How To Be Attractive To Women: 15 Expert Tips!

how to be attractive to womenYou want to know how to be attractive to women and why they might not be attracted to you? It sometimes takes some time to understand how to be attractive to women. So, let’s admit it right here, right now! You can do a whole lot more to attract a woman than those lousy pick-up lines, games, or just not be who you are! This article is not only going to show you the ways to attract a woman into your life, but it will also guide you on how to get her to want you more sexually! There are guys out there that can walk into a room and girls just gravitate towards them. Then there are also men who get a woman and just don’t worry.

Then there is you! The man that is wondering why he can’t score a hot date or get a woman to go on a 2nd date . Maybe you aren’t standing out in a social scene and getting some attention from the opposite sex. You will have 15 ways on how to change this moving forward!

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#1 key on how to be more appealing to women.

You must be appealing to yourself. Let me define what I mean here before I go into the tips on how to do this. You must see yourself in the way you want a woman to see you. This is called inner confidence. You cannot fake inner confidence because as time goes on it will show.

I wrote a blog that’s worth reading after this about how to become confident.

You have to be able to master this confidence with not only the tips I give you but implement them at every opportunity you get. Women want a man that is highly desirable and that also knows how desirable he is. Women love to feel like they have a prize and they’ve worked for something and someone strong just like a man wants to feel like he has a prize too. It holds more value to be in a relationship with someone that holds themselves of value. The thing I see often is men placing the women they date on a pedestal and the only one that should be on the pedestal is you! I’m not saying to not respect your woman and do great things for her while you think about both of you when it comes to life decisions. What I am saying is this flows and becomes easier when you see yourself in a respectable manner and not have to place anyone before you as you are enough! In today’s society, it’s not hard being a man, but it’s very confusing and challenging knowing how to identify as a strong or confident one. You have people telling you-you have to hold your masculinity to not be “unfit” in societies eyes, but all of that disappears when you stand in power to honor who you are and exactly what you want as a man.

15 Tips on how to be more attractive to women.

Tip #1 Dress Up: A lot of women love when a man takes the time to invest in his appearance. When you invest in your appearance, it shows a woman that you have class, and also that you like nice things in life. Let’s be honest we all do. This is not to say this woman will use you or she just wants you for money, but it’s to say that she is attracted to something that you can offer her. Wearing a suit does not mean that you are rich, and you will attract gold-diggers but it does say that you got your “stuff” together! If it’s not a suit make sure you keep up and express fashion as a well put together man.

Tip #2 Have a passion: This, out of all the tips is my favorite. When a woman sees that she is not your #1 priority but still a priority in your life, then this helps with the attraction phase. Like I’ve said before you don’t have to be rich you have to have a passion. When you voice your passion with a woman, it can open up some personal deep level conversations with her which women are attracted to emotionally.

I have asked 300 women. Would they rather have a man that has a passion or no passion and just money? 91% said a passion. That’s pretty high!

Tip #3 Walk with confidence: This means stand straight up. Chin up, shoulders back, chest out, tuck your stomach in, make eye contact and smile. This gives you a sense of stability and pride in others. All these attributes go a long way, especially with first impressions.

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Tip #4 Be positive: energy is how you become attractive to women and people! Women are addicted to a man that has a positive outlook on life. It shows that you have no attachment to drama and you will do what it takes to have a happy life. It also shows that you have done a lot of personal work and people want in. It’s like an unsolved mystery that everyone wants. Mastering this will give you so much more control.

Tip # 5 Pay attention to your conversations: What do you talk about? Don’t talk about your flaws or your down points. Talk about positive things in life and not the ex-girlfriend that cheated on you. Who really needs to know this honestly? I don’t think it’s always healthy to talk about past relationships. Start this new one with a clean slate and don’t downplay your qualities when attracting a woman.

Tip # 6 Call the shots: If you want to take her out on a date, call a date a date! Call her when you say you will. Tell her you are busy today but free tomorrow would you like to go get a drink together at 7 pm. Call the shots to show your busy, but also show that you are making time for her.

Tip # 7 Set boundaries and show value: Never be submissive to your values in hopes to compliment hers. Set boundaries on what is healthy and what is not and if you see red flags spot them out right away so she knows what you will and will not tolerate. A lot of men think this will push women away but it does the exact opposite.

Tip # 8 Have a lasting impact: You may think that by just showing up they will attract a woman. But you aren’t trying to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re just trying to play it safe, be nice, or being lazy, then stop it! This is all wrong. Strive to impact her all the time. This means keeping up with witty banter, saying “no” if you don’t want to do something or don’t agree. Also, don’t be afraid to crack a joke from time to time and challenge her to show up for you.

Tip #9 Make her laugh: Women love to find a man that can make them laugh. This does not mean that you have to say a knock-knock joke, but it does mean that you have to let your personality shine through. Be witty and show her humor. Make fun of her in a respectful light banter way.

Tip # 10 Be carefree: Women find a sense of curiosity in a dangerous or “rebel” type man. If a woman is asking you a complicated question that you don’t want to answer just smile and wink. This isn’t up for debate. Challenge yourself to solve things when it’s the right time and not only on her watch. Also, try something that you want to do like be spontaneous. Do something that scares you and invites her with you next time.

Tip # 11 Master your “swag”: Control your conversations. Moments of silence show your confidence. Don’t always talk too much or try to over speak her. Just be calm and relaxed around her. Once you do this, you can use your “swag” to charm her by being relaxed and confident within your own self.

Tip # 12 Be social and busy: Women like to know you are the prize but also that you are making time for her. Once she sees that you are making time for her but also busy she will feel appreciated and this draws attraction.

Tip # 13 Be thoughtful: Remember to pay attention to the things she says so you can surprise her with something thoughtful. Generosity is a form of attraction when it isn’t used often. You don’t want to shower her with compliments and tell her she’s beautiful but you want to remember the things that she likes and by you delivering this you score substantial attraction points! Find out her favorites dishes, activities, hobbies and recreate these on a date.

Tip # 14 Make the first move: It’s a win-win when you make the first move. Not only are you trying to take control of the situation but you’re getting your answer no matter what. Most of the time if you gage it correctly she won’t end up denying you.

Become more attractive to women: when you change your mindset.

Many guys think that attracting a woman means that you have to have a massive amount of wealth, success, beauty, or be famous. This is entirely not true! Of course, being on top of your game helps but what stands out the most is being the best version of yourself you can be. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man that represents himself as a man of power. Power does not mean money or fame, power means your personal existence. A lot of people like to call this confidence, but I love to call this confidence and your inner well-being. How you feel will reflect how you act and if you think that you are coming from a place of lack people will see you as coming from a place of lack. If you’re high on life people will feel your energy and want to get more of it, and they will consistently want to find out more about you and be around you. This shows that you truly know who you are and to women, this gives off a sense of stability and security. Every woman that has a healthy mindset wants this healthy relationship and wants a man that is stable and holds his own self-worth.

The women that aren’t in this healthy mindset will be the woman that you have to stay away from because there are women out there that will use you for attention and or affection, so they feel wanted, loved, or needed. But here is the key point when you are in this healthy stable mentality as a man. You can spot out these women that aren’t in a healthy mindset and say “no” to giving them your heart because you put yourself first, and when you put yourself first you are going to see a flock of women or the woman you desire to chase you down. When a woman wants you, she will let you know!

How to become more attractive to women so it can last forever.

Now moving forward, you have the tools to be the man that you are wanting to be it’s up to you to use them and implement them daily. The fact that you are striving to be a better man and learn how to attract women speak volumes about who you are right now. Remember you hold the potential. You do not have to be the hottest guy, you do not have to have all your hair, you don’t have to be the tallest man, and you don’t have to be the wealthiest man. But you do need to know how to control your mindset from focusing on the negative qualities and work on enhancing the positive ones. Stop comparing yourself to others, and stop beating yourself down about what is not happening for you at this moment now, and start thinking and working towards how you can make this happen. The key is within you and I am here to be your tool. Use your tools wisely and know that you can attract that woman you want into your life if you focus on not obsessing over her and instead obsessing over you!

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Apollonia Ponti

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  1. Tip number 16 : Talk to her like she is your best friend. This helped me attract my girlfriend and I love this advice because it allows us to be positive and ourself.

    Thank you coach Apollonia. Men needs to know how to be attractive to women and also to find their way to be more charismatic.

  2. I am very impressed at your analysis. Thank you Apollonia!
    Honestly speaking, I think I have the same problem. I can’t seem to attract a woman that I desire.

    For starters, am alittle bit shy around a very attractive woman, secondly I get nervous when I approach them, thirdly I can’t seem to say the right thing in an attempt to strike a conversation and usually I find myself saying things about myself.
    Before I know, she is probably not interested in me.

    So Apollonia, my mentor, please help me out.
    I will be grateful.

    1. Hello McLean,
      I am so happy you read the article! I would like to ask you some questions because I work with a lot of shy men but things happen differently for everyone. What goes through your mind right before you approach them. example: “I can’t do this, she won’t like you”? 2nd- saying the right thing comes with practice and learning how to pick up on what the woman is giving you. Try to find something the both of you have in common. Also, how do you come to the conclusion that she’s not interested?
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. So I’ve proceeded to do no contact for about a month then I received a text from my ex we had small talk then, I tried bring up a fun memory we had then she went into amber alert mood and texted me “I’m sorry I don’t want you to think that I want to talk I should’ve never msged you” so I then proceeded to start no contact rule again for 5 weeks then I react out to her to let staying that I thought her decision was the right thing to do and it was for the best for us and that i wouldn’t want to lose our friendship and I lnsisted that we should have coffee the following weekend. She the. Replied stating that she was glad and happy I was doing good and that stated she was impressed we also meet up the following day at her job and sit and chat for about 30min before I left, the next day I didn’t receive a text so I did not reply to her until the Erving of the following day we’ve been texting slightly I’ve been trying not to pressure here or to come off like I am pushing for a relationship even tho that’s my main goal because i am really into this girl. Am I doing anything wrong here? What so I proceed to do for the best results of getting her back into my life ?

    1. Hello Mar,
      I would encourage you to showcase the change in your actions. She is open by continuing to hang out but you don’t want to come off too strong and just want to show that you are ok with pacing yourself. What I would ask is, what caused you to break up? Focus on showcasing change there. Also, do things that you enjoy so you can keep up with the positive attitude and behaviors. I would encourage you to book a coaching session with me so I can give you more tailored advice and help you more.

  4. Hello Apollonia, your blog and your YouTube channel are seriously the best best i found on the internet, precious advices for men, so i’ve met this beautiful girl (the finest one i have met in my whole life and for the first time i feel i could do anything for her + she got a very good influence on me as i find myself doing everything to be a better man), she asked indirectly (through her friend) for my number when we met and kept contact since then, we have been now in this long distance relationship for months, she was very shy, and has began conversation with me just 2 times other than that she doesn’t text me first, but responds to all my texts, i’m about to ask her if i can call her, so i’m dying to see if there are advices for long distance relationships (by the way she told me to come visit her), i’ve been searching on on your Youtube channel but didn’t find, could you please, Apollonia, give some advices (video or blog) about that.
    I thank you so much because you’re doing a greater good for lot a men, more than you think.
    Thank you again.

  5. “You must see yourself in the way you want a woman to see you” is where this advice became impossible for me to follow. There is no way I could ever see myself as attractive – and there’s no way a woman could notice my existence either, and if she did, she’d probably be repulsed by what she saw. I look around me and see other guys who can – and do – get women because they are attractive to [some] women. I’m introverted and don’t talk to anyone unless I have to because in-person interaction literally sucks the energy out of me. I’ve been advised by the few friends I have to try online dating but there’s no point because I never post photos of myself anywhere.

    1. Hi Tom. Thank you for taking the time to read How To Be Attractive to Women. It sounds like you might need to work on how you feel about yourself first. It’s exhausting when you’re out around people and you have to pretend to like yourself and put in that extra energy when you don’t feel it. I would suggest taking yourself out on dates and doing the work on yourself to really love yourself first. What are the things you love about yourself? Start there. Try affirmations and really feel those and daily gratitude lists.
      I would suggest booking a private coaching session so I can help you further.

  6. Quick question. So I met this girl at the airport . Since then we have been talking. I admit, I grew to the love her personality the more we spoke, and probably made it clear to her too soon perhaps. I say too soon because, we had only met once and the rest was just over the phone. The thing about her is that she is a self absorbed and care free or rather insinsative woman. Opiniated about everything and anything, unflinchingly so. An acquired test I would say, not the nicest of person. This validated by some people in her space too. But she agreed for me to visit her for a weekend. In her state.

    Prior to that, we’ve had episodes where she seemed to warm up to the fact that Ive grown to love, and at some point admitted to feeling something undefined. But the more I told her, which was my mistake probably, she became overwhelmed and snapped.

    But she still let me visit for the weekend. We had a great time and ofcause ddnt pursue the sex path because, she made it clear she is not yet comfortable with that, of which my intentions where to hold off as well.

    But at this point I still have no certainty if this will materialise into anything. She is portraying this character of one who enjoys shot sweet moments, after that she wants to be about her business as though nothing happened.

    How do I bring down this wall? And get to the sweeter core of her cause I know it’s there, hidden behind this solid wall, presented externally.

  7. I’m good on tips 1 through 13, but I will never make a first move because irrespective of how the conversation has gone to that point, rejection (or worse) is always guaranteed for me. It’s hard enough going home alone each and every time I meet someone, have a great time with her and just say it was great meeting her. Why would I want to force her to reject me by asking her out? It’s better just to leave both of us with a pleasant memory of the evening and for me go home a little sad, knowing she’ll go home with another guy (who actually is capable of attracting her on a sexual basis – I’m unable to do that no matter what) – there’s no way she coild want to go home with me.

    1. Hey Jerry. Thank you for taking the time to read How to Be Attractive to Women. I would really suggest looking at your mindset and the negative thoughts going on in your head. I would suggest learning how to fall in love with yourself. Are you going to the gym and eating healthy… are you enjoying hobbies and loving life? Women are attracted to energy, to how a man feels about himself and the energy he exudes. They’re not as visual as men are. I would suggest challenging the negative thoughts in your head and doing affirmations. Fall in love with yourself and people (not just women) will gravitate towards you. (Try it and see). I would really suggest booking a private coaching session and I can help further.

      1. “Are you going to the gym and eating healthy… are you enjoying hobbies and loving life? ” Yes to all. I’m also doing very well professionally. These things are irrelevant for me when it comes to attracting women. Affirmations do not work for me – I’ve really tried several times, and even after a month, never get past the completely fake stage. The fact, is i am unlovable, so from what you’re saying, I assume I’m a hopeless case.

  8. Hey Apollonia there’s this girl I like who’s my friend’s ex. She gives me mixed signals and we flirt a lot so I recently asked her if she’s leading me on or she’s serious about me. She was surprised and said I haven’t asked her out yet. I asked her if she has feelings for me too and she said it was a gradual process for her and we shouldn’t rush things. What do I do now

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