Self-Care Tips: 3 Powerful Changes To Make Now!

Self-Care begins with the way we start our days. Take a moment to think about how you start your day. Look back at the last week or two and think about what you did to start your day. Did you wake up, brush your teeth, check your phone, make your coffee, and then turn on the news? Did you wake up check Facebook, turn on the news, brush your teeth, and start getting ready for work? Alternatively, did you wake up, pray/give thanks for another day, brush your teeth, meditate, then make your tea or coffee and get ready for work?Self-Care Tips

I ask you these things because your day is affected by the way you wake up. Think about it like this: When you wake up from a bad dream, don’t you feel a little off in the morning? What do you do when this happens? Self-Care has A LOT to do with how we start our days in the morning, and yes, some days we might be in more of a rush more than others, but it is important to remember to always put yourself first. Even if that requires waking up fifteen to thirty minutes earlier to do your thing.

In this article, I am going to walk you through my suggestions on how you start your day, why it is important and how you can continue to take care of yourself throughout the week. Self-Care is crucial because it influences all the relationships around you; Relationships with your husband, boyfriend, children. It also has a powerful effect when you are single and looking for someone. Most importantly, self-care affects your relationship with yourself. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or comments you would like to share with me and the community.

Self Care: Take care of yourself the moment you open your eyes in the morning!

Waking up in the mornings can be a little difficult for people. I know I used to hate mornings and waking up to an alarm clock, but now this is my favorite time of the day. There is something about the mornings that so many of us have grown to love. Mornings can be your time to think, organize, plan your day, enjoy your warm cup of coffee, read a book in peace and quiet, meditate, and write. I just woke up fifteen minutes ago because of this morning, like many other mornings, my ideas came to me right as I got up. I have become inspired in the mornings now that I have a great relationship with this time of day. If you feel like you may be struggling with organizing your mornings and taking care of yourself to begin your day on the right foot, I’d like to give you some tips on some ways you can start.

How does your alarm clock sound when you wake up in the morning? Is this something harsh and loud? Is it an irritating sound like a fire drill that scares you every time you wake up? Or do you have a gentle and soft alarm sound that you can listen to for about a minute or two before you turn it off? One of the first things you can do to take care of yourself first thing in the morning is to make sure you check your alarm sound as you want to wake up to something that is uplifting. You don’t want to start your day off with a shock. Waking up to something lighter can be a drastic shift in energy.

Self-care ideas: Paying attention to what you let in as you begin your day

Do not check your telephone right away for social media posts. I mean, a lot of us have a terrible habit of doing this, but it is essential that the mornings be dedicated to you and you alone. By checking social media, your mind can be confronted with a barrage of unknown words and images that may come at you with no control. You can see an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend post another photo with their new partner, and regardless of whether or not this makes your happy, it is not the first thing you want to see in the morning. Remember that everything is energy, so factor that into your self-care!

What do you do to show thanks to yourself and whatever source you may believe?Self-Care Tips

Example; Every morning I wake up, and I give thanks for everything I have received in life. I give thanks for my health, another day to help people, my mother, my boyfriend, my friends, and for the roof over my head along with the things in my refrigerator. I end it with a simple “I love you.” I am going to share with you a simple prayer that I say in the mornings, and please feel free to use it if you like!

Remember, like all spiritual instructions, the value of these self-care tips is that they improve the quality of your life, regardless of what and who you believe in. The point is to give thanks to yourself internally so you can connect with whatever power your heart believes in.

“Jesus, thank you for giving me another beautiful day, thank you for my health, my family, my friends, and my loving boyfriend. I know that whatever comes our way, both obstacles and happiness is just guidance from your Divine Self to search more and to do more of what I am here to do. I thank you, Lord, for blessing me every day to do what I love. I will continue to do the work I am here to do for you through my hands. I will always try my best to come from a place of love, and I believe that I can handle everything you give me and show up in the best way possible. I love you Jesus and thank you for another day.”

Typically, if I am trying to fit a meditation in or possibly even read a chapter in my Course In Miracles book and woke up late, I say this prayer of thanks while I brush my teeth. 🙂

Practicing Self Care with little things that bring you joy

Now, take some quiet time to do something you really enjoy. Meditate for five or fifteen minutes in the morning, read a chapter of a book, or maybe just make your coffee and sit on your patio or porch and just be present.

You deserve this present time because we all know once we start our days, everything can become hectic. However, when we begin our mornings right the day’s hectic elements have no bearing on us. Why? Because we start our days with a sense of peace, and you are going to be guided.Self-Care Tips

Think of it like this; I always say that we are energetically aligned with everything we attract. So, if you have hectic, tense, rushed energy in the morning you will open up space for a chaotic day. Have you ever had that day where one thing after another happens? I am not saying this will not happen if you start your morning with the suggestions I outlined above, but if you have things thrown at you during your day, I can guarantee that your approach will be more calm, cool, present, and collected.

When it comes to Social Media, I am a big believer in not looking at it until you are fully dressed and about to walk out of the house. The majority of us spend so much time interested in other people’s lives, and then we get so consumed with everything on social media. Then thirty minutes go by, and you are running late! I know a lot of us may work on the internet like myself but I am in charge of my clock in and clock out times. Just like I am going to the office.

So, think about how you care for yourself throughout the days and weeks and months. I am going to give you some suggestions on how you can focus on taking care of yourself all the time. Remember, self-care is essential no matter what relationship status you may have. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is the #1 critical element in sustaining a healthy relationship and also attracting a healthy and happy partner. I am going to list out a few ways you can manage your self-care, and I would highly suggest you do this once a week.

Do you have the romance with yourself?

Read a book – Especially one that you know will either help you with something you may be going through at a particular moment. You could also pick one you have been meaning to read for months.

Schedule a manicure/pedicure – Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and tune out.

Schedule a massage – Self-indulge.

Write in your journal – Release anything that you may be wanting to overcome. Start practicing manifestation by journaling and also write about any issues that may arise. Journaling helps so much with identifying patterns.

Give yourself a couple beauty hours – Do a hair mask, face mask, or maybe even take a bubble bath.

Watch sports center and disconnect with social media – Be naked if you want, watch sports center and drink a beer!

Call a family member you have not spoken to in a while – Tell them you love them.

Make yourself dinner – Listen to music and drink some wine. Light a candle and indulge.

Catch up on something you have been meaning to scratch off your list – I know that To-Do list may be looking pretty long.

Binge watch a show on Netflix – Don’t feel guilty and just do it!

Meditate – The best time you can spend with your inner self to connect to your divine energy and realign your energy is through meditation.

Organize and clean out your closet – Get rid of things you have not worn in 6 months. It feels great, trust me!

Donate – Look for things in your house that you do not use and give them away.

Plan a dinner party – Invite some friends over and plan a great party for the future.

Turn on some music – Dance in your home while you clean, or just dance!

Have a mommy time out– Even if it’s a quick 10 minutes.

Go to the beach or lay out by the pool – Bathe in the sunshine but don’t forget your SPF.

Take a morning jog or walk – Sweat! Being active nurtures your well-being.

Yoga Class – Attend a yoga class to open up your breathing.

Organize your makeup – This is always so fun!

Write a love letter – To yourself or your partner.

Set aside time for a real lunch – …and take the full hour to eat slowly.

Set aside time to stretch – Get your blood flow going.

Spend time with your pet – All they want is love.

Get lost doing a puzzle – One of my favorite things to do. I love a good mental challenge.

Describe yourself in 3 words – Excellent affirmation practice.

Create a vision board – What are your goals? What are your dreams?

Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure – Mine are Sour Patch Kids and Lays potato chips.

Sleep In – Even if you can’t sleep in, lying in bed is the best!

Cry – Release emotions that you may be feeling. Sad, hurt or lonely- then come back home to yourself because you are everything you need.

Tell yourself “I love you” every dayConfidence goes a long way!

Self-Care is something I focus on every day. By doing this I feel more in tuned, upbeat, focused, and I value all of myself. It is easy for me to let go of frustrations, even on a not so good day. You have to be willing to change though. Putting yourself first is essential.

I want to hear from you. Have you given self-care a try? What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

Wishing you all the best and talk to you soon!

Apollonia Ponti

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  1. I love these simple but not always easy to think of tips! Great to have handy when your feeling like you need a little sled love! Keep posting articles like this!

  2. Thank you. I have come to realize the importance of self care and everything you have suggested just recently after many trials and errors. I suppose it’s better late than never. Ironically i have been doing most of what you have suggested except saying a prayer and giving thanks and expressing love to myself, which I really like. In this modern world, it’s too easy to get off track and feel off balance. My goal is to reach a state where nothing sways me or knocks me down. I wanna be zen 🙂

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read Self-Care Tips. Yes exactly! I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog and it’s helped. We’re always growing in life and learning new things and you can absolutely achieve your goal and find your inner peace.

      Wishing you the best,

  3. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to go and teach everyone I come in contact with the good news of salvation. The Lord has sent me to proclaim the day of vengeance and day of Salvation of our God. To reassure all that are without faith. This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it … There is MUCH MORE to my daily affirmation of confession. But, yes AP one must take care of self on a daily basis. A woman loves a man that takes care of himself. Correct? 😉 💕

  4. It is truly amazing, Apollonia, how instituting a few changes in self-care can pave the way for a much better, more productive and fulfilling day – and those to follow. What also enhances my outlook is taking the time to appreciate natural beauty – a picturesque sunrise and the ever-changing colors of the sky, dewdrops on a spider web…the list can be endless!

    Meditation and gratitude are two key elements I have recently adopted into my daily routine – and, while they may not resolve every concern I have, the difference in my outlook resulting from these changes can dramatically alter how I choose to manage said challenges and possibly improve the outcome. Thank you for sharing!

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