How To Get My Husband To Notice Me? 4 Important Tips!

By: Monica Reyes (Guest Post) How to get my husband to notice me. You walk by. It’s like he doesn’t see you anymore. Or maybe he’s so consumed with his phone that he doesn’t hear you anymore. You see him around others and everyone seems to get the best of him… except you. You don’t know how it got this way. It’s like you both were so focused on EVERYTHING else and you’ve drifted. Now what? How do you get back to the way you were in the beginning? How do you get back to the relationship you both fell in love with – where play and fun were a part of it. Where you were his everything, and you didn’t feel like this child trying to get attention. Well, it’s pretty simple, but you have to follow these 4 steps exactly, regardless of how embarrassed or shy you feel, regardless of what he did in the past. Here we go.

How to get your husband to notice you. “It starts with Energy!”

What you’re experiencing is the result of past actions and past choices – by both of you. The first question you must answer is – do I want this relationship? Am I willing to do everything necessary in order to preserve this relationship? I want you to dig deep, and connect to your heart. Do you want this? If the answer is yes- then if you were feeling half in and half out, it’s time for you to go ALL IN. Get the thought of – there’s someone better out there or should I leave – out of your mind. You need to create the right supportive environment and it starts with energy. If you’re giving off the half in – half out energy, then that is what you’ll get back.


Your husband is an energetic mirror, a reflection of what you are experiencing internally, so if you want to see a shift in your relationship and reality, it starts with how you feel about it. That’s right, it starts with you. You can try to force your husband to notice you and force the relationship back to its original form, but there’s a good chance it won’t work. You both have evolved, and are different people than when you first got together and so using power – the power of energy – is way more effective.

How to get my husbands attention again. “4 Tips to start using now.

Tip #1: Be Intentional. As the creator of your reality, you know that whenever you want to manifest something in your life, you start with what you want to create. This is no exception. Your husband is energy like you, he is part of the Universe like you, and therefore defining and declaring what you want is essential to shifting your relationship. What do you want the relationship to look like? What do you want it to feel like? Can you envision it and feel it? We create our reality with our thoughts and feelings. Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you experience this potential reality as if it has already happened – the key to making this real. Journal and soul search within you what you want this to really look like and feel. Once you have it down, close your eyes and with your mind’s eye, see it happening. See him noticing you in the way you desire, feel the result of this, see how your marriage transforms before your closed eyes. What does your marriage look like and feel like once this has happened? See it. Feel it. Believe it. You have the power to shift this.

Tip #2: Shift How You Feel About Him and The Process. As you are envisioning this and bringing attention to this potential reality, you may have thoughts and feelings that pop up – this isn’t real, or he’s doesn’t deserve this, etc.. Resistance. If you want this to work, you are going to have to believe it can work, believe you have the power to shift your relationship. If you want this to work you are going to have to believe that he can change. If you want this to work, you are going to have to let the past go. By living in the past, you are making the past a reality. Forgive him. You’re committed remember? Allow him to grow and be human, and focus on forward-looking – what you want to see. Additionally, as the creator of your reality, you created this in your life. Take responsibility for how he showed up, his actions and what happened and forgive yourself. It’s time to move on and have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe this thing that happened was essential. Maybe it will bring you closer together. Maybe it was the exact ingredient necessary to make the recipe of the relationship you desired. It’s time to leave the past, love it for what it was and move forward with the excitement of all of the possibilities.

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Tip #3: Be Who You Need to Be. What you see is a result of the past. You will need to shift how you show up. You can’t show up as you’ve always done and expected a different result. In looking at your intention and dream relationship, who do you need to BE? What does it feel to be this version of you? Confident? Sexy? Happy? What needs to happen in order for this to happen? Maybe it will take you focusing on you first. Maybe it will take you doing things to be more fulfilled or personal development within. Honor it and accept it.
Next, play the part. You want him to notice you? Notice him. Motivate him. Inspire him. Tell him how awesome he is. Thank him. You may have a hard time with this if you don’t believe it. Start by writing down ways you appreciate him and open your heart to him. Connect to his genius and why you married him.


Tip #4: Have Fun, Don’t Forget to Play. Keep yourself feeling good – this is the key to manifestation and the key to being emotionally intentional. Have fun with the process. What do you have to lose? Worst case, you realize you don’t want this anymore, but in the meantime, you’ve gone through your own transformation and maybe now you see what you really want. There isn’t any waste in the Universe. All perfection. Have faith in this.

How do I get my husband interested in me again?

“Pay Close Attention to Your Language, Thoughts, and Emotions.”

As the creator of your reality, you are creating at every moment. So watch what you say, think and feel. Watch statements like – “He never pays attention to me” or “He will never be interested or “He is not interested in me”. These statements would appear to create your past reality. Shift it to – this is what he used to do in the past – otherwise, you leave no room for a new reality. Watch your thoughts and emotions when at first he doesn’t respond. Believe it will shift and rest within that belief. It may not happen instantaneously. When you feel disempowered, snap yourself right back to feeling good. If the disempowerment is tied to an event of something that happened between you – bring attention to the feeling, emotion and observe it, love it, and accept it. It is an unprocessed emotion that will keep popping up unless you pay attention to it, and emotions are powerful. They will change your tone, how you react, and create your reality. Feel gratitude and celebrate the small wins. This is evidence that it is in the process of shifting. Keep going. Keep celebrating. Have more sex. Make more love. Give him kisses for no reason at all. Thank him for existing and for the small things. We all just want to know we matter. My husband and I went through a phase where we fought all the time, then it went to feeling numb and just friendly. I followed these steps and now we can’t take our hands off each other. I’m his most important person in the world, and he is mine. We have 2 kids, but we have a healthy and amazing sex life, and we flirt and have the time of our lives when we are with each other. Once we were able to get back to love, we became SUPER intentional about how we wanted our relationship to grow as two unique individuals and a foolproof plan for getting ourselves back here in the event any of us fell off again.
You can find out more about this plan in this video and what I do with my husband to stay committed. Feel free to leave a comment, and if you have any questions about a specific situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you a Powerfully Present Day,

Your Spiritual Success Coach,

Monica Reyes

Monica Reyes a TEDx Speaker, past owner of a multi-million dollar law firm and founder of, she works with influencers and social impacting leaders to connect to their Higher Self, deepen their spirituality and leverage energetic and spiritual principles for a bigger and global impact. You can stay up to date with Monica, by subscribing here or by joining her 30 day challenge happening now where you’ll get daily video lessons right to your inbox!

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  1. Amazing tips Monica! I’m seeing how doing this has helped my relationship grow stronger. Great reminder to stay the course.

  2. I’m (62) desperate for tips on becoming more confident & sassy with my husband (recently retired & very active) after I discovered he’s hooked on X-video porn daily on his phone like checking his stock portfolio. He had a stint with a Colombian hooker 10 years ago & after a year of Marriage Therapy I opted to stay & he promised to never disappoint me again. I also promised i would leave if he did anything out of line. And here we are.
    I called him on it (seeing Sex Chat on his phone) and ge turned angry, bitter, defensive & defiant as is his personality. Then he again promised he would stop— said he didn’t “need” it. I caught him again on his phone 2 months ago and we repeated same scenario.
    My husband is tough. He hates psychologists etc. I have decided he won’t change. So I need to change my outlook on this. I need to be happy, confident, sexy, independent & never say a word negative about him though I am enraged inside. I am trying to “let it go”, make it be “his problem” & carry on. He’s 72 -and all else in our lives is great. Even sex- though it’s increasingly more difficult for me to want him. He’s more disengaged and getting angry easier now at me.. ahh. Help.

  3. Hi,
    I hv bn married from 7 yrs. My hubby never like to spend quality time, not replies to my texts, he don’t like to reply to when I aks with him. When I told him that i wanr to sit with you n talk for some time he never listened to me when seat with me,, he always kept using the mobile phone or laptop while seats with me. When i says i want to talk stop usit these mobile phone n laptop for some time, he says you tell i m listening. He never gives time to me even after my request. So i got irritated by all these things n start fighting. Please advise.

  4. Please l need advice on my marriage. My wife said she is no longer interested in the marriage. We have 3kids together(7,12,14) and 3 steps son, 2 of her, and 1 of mine. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past in my marriage. I have pledged and beg for her forgiven so many times, Know she said she is not interested in the marriage again. Over 6 months now we are sleeping in separate rooms. She doesn’t allow me to touch her. She wants me out of the house, but am still sleeping in the sitting room.
    I still love her and want her back.
    Please what can l do?
    I have tried everything.

    1. Hi Idris,

      Thank you for reading our blog.
      We are so sorry to hear about what you are going through in your marriage.
      If you’ve read other articles of ours and watched our youtube videos, you’ve probably noticed we mention constantly how important it is, during difficult times in a relationship of any kind, to work on ourselves in order to improve connection with our minds and hearts, be fully present.
      I would suggest to read this article and explore all the valuable content we have on our website. If you need a private coaching session, We can absolutely help you with that as well.
      I hope you find this helpful and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.
      Apollonia’s team

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