How To Love Yourself Again! 6 Life Changing Tips To Help You NOW!

You’ve found yourself looking for answers on how to love yourself again. You might be at a point in your life where you feel confused, sad, or just want to find a way to be happier. I want to start off by saying that every successful person has hit rock bottom before they could reach success, so you are no different than anyone else out there! You’re just at a different chapter in your story and it’s about what you do with your time moving forward.

In this article, I am going to tell you the truth about how to love yourself again and how this influences your life, and I will discuss the direct correlation this has with all of your relationships. You are also going to receive concrete steps on how to focus on moving forward, how to overcome this, and how to live the life you’ve always imagined.

I know that after heartbreak or divorce, or during a transitional period when you are trying to find yourself, you can start questioning what love is and how to love yourself. You might feel as though you are not wanted anymore or you can’t be loved. You might even be at an all-time low in your life. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, I do advise you to get professional help because it can really help you and I sincerely hope this article motivates you. If you’re suffering from a heavy heart and heartbreak, I know this article will supply you with tools you need. Don’t worry, you can start loving yourself again in no time!

How to love myself by putting things into perspective

Relationships make us grow! Relationships challenge us and they show up so we can see the things that we need to work on. When we seek validation from another person to love us in order to feel complete, we become unfulfilled and our “baggage” surges up. Things we haven’t worked on come up in these relationships, and they can either become toxic or we can end up experiencing the death of attraction, which in turn pushes your partner away.

The most challenging thing in the process of loving yourself again and figuring out how to become happier is patience. It’s not something that can heal overnight. It takes time and it takes effort. If you put yourself in the state of mind to never give up, then you will be rewarded at the end. Sometimes it can take months or even years, but don’t let that discourage you. The most satisfying and fulfilling elements of life require investment.

Speaking for myself, it was an ongoing challenge and it took me years before I realized that I needed to focus on me. Life is about constant work and you master it by never giving up.

Time is our best friend but also feels like our worst enemy sometimes. Though it requires patience, as time goes on, you can heal your heart and you can find ways to love yourself. You need to invest the time in order to be the best person that you can be. You have to invest time in everything in life and people tend to forget that they have to invest in themselves. Take the time to invest in you! When we come into this world we have no fear, and we have no self-doubt. Fear and self-doubt are both learned behaviors. It’s about taking action now to unlearn the behavior.

Think about it this way: You’ve had to personally invest in everything important in your life. Whether it is time, finances, thought etc, it has required investment so that you could make the best possible thing in the best possible way. For example, maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you had to invest time in your business to get to where you wanted it to be, and as a result, it became impactful and produced revenue. When you were a child learning how to ride a bike, you had to invest time in order to be able to ride that bike.

So now you have to invest time in yourself in order to truly love who you are.

How do I love myself: 6 Expert Tips

Tip #1: Being patient and okay with time. Not trying to rush the process towards your own personal growth.

Tip #2: Be compassionate with yourself and don’t give energy to negative self-doubting thoughts of putting yourself down. Now, it’s not something that you can control instantaneously and say, “No more negative thoughts” and then just expect them to disappear. No, it takes practice. You get so used to concentrating on your ego’s remarks, and your ego may respond saying you’re not good enough, you’re never going to be loved, or you’re not attractive enough. That’s a few out of many examples.

We start to focus on what was created. This becomes a subconscious habit and we think that we just have to get used to these thoughts when it comes to loving oneself. Then these thoughts play into our mind and we start to believe them. This leads me to tip #3.

Tip #3: You have to be more present in the moment when you’re trying to love yourself again, and being more present comes with a whole realm of things. You have to be present in order to catch yourself in moments like the ones I touched on in tip #2. Be present in the thoughts that are coming through. You’re not going to capture and stomp out every single thought, and that’s okay, but start being present with your thoughts and controlling those thoughts to have a more positive outlook. Tell yourself you are worthy, you are lovable, you are loved, and do the things that make you happy. Start to realign your thoughts.

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Tip #4: Read some self-development books, watch videos, and invest time in things that will help guide you and stay motivated. Think about what you are dissatisfied with in regards to your life right now. What are you trying to love about yourself again? Do you feel like you’re never going to be loved again because of a specific issue? Maybe you cheated, maybe something happened in your life? Understand that when you truly love yourself, you will find someone that will love you for you no matter where you are in life. Love is intentional and energy attracts energy. You have to love yourself so others can follow. This is what is attractive to women and people in general! Stay focused on self-development.

Tip #5: What is it that you want? Hire a coach, hire a psychiatrist, invest in some good books, invest in some good courses to help you with your goals. Find a community so you can find support, new surroundings, and new people to be around. Hiring someone is always a great way to hold yourself accountable and they can listen with an outside perspective and give you sound advice with a professional opinion. A professional will be able to provide you with tools that you don’t even know existed! So expand your horizons, and really take the time and invest in yourself to do so.

Tip #6: Do something that you’ve always wanted to do. This can lift your spirits so much. So if you’ve been dying to go hiking and you’ve never done it, if you wanted to book a trip to New York and you’ve never been, or if you always wanted to pick up the phone and talk to one of your childhood friends again, do it now! Now is your time because time is our best friend, but remember that time is not forever. Living a life that you truly want for yourself will be so valuable. Envision the life that you want right now.

How do I love myself as time goes on..

Lastly, after reading this blog, I want you to envision the life that you want. Write it down, or just envision it and stay with that vision for at least two to three minutes. Do that every day.

Visualization is so impactful when it comes to your energy and when it comes to manifestation. You can create the ideal life that you want, but it doesn’t come to you without you putting in the work. Once you hold yourself accountable and understand that some days will be harder than others, you will have fewer hard days and easier days as long as you stay committed to the work. I have seen the lives of several clients transform as a result of these exercises. I know what it takes to make lasting changes so I challenge you to wake up every day and do what we discussed in this article!

Your Coach,

Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of She works with men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills and helps rebuild relationships. You can find her expert advice on “building your attraction skills”, plus a couple other of your core professional services, through her YouTube Channel, and Attract a Woman E-Book. To get real results with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction. Book a coaching session here.

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  1. Hi Apollonia!
    Found your tube channel without intention. Every Video you have provided is incredible and spot on. As a Man who was recently dating a woman and was kept in the cold last phase of dating for no apparent reason (just or rational), your advice has provided insight and made a little more introspective of WHO and WHAT i want and need in my life. Thank you and God Bless you for what you do for others.

    1. Hello Juan,
      I appreciate your comment on this blog how to love yourself again. I appreciate you and I’m so happy that you have found my advice relevant and I’m hoping that you get exactly what you want when it comes to healthy love. Thank you.

  2. 33 years of marriage over from day one I was accused of being unfaithful. If I looked in the direction of a woman I was screwing her. After 13 years we quit having sex because of her health I’ve been faithful from day 2 weeks ago I was booted out of my house because I gave a female co-worker some money to buy 12 kids she was taking care of some food another co-worker informed me of her problem.wife and I are done I can’t do it anymore. I’M being treated for bipolar disorder, depression, anxieties, suicidal tendencies I don’t know where to go from here. I read your material and I’m going to get rid of trying because I’m at the end of my road

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comment and I know this time is extremely difficult. The best thing to do is to really work on your self-happiness. You have it in you. It’s not about anyone else but you at this moment. You have a lot to offer the world and it’s about you taking the time to heal yourself and find that happiness that is wanting to come out. 🙂

  3. Am a young guy, I took too much of sweets when I was a kid and now that am an adult, it fucked my teeth settings, it makes hard for me to laugh in public or express my self boldly and because of it, I look very shy and it have been eating me up, I can’t think straight something and I have never being in relationship before not even having a girlfriend and am close to 23yrs old…. I am hoping to get a teeth surgery before I could boost my confidence…. Am always shy and afraid of what people might think of me and it makes to stay indoors most times… Please I need your help.

    My name is Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for taking the time out to write to me. You are taking the first step to improve yourself and moving forward to finding a healthy relationship. Yes, I can understand how your self confidence can be a challenge when you find it hard to “smile”. Set your goal to have the surgery and start working on developing, “YOU”. I have an Audio Video on, ” Mastering your Confidence that I know will help you. Here is the Link:


  4. Thank you for your help, Apollonia. Thank you for being grateful to me. I will really work on your guidance and help.

  5. For me, the challenge to loving myself is, how the fashion industry have placed such huge emphasis on the “perfect smile.” I wear partial dentures, and my remaining teeth have gaped in some places (because I can’t afford implants, and the last time I had a cavity, the dentist quoted me a price of $2, 500 dollars for just 1 tooth). So I’ve had some (about 1/2) of my teeth extracted. I am totally self-conscious about it. Dates look at your mouth. 1) I’m 65 years old, and what I have functions (for me). 2) I’m only interested in women close to my own age. 3) Still, I don’t approach women for this reason…

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