Do Girls Like Tall Guys? The REAL Answer!

“You’re never going to get a hot girl because you’re short!” “Girls don’t like short guys!”

do girls like tall men

It’s about time a woman puts these thoughts to rest for you guys! I am not saying that 100% of women don’t want a tall guy, ‘cause to tell you the truth, I was once like that too. But this really isn’t the case. So many men think that they are short when they’re actually an average height. So if you still don’t believe me, let’s chat about the question, “Do girls like tall guys?”

Let’s start off clear with one another.  I’m going to give you some statistics here. Did you know that only about 13% of the American population is comprised of tall men? So, if you’re one to say, “Oh, I’m a short guy and I’m never gonna get a girl,” or “All women love tall men,” then that’s a preconceived notion. Think about it: only 13% of men are 6 feet and taller in the United States. Clearly, if factual data is what gets to you, you can see that women don’t only love tall guys. But if you still are unconvinced, I’m gonna give you some clarity more around this topic.

Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys: The REAL Answer:

Now, I can tell you right off the bat that a woman doesn’t mind if a man is short. What she does mind is if he has no confidence, if he is someone she can walk all over, if he has no dignity and no purpose, if he is a man with no self-respect, a man that doesn’t know how to lay down boundaries, a man that doesn’t have his own values…

do girls like tall guys

There’s so much more to it than his height! If a woman was only attracted to tall men, then it would be harder for her to even find someone, because who’s to say these tall men have a sense of purpose and can offer a sustainable relationship? I remember dating tall men and they had nothing to offer so I dumped them early on. Just because a man is tall does not mean he is going to get in a relationship with a woman. So instead of  whether or not he’s a tall guy, It’s about how a man carries himself.

When you’re a man that’s thinking that, “Oh, I’m short, and I won’t get a woman,” it’s just an excuse. You’re already setting yourself up to lose. Holding on to this mindset is accepting that you will lose and you’re encouraging failure. Be careful with allowing yourselt to think, “Oh, I’m too short, I’m not gonna find a woman. It’s hard for me to get a girl because I’m short.”

This shows a lot of securities and what others like to call “beta male qualities.” I hate to compare beta male and alpha male, saying that being an alpha is superior, because I don’t think that being a beta male and alpha male is bad or good. What I do think is that you have to have the right dose of each of them. The beta male comes when it’s relationship. Think openness,  vulnerability, communication… and the alpha male comes when you’re setting standards, seduction, your self-image, and how you carry yourself. It’s the same thing with women – an alpha woman and a beta woman — masculine energy and feminine energy.

When it comes to attraction, a woman is not attracted to a man that looks like he is lacking in his life. I mean that he feels that he’s not good enough because he’s short, that he’s not good enough because he doesn’t have confidence. If you don’t have self-confidence and a pride in yourself from within, a woman is going to be able to feel this. She might not know exactly what it is and exactly why she’s not attracted to you, but it’s all an energy, and that’s exactly what she’s gonna pick up from you.

Instead of thinking about why do girls like tall guys, or what height is considered to be tall, I want you to think about this: What encourages you? What encourages you in your life to really feel confident? Start doing those things. Maybe it’s taking a Jiu-Jitsu class, playing basketball, playing football etc.  What encourages you to do those things?

Why Do Women Like Tall Men: This Is A Myth!

Surround yourself with friends that bring you up and the ones you can learn to be more confident around. Go out there and meet people and go to seminars to meet like-minded individuals.  There are so many things that you can do to cultivate good relationships with people that are gonna keep you thriving! When you do this, you start to see qualities that work for other individuals and you can learn so much from this.

If you have a lack of confidence because you’re short and you’re worried you’re not gonna be desirable to a woman, then that means that you don’t have a lot of self-esteem, that you don’t have a lot of confidence, and you’re allowing yourself to live in a form of lack. Change that, because your mindset has a lot to do with the way you look at life, and what (and who) you attract. If you want to attract a hot woman you have to come from an abundance mindset. It’s about how you position yourself to a woman, how you show up as a man in front of her, and how you add value to your own life so she can see what value you have to offer her. The same thing goes vice versa; she should be able to offer you somethieng as well.

The reason why women are initially attracted to tall men is because they have a strong presence about them. It can come off masculine to a woman and this is why she is attracted to this. It starts there but if the man has nothing to offer, then it’ll quickly fizzle. Once again, just because someone is tall, it does not mean he is confident. When a woman starts to get to know a man she makes the decision off of how he makes her feel. This grows in time and the way you carry yourself is what will have one of the biggest impacts. If you come from a place of lack instead of a place from abundance then a woman will figure this out and start to see you in a different light. I made a seminar called Master your Confidence Audio Seminar that I encourage you to invest in. This will help you tremendously!

Tall guys vs short guys: 3 Tips!

So you’re a man that perhaps is not the tallest and you’re wondering how you can stand out from tall men. Here are some tips to do so.

Dress the part:

There is something very attractive about a man that can be very presentable to a woman’s eye. This does not mean you have to be flashy and wear high price ticket items but the best thing you can do here is be clean cut and well put together.

Be unapologetically honest:

This is about being honest and keeping up with the witty banter with a woman. Sometimes men are too shy to say what’s on their mind but when they do in a respectful manner, it shows the woman he isn’t afraid to go after what he wants.

Stop thinking less of yourself:

Height does not define you as a person and if you think it does, then you have to change this and master your confidence. As I said above, a women can feel this. When you don’t have the confidence you need, you will easily put the woman you like on a pedestal.

Find something you’re passionate about:

When a man is happy in his life and going after his goals in life with a purpose, it shows a woman a level of stability that you have within yourself. The right woman will appreciate this more then you just being tall!

Lastly, since I started with a statistic I want to end it with another dose of reality. There are many women out there that were young or young minded once and wanted a tall man but then realized that they were going after something that was not going to offer them true love. They were getting superficial things. Because this happens, women may go through heartbreak and become more realistic about what is truly going to make them happy. An honest, trustworthy man with solid confidence and dignity will be the one she chooses. So stop wasting your time wondering if girls like short guys because there is one thing I know as a woman that’s for sure… There are a lot more important things than a guy’s height when it comes to a lasting relationship!

Your Coach,

Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of She works with men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills and helps rebuild relationships.

You can find her expert advice on “is she using me”, plus a couple other of your core professional services, through her YouTube Channel, and Attract A Woman Free E-Book! To get real results with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction. Book a coaching session here.


  1. Offthepink

    I’ll never understand this. Women want tall guys who are lanky, clumsy, and usually WEAKER than shorter men due to their lack of muscle mass combined with their longer limbs (bigger only means stronger when it comes to muscle)…but they say that his height makes her feel protected.


  2. Craig Mathews

    Read your blog and honestly didn’t read anything that to some extent wasn’t just common
    sense. I am a reasonably tall 6’2”
    considered good looking guy and for years have found the taller and prettier the girl/woman the more problems they seem to have. My present love interest is
    a very attractive woman 6’1” and her main focus seems to be what heel height should she wear when we go out? Really, I like being eye level and like looking up and her looking down, so what’s her problem? I’ll tell she’s
    a woman end of story.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Thanks! Glad you have common sense too and best of luck to you and your girl! 🙂

  3. James

    Doesn’t this belief come from actually being rejected for being short and gets reinforced when that happens repeatedly?

    You also mentioned that women eventually come around and don’t use height as a criterion later in life. Isn’t that settling? Why would anyone wanna be someone else’s bronze medal?


  4. Lloyd

    I can relate from personal experience that confidence is key. I’m all of 5’3-5’4, but I get to date *most* of the women I want. It was not always this way…in fact, it was the exact opposite.

    It’s not from being cocky or overdoing it, but I find that women enjoy being around a man when they “click”. Make them laugh and they feel comfortable sharing banter. They end up sharing secrets, building some level of trust/ intimacy. I let them speak their mind without fear of offending me, even if it’s about grumpy short dudes (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I also give them a good ribbing! Don’t fawn over a woman and have her laugh only at your expense. The more she feels that you don’t need her, but you enjoy her company, the more she’ll be at ease around you. Need scares women away and they are very good at sensing it.

    Seriously. BTW, it’s not even about ethnicity. I’m African and I date pretty much all ethnicities.

    Some key things that work for me are:

    – What Apollonia said. Dress good.
    – Wear killer cologne. Smelling good is not an option, nor is good hygiene.
    – Humour. Laugh and make laugh!
    – Relax. Don’t be tense.
    – Don’t be thirsty. Huge turnoff. Do you like desperate, nagging or needy women? Exactly.
    – Assertiveness. Don’t dither until you enter the friend zone. It’s a ***** to get back out of. Show and state your intent without being disrespectful.
    – Avoid anger. It shows insecurity.
    – Don’t overdo it. Don’t try to look bigger than you are, it’s silly and laughable.

    Happy dating, boys.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Lloyd,
      Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing your experiences. It’s helpful when my viewers see comments that come from their peers.I wish you the best.

  5. Russell

    I really loved this coaching, thanks
    I would really love if you can help me in winning this girl …we work at the same company but we are in different departments & I really like this girl but the problem is I don’t know if she likes me back …we have been talking for the past 1 week & whenever we talk she’s always smiles & there’s always a good vibe between us, though today I feel like I was messing up which might end ruining my chance with her … please help


  6. Mickey

    When one considers that a very wide majority of women are unapproachable and openly hostile, is a guy’s height (or lack thereof) really a deal breaker? If anything, it looks like just one more reason for unfriendly women not to give guys the time of day. Resigned SMH.


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