone’s mind about this. They will have to change their minds not you. If this woman wants to have fun, then my advice is to walk away.

She Might Have a New Boyfriend- Let’s face it, this happens more than ever now because people date several people at once. But it’s important to understand that it’s possible she was dating someone before she met you and advanced further into the relationship then she did with you.

She Might Not Feel the Spark- You may not have built an emotional connection with her, or maybe it just wasn’t there. A lot of men take pride in getting a woman to like them so they easily ignore signals of when a woman isn’t into them since they don’t want to pay attention to the signals. We all face rejection in our life, and it doesn’t make you any better or worse. So, if there is no spark there, I suggest you move on!

Why is she ignoring me if she likes me

Here’s the truth on what I see happening in almost 90% of my coaching sessions. A lot, of times the woman you like or you’re in love with is ignoring you because you became overbearing or may have influenced a lot of the arguments because of you possibly being co-dependent on her. Now, one thing that’s very important here is that you understand this is something that can drive a relationship downhill. Why? Everyone wants to have their personal space, and time for themselves. We tend to forget that we are all individuals and even though you are in a relationship or dating this person they still need their time to let things progress etc. I say this because everyone processes things differently. Possibly your someone who wants to talk things out right away but she might need her time. As people, we tend to believe that certain people, places, or professional aspirations are above us; better than us. You may feel they may be cooler, smarter or just generally more valuable than you are. So, instead of investing your time into yourself you invest it into them. You cater to their needs and forget our own- and this, to put it simply, is not fair. You are important, you are valuable, you are relevant. Our dreams are not above us, but rather, they are ahead of us. Use this moment right now as an opportunity to put yourself on the pedestal. Take control and don’t instill more worry or doubt because by doing this they know you will be there every single minute, hour, or day and end up taking you for granted. There is a difference between healthy dependencies and unhealthy dependencies which I talk about in another article so if this interest you, please feel free to click here to read this article about co-dependencies.

The best thing to do right now is giving her space. Don’t text, don’t call, don’t knock at her door. Don’t base your actions on emotions do them with logic by taking your time. When you take time for yourself, it’s essential that you redefine what makes you happy. To have a healthy relationship, it’s essential for your health as well. So, what can you do to enhance the relationship with yourself and focus on your qualities to attract the person or the right ones into your life? Having self-respect is continuing to do the things that make you happy, showing up for you, and setting boundaries on what is right for you and the relationship. Don’t act on emotions instead take the time that it takes to recover your emotions and come from logic.

Now, let’s chat briefly about if you were dating this girl and eventually you both just lost touch or possibly she never returned your calls. Well, most of the time when this happens she isn’t that into you. I know sometimes that’s hard to swallow as that takes a big hit to your ego but don’t let this get the best of you because once you find the one these things won’t matter.
I welcome your comments below. If you have any questions about a specific situation, please feel free to reach out.

Wishing you the best.

Your coach,

Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of apolloniaponti.com. She works with men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills and helps rebuild relationships.

You can find her expert advice on “is she using me”, plus a couple other of your core professional services, through her YouTube Channel, and Attract a Woman E-Book. To get real results with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction. Book a coaching session here.


  1. mourKa

    no wonder why you made such an article.


    • Jorge

      So I worked with this girl for a year..great friends…long story short she flaked on me one day, so I stopped pursuing her and backed off…she would send a text here and there…said we should hang out after her vacation/cruise…that was 3 weeks ago…I sent her a text this morning and she didnt respond, but came into my work with another guy…no idea who this guy is, as she broke up with her bf a couple months ago. We didnt even speak to each other at all…I just acted like I was busy. No idea what to think here. Is she testing me or is she just not interested? So confused.

    • aaron parker

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      My suggestion is to maybe ask her who the guy is. Maybe you are stressing yourself out for no reason. If that man really is her boyfriend or whatever that’s kinda shady. I mean she flakes on you and just randomly hooks up with guys she doesn’t sound very reliable. IM not trash talking your crush that is just how i see it you obviously know her better. She just doesn’t seem to have a great personality sounds like a physical attraction to me. Just move on if that’s her boyfriend if it isn’t then it is your choice whether or not to keep “dating” or not

  2. mourKa

    I am new to the company. I liked her and I think she noticed from my looking and a bit of my attitude. I read your part about being shy is enough reason to be ignored. But I am shy too, I am human too. I have history too that made me learned to approach if she is suitable. We need to talk a bit to know. I tried more than once to be nice, opening the door for her and waiting. I enjoyed playing football board with her.

    She asked me twice about what I do in weekends and how is work but that then I answered to the time she reached her office. So If I went on I would be blamed for pushing my self and not asking back I am blamed for being shy. Like come on?

    It is immature to ignore my hellos and good mornings. That is too rude to be accepted.


    • Aaron Parker

      My suggestion is to maybe ask her who the guy is. Maybe you are stressing yourself out for no reason. If that man really is her boyfriend or whatever that’s kinda shady. I mean she flakes on you and just randomly hooks up with guys she doesn’t sound very reliable. IM not trash talking your crush that is just how i see it you obviously know her better. She just doesn’t seem to have a great personality sounds like a physical attraction to me. Just move on if that’s her boyfriend if it isn’t then it is your choice whether or not to keep “dating” or not

  3. Chris

    Hi Ki,

    I normally don’t do this, but I’m more or less having trouble trying to moving on from this one girl. She a mother of one and just got out of an abusive relationship with a husband that is currently making the divorce process pretty hard for her.

    We started developing feelings for each other or I starting falling for her. The beginning of this year. We talked for about 6 months, but I started getting worried because things were progressing so slowly. When they did start going faster she would panic and tell me we just need to be friends. Yet would do all the relationship related stuff (kissing, holding hands, talking everyday, calling me “babe” or “baby”, and etc). I start getting frustrated and pushing issues because I didn’t understand if she liked me or not, even though she would tell me she did love me. I just didn’t see her actions as loving. I started pushing issues about wanting to spend more time together. Which in turn caused argument or I would get frustrated. I felt like I cause most of the argument because I wanted to be next to all the time. I push to far to the point where now she ignores me or gives me this look of resentment. Whenever I ask what is wrong? She normally says nothing or we are good.

    We work near each other, but openly flirts and been talking to a guy she knows I dislike. Back when we were talking she would talk shit about him but now it is like they are best buddies.

    I really don’t know what to do to be honest.


    • Aaron Parker

      i had a friend who used to do that. She had Depression. Try giving her some space for a little while if she is at least a good friend she will come around. just give her some space and if she is a good friend she will come around because that’s what a relationship does it pushes through the hardships. Also keep in mind that relationships take 2 people.

  4. Ken

    hi, there’s this girl I have been courting. We’ve been doing great and I know she likes me but she just muted on me and she practically walks away just to not talk to me. The problem is I don’t know what I might have done wrong and she won’t tell me.


  5. KI


    I recently joined a course but it’s a distance education course. I met a girl during our orientation week for the course. I was really into her and she also seemed to respond to me through those stares that we used to give each other during the classes.

    As the orientation week ended, we all got back to our respective cities and connected only through our course whats app group.

    I tried to gain her attention in the group by putting some info. or something funny to get her attention, initially she used to reply back to me but over a period of time whenever I would put up something on the group she just would not respond to it. Instead, she would respond to 1 another guy who also tried to impress her with his witty comments in the group and she totally started ignoring me.

    So what does this mean, was I assuming that she was into me but she was actually not that into me or was I too late to counter that guy?


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi KI,
      I would have to know information about you and her cause it’s hard for me to tell but what I can say is you possibly are to focus on her and she can feel that. Try to just go with the flow a bit and see what happens. I would really encourage you to book a session or check out my YouTube channel for more clarity. 🙂 Apollonia Ponti

  6. Harry

    I have a year with my girlfriend…We had a really great time… I used to give all my time to her… My girlfriend is very busy in her study now a days. She is preparing a competitive exam, in order to get her enlisted in a good medical college….Also she has wasted her previous year. Because she was failed to get good Marks…

    She started her coachng classes about 2 months ago. She used to make her time for me to text me in the start. We were very romantic all the times. But about a week ago. She told me We should “stop our relationship” she didnt broke the relation.

    I was very depressed. Then I talked to her, and asked next day.. “Do you feel your future insecure with me?”… She said it is also a reason.”So I give you time.. so That both of us get success”.. I asked her many questions.. if there is any thing then tell me.. She said there is nothing just a study pressure also she told me she is no more in love with me… Then she started ignoring me. After a day it was my birthday she could not wish me at 12 am… Then she wished me after 2 hours.

    And next day I ignored her all the day and she also put a romantic status for me on whatsapp… Then I talked to her at evening. Then she sorry me…. She said she was in sleep.. So she couldnt do that. But she still behaved rudely…

    I was very depressed Even I ruined my health.. Then next day i told her clearly about my feelings and health.. She said “I would breakup if you dont stop teasing me”… Actually I was a little bit confused about ignoring her. So Next day I asked about her studies.. Then at the end of conversation she sent a heart.. Then I said I love you… and she also replied I love you too…And at night she once again sorry for wishing me birthday late.

    My concern is that What should I do… Wether ignoring her will be good to grab her attention.. She is behaving so strange… Like she talks to other friends but rude with me… And also behaving like she dont love me… She replies my every message but lately and rudely… Please help me to fix this situation and get her nice version back…


  7. Amtiaz

    Hi,I am a boy. Please help me with this. My English is not too good. I have a question. Few weeks ago I proposed a girl to make a relationship between us. She didn’t says anything that is she want to make a relationship or not, but she says that she will let me know after Summer, then I said okay. Also she agreed with me that to hangout sometime. We decided to meet a day, but unfortunately it got cancel. We decided to meet in other dates. Another big problem is whenever I text her she reply me and take little bit time, also she doesn’t ask me any questions reply. Also I asked her that if you don’t like to talk with me, you can say to me, but she lough. I can understood that she is ignoring me. So my question is “is she want to make relationship with me? Why is she ignoring me? And what should I do?


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Amtiaz,
      Thank you for reading this blog, Why is she ignoring me? I’m not sure why she is ignoring you. I recommend you give it some time and even talk to her about establishing some boundaries so you understand where you stand. In order to give you more advice tailored to you, I need to know more about you and the relationship. If interested in a caching session tailored to your situation here is my link; https://www.apolloniaponti.com/private-coaching-2-2/

  8. William

    Ive dated this girl for two months maybe.. I was actually first one she has dated since her broke up one year ago. I wasn the pushy guy and I was sometimes waiting for her steps and messages. So sometimes it was like “hey its few days weve met lets meet again” or “my dog is missing you when we will hang out with him again?:)” She also mentioned that she doesnt go out at all and her ex was really bad to her. She laught about that she is asocial type now. Once she had to go out with friend she texted me that it was canceled and that she is happy aobut it os she doesnt have to go anywhere. In general we have lot incommon and also we had lot of laugh together. One day we went out again near her place to have cider and I said to one little girl on a bike to go faster just for fun. /i love kids btw and she is a KG teacher/. She asked me why Im doing this and she was confused if I have problem with people /what?!/. I said that its actually opposite and it was innocent interraction with little kid. After that we she was silent and asked me If she should go home..??? I said no lets have a drink, but it was very tense and weird from that time. Finally we came to her place, Ive hugged her and she hugged me back very strong…wanted to kiss me but Ive only kiss her once and said bye. One hour later she texted me that she is so sorry and that Im so nice to her and it wont happen again, so she will be nice next time. I wrote that she shouldnt worry about it and that it was nice time with her. Next day she didnt text. also other day and Ive texted her if shes ok.. she smiled and wrote that she is big girl so no worries and sent a pic of her dog that saying Hi to me. “I guess he is missing me” I replied.. after that – silence. not even word on my texts. I wrote that I think of her /I wrote this kidn of thing for first time ever/ but no response.. only short message “Yes, day was ok.” After few days I asked her whats wrong.In few hours she replied “Im sorry Im still not ready to meeting people. Sorry” and that was it.. after this only ignoration of texts and only messages like ” let me be” or “Im not ready to date and I think your are nice guy but there wasnt spark.” she became super cold. so I stopped messaging and contacting her. I thought we will have a call or meeting to make closure but that was it. deleted me on fb and so on..I have many ideas but nothing for sure. /She is very attractive woman with many tattoos and she has dated aggressive security guy before, I do also feel attractive I have many possibilities to date women but now my ego went down a lot because after few year it was first time emotional and I had feelings to someone./Im from Europe so sorry for my ENG. Thank you


  9. Jacob

    Hi Apollonia,
    Hi I met this girl and we started off as friends. In my opinion we clicked (or she just has that energy with everybody which she does) and we ended up getting real close telling each other everything and doing things everyday over time. I felt we could be more so I went the romantic route with her the compliments, gifting her a meaningful gift but I never really made a move blaming her more in my head for not seeming interested. So I leaned back a tad from her after months always together and she started to be flirty saying things like I can’t study with you I’m distracting (in that good way) trying to butt in if I’m talking to a different woman, tries to dance with me. We’ve even said we loved each other (I made no moves). Week or 2 later I’m trying to reconnect after hurtful/mean fight I had with her friend (nothing to do with her) and she’s been off doesn’t answer FaceTime and her texts seem different I told her when I’m in her area we should hang she said sure but not convincingly I just really don’t know.


  10. Nick

    Hi Apollonia,

    Im scratching my head with a girl I’ve been dating for 3 months. We met on a dating site and hit it off. We went a little fast in the first 3 weeks and were talking about a future, met friends etc. and then she said she wanted to slow it down so I gave her space for a month so she could see her friends and we would see each other once a week… on a side note she works an hour away from home and her company is in the middle of a merger/acquisition so she is always busy but would make time to see me.

    But as of recently she was talking all about going out this week because we both had 3 consecutive days off. So I gave her a time and place to go and she completely ignored my text. The next day she texted me that she was at softball game with her niece, which is fine but she left me hanging. So I texted her the next day to see how she was doing and said if she was free that night of the next let’s do some thing…. same thing.

    Im not going to text her at all and see if she texts me back but I think she may be distancing herself from me. If I text her she will respond but its when I ask her to meet or do something that she will shut me out and not respond and its driving me crazy… is that the dreaded friend zone or a hint at we’re done and shes seeing someone else???? Im sooooo confused!!!!!!


    • nick

      another thing I did not mention is early on we had a talk about stopping the dating sites and we both deleted our profiles so now Im having doubts that shes off the dating sites or shes looking.

  11. Paul

    Hi Apolonia – I have never been in a relationship. In fact, I’ve never been on a date. Women don’t respond to me – at all – ever. If I smile and say hello, there is literally never any reaction at all. There is zero evidence that any woman has ever been attracted to me. I have never gotten a signal from any woman in my life and that’s why I say what I do about there being no evidence any woman is/could be attracted to me. I honestly don’t think I can be attractive to women. I don’t blame women for not being attracted to me – attraction is not a choice and nobody can help who they are/not attracted to. All the evidence I have so far in my life (I’m 37) is that I am fundamentally unattractive – even though my women friends say I’m not. Do you have any advice?


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Paul,
      As difficult as it may seem, you need to work on changing your mindset.If you truly want a relationship you will attract it. If you believe no one will ever want you, than that is what you are attracting. If you believe you are not attractive, so will the women you are encountering, because it’s what you are projecting. I am including some blogs that I have written to guide you with changing your mindset.

      I am also including two audio videos that I developed, which I highly recommend:


    • Alifie Utting

      Hi Apollonia,

      I was just on a verge to start a relationship with this wonderful girl. She was cheated in her previous relationship, so I knew what I signed up for and supported her through and through. We have known each other for 3 months. After 2 dates, she confessed her love for me and I did the same as well. Everything was going well, we went on a great 3rd date as well past weekend.
      After the date, she suddenly ignores my text and calls. I respectfully gave her some space. At night, she tells me that she’s still in love with her cheater ex and would go back to him given a chance. Well I have been through these pattern as well so I understand her situation. This insecure pattern is temporary, I know. I also told her that some issues you have to solve on you own and it’s not her fault and I’d give her some space if she wants.
      But I don’t know what to do next as after 2 days, she comes back to my life and acts strange as if she requires some validation from me. Asks me what I am up to and disappears. I try to put the conversation as casual as I can to let her open up about what’s happening to her.
      I am stuck in the middle. Should I play along and hope for to get her love or run from this love triangle situation?

  12. Jeewan gurung

    Hii Apollonia! I have been staying in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for past few weeks only , I love her so much and as far as possible text her whenever I get free time.both of us use to chat with eachother every night before sleeping but suddenly she just started to ignore my message and even said that she is a playgirl,it is hard for guy like me to swallow these things. Now she remains most of the time busy and not even care to see my message.what shall I do madam???


  13. Medicharla Srinivasarao


    I have girl friend. We both are having two years friendship suddenly she told me you came with isuues. I don’t and then she goes silence. It is so hard for me
    And now ignore me .. i am trying to solve it but she doesn’t support . What will i do i don’t know


    • Apollonia Ponti

      The best thing to do is give her space and mirror her behavior if she is ignoring you.

    • Sankey

      After a long tyme (2 weeks) i met her, she was talking on phone and looks like nervous.but after seen me she run away quickly,we are not talking to each other.

  14. Rich M

    Yes, Apollonia, I was really focused on a former female coworker, she hasn’t really been giving me much attention lately, like she would in the past. She would initiate texts, invite me to lunch, visit me in my office a couple times a day to chat. So, I have not contacted her in a month and a half. So, I don’t where this is going to go with our friendship. I am going to leave it up to her! But, I am also just focusing on myself because I now have more responsibility at work and this is keeping me very busy on other things and not her. I guess, I will see where this goes? What do you think? Should I contact her at all? Or Should I just let our friendship go?


  15. Richard

    Hi Apollonia:

    A former female coworker and I were really getting along well and close. I thought she might be interested me because she would give me all the body language signals and talk about places she would like to visit that I had been to. But, I did see her at fast food chain recently and she really didn’t seem to excited to see me. We were scheduled to have lunch (her idea) that same day! but she cancelled because the person she was suppose visit at my work site was not there. We did sit down and talk though for about 25 mins. She did mention, she did not have much time during our coversation and had to get back to work. She then said ” I will see you later” and then got a drink at the soda machine. I then said ” I will see you later” we did not walk – out together. For a month and half, I have not contacted (text, called, email) her. I know we are really good friends! Should I intiate contact with her or let her contact me first? Last time, before this, she invited me to lunch and drove like more than 60 miles to see me (her idea again)! That time, she was really excited to me.
    She said it was sooo good! to see me that time! What do you think happened?





    • Apollonia Ponti

      I would follow up with her after some time. Give it one more shot. If not, then move on. 🙂

    • Tazz

      Hey I have This girl that I have been talking to about that liked me she wanted to hangout and everything we didn’t get to hangout because she had to watch her sister that day but I’m pretty sure she’s ignoring me she barely ever answers back to my text only everynow and then what should I do?

  17. Richard

    I understand all the reasons you stated but my female friend won’t respond to me to tell me anything at all. I just want a explanation and then I can move on. This isn’t the first time I’ve been through this before with the same female before she cheated on me.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Richard,
      You have to let go of trying to get a response. You can have control of this.

  18. Duck

    Hi so I have a friend that I want to keep hanging out with but she keeps on ignoring me. like moves away like she hates me or something even though I never said or did anything.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      I think it’s time to stop hanging out with her. You cannot force anything and I believe you may be better off moving on.

  19. Jeremiah

    Hey, thanks for the article it was helpful i’ve been dating this my girl for 3years and we’ve been in a long distance relationship through out and suddenly she ignores me when Im close to coming back to be with her…..Im confused


    • Apollonia Ponti

      You’re welcome! Hope the article helped.

  20. Joe

    My girlfriend suffers from anxiety. When the anxiety is at its peak she pushes me away. In my mind that is when I should be helping her but I never seem to get it right. It’s hard to know how to deal with the situation


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hello Joe,
      Thank you for your comment. I have experienced this a lot and it all depends on the dynamic of your relationship. I can help you with this but would have to have a conversation with you further about the dynamics of the relationship. Typically being there for her is key but usually, there is one minor thing that needs to change in the relationship when your in a relationship with someone who has anxiety. I would recommend a 30-minute coaching session you can find here on this link. https://www.apolloniaponti.com/private-coaching-2/

  21. Lisa

    How true are those points about why a woman could be pulling back – ie: Life, Inconsistency and Not feeling a spark. I know for me personally- she nailed these on the head – as these have been my big pull away reasons in the past. Also – I think she gives great advice about just letting a woman breathe and have “space”. Again – that’s generally been an issue with me. If a guy pushes when I’m in a “need time to myself” zone – it’s only served to harmed the relationship in the long run. Thank you Apollonia!


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

    • Alan

      Great article Apollonia.
      I have been dating my GF for almost 4 months. For the first almost 3 months we spent a lot of time together and worked out in the gym together 6 days a week. We fell for each other, at last I thought she fell for me. We both would say lots of nice loving things to each other and all the feelings seemed mutual. We have so many things in common and talked many times about a future together. We are both separated (not divorced yet) and are ok with that. I moved out of my house 7 years ago and her husband had moved out for a while but moved back in a few months ago when he went through kidney surgery. That was so he could rehab there and be with the kids (both over 18). He was supposed to move out once he was well but now doesn’t want to move out and is acting crazy and doesn’t want the divorce. My gf has been going through a lot and I have been there and very supportive. She had even said that several times. Several weeks ago she started to pull back and act differently towards me. When we were together last Friday night for a concert every thing seemed normal (we said we loved each other) but since then she has pulled back more. I tried to have a convo with her about it Monday and all she said was she was overwhelmed but her feelings haven’t changed…just she has changed and doesn’t feel herself right now. We never finished the convo and she doesn’t seem to want to finish it. The other night we had confirmed plans for Sat night but the next morning (matter of factly) she said she needed to get away and was going to visit her daughter. She said one of the attorneys she spoke with suggested she go away. I asked if I could see her before she leaves and she ignored that. I asked her I could call her and she said she was busy on a work call. I asked later to let me know when we could talk. She ignored that and then told me she was leaving that night. All I said was okay. I had not heard from her for a day so just texted her last night to see how she was doing. She did respond but haven’t heard from her since. Why is she pretty much ignoring me? Why/how did things change so dramatically from where we were to where we are now? What can/should I do?

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