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Love coaching is something that I have always been passionate about. I experienced love and dating at an early age and was always drawn to relationships. I always used to wonder why relationships and love caused so many people heartache, why men and women couldn’t find a lifetime partner, and why people were searching for and attracting all the wrong things only to find themselves settling for an empty or toxic relationship.Miami Love Coach

I spent years dating, coaching, and working with thousands of people until one day it hit me! The love world in Miami needs to change, and people in big cities need to learn to see relationships in a different way.

I’ve written this article for you today in order to share some pointers based on my experience as a love coach in the field. My advice comes from my work with numerous clients, speaking with married couples with over twenty years of marriage, interviewing successful women and men, and my own experience.

Love in Miami has a horrible reputation…

So many people tell me that dating and finding love in Miami is incredibly difficult. I am here to tell you that you’re right and you’re wrong, and I will explain why throughout this article. Now, Miami could be a great place to date depending on how you look at it…

I have worked with so many couples, single men and single women here in Miami and there are two separate views that these people had.

Here is the problem with Miami’s dating reputation: There is so much nightlife and so many beautiful people that come from all over the world to either live or just party here. You’re absorbed in a world full of superficial, nonrealistic expectations, and unfortunately, a lot of people get drowned in it and sometimes never get out.

Then you have those late nights, post-cocktail, sometimes regrettable decisions that can lead to loneliness. There are always such great things happening in Miami ranging from basketball games, nightlife, Art Basel, and Miami Food and Wine, to private parties, yacht parties, lounges, and even rooftop parties. There is something interesting going on every day! So many people fall into a life that revolves around being social. They become addicted to the life they can live in Miami and ultimately get distracted by what is real.

I mean, just think about it. Men come here and get to date multiple women, women come here and get to date rich men. Then they find themselves in an empty relationship after years of chasing the superficial dating life in Miami. They end up thinking, “I am so tired of dating…” and here is where our horrible reputation stems from. Fortunately, this is just what goes on in the outside world and isn’t actually what is happening. Truth be told, we often hear that it’s impossible to date in Miami simply because it’s the easy way out of doing the hard work.

#1 Advice from a Miami Love Coach

If you are trying to attract a relationship and find yourself saying “I am attracting all the wrong men” or “I am attracting all the wrong women,” you will continue to attract this. “Wrong men and women” can be found anywhere if that’s what you’re focusing on! If you are in search of a relationship in a big city, then I suggest you start changing your perspective on what can come to you. Stop believing that there are no good men or women here.Love Coach Miami

As a Love Coach, here is some advice I can give you about attracting potential partners that are not suited to you. I am not here to tell you that dating and relationships are easy, but what I will say is that they become easy when you love yourself and shift your perspective.

There is no magic solution that will keep you from attracting the wrong men or women. Everyone will attract unavailable people or someone that wouldn’t be a good partner, especially if they are an attractive, magnetic person. There is no stopping this because it’s common in the dating scene and we all get faced with unpleasant surprises sometimes.

What do I start to think when I’m love coaching someone who says they keep attracting the wrong people?

“Why are you attracting the wrong people and why do you feel this way?” If you ultimately feel like this, then you are giving too much time and energy to people that aren’t meant to have your love, your touch, your thoughts, your attention, and your heart. The difference between a high-value man/woman compared to a low-value man/woman is they both date people that turn out to be unavailable, they both run into jerks, and they both get frustrated with dating, but the time that they invest in the date/relationship is different. Should this specific date with this specific person lead to more DATES? The high-value person becomes good at cutting off the wrong people very early. A high-valued individual ultimately trusts themselves.

What does trusting yourself mean?

Love and Self-Love Coach in Miami

The high valued individual has confidence in themselves and knows that they do not need to settle for a partner. They want a partner that adds value to their lives and not a partner that is hot and cold. High valued individuals know that there is better out there and don’t sit and convince themselves that the person in front of them is better than what they’ve been proving to be. They don’t stay in relationships simply because it’s comfortable or easy.

It’s about being confident that you’re able to go through the difficult task of being on your own and being patient as you work towards finding the right match for you, no matter how long it may take and how scary it may sound. The #1 person is yourself, and you don’t give yourself to a man or woman who doesn’t deserve you. You see yourself as the most wonderful person ever!

Miami Beach Love Coach gets real with you!

Now that I’ve shared my perspective, I want you to think about all the time you may have devoted to the wrong man or woman. Go deep within yourself and find that deep confidence you’re yearning for. I am here to tell you that once you do this, things get easier. You will no longer give in to the thought that Miami is the worst city to find a relationship.

It’s simply not true! It’s quite the opposite, but it’s challenging here because of all our preconceived notions. The odds of meeting people that aren’t the right match for you are higher with so many people in this city, but that also means that your chances of finding the right match are also higher! So I challenge you to look at the activities you involve yourself in – What do you do on the weekends, how physically active you are in your life, what activities you volunteer for, and what you are passionate about? Next, are you doing them? Or are you waking up hungover every weekend? What friendships do you have in your life? Are they healthy or are they draining?

I encourage you to dive into that deep love so you can be someone who confidently pursues what they want without being paralyzed by the thought that it doesn’t exist where they live. It does exist! I am living proof along with so many other people. Take this time to re-evaluate your activities, your values, and friendships.

Successful dating advice from couples

Throughout the years of interviewing and coaching couples, I’ve noticed some common elements when it comes to the people that have found a relationship in this big city. The two people that found relationships had similar views. They were open to a relationship, they never gave up on their relationship, and they had previously experienced the bad dates, but didn’t dedicate their time to dating these people.

These couples never settled until they found each other, no matter how long it took. They may have gone on a date with someone who showed some red flags, but they were able to spot them and exit right away. They wouldn’t continue to date them any longer than that one time so that they could move on and find someone that properly matched them.

As the commitment progressed in their relationships, they involved themselves in healthy activities and healthy friendships. These couples experience the beautiful life that this big city has to offer.

Miami isn’t all about what’s hot, going to the best parties, drinking late at night, and going to the best nightclub to sit at a VIP table. There is so much more to this city. You can establish a healthy lifestyle here, build an active community, work for and work with successful entrepreneurs, and make lasting friendships that will only lift you to become the best version of yourself that you know you can be.


Your Miami Love Coach,

Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of She works with men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills and helps rebuild relationships.

You can find her expert advice on “is she using me”, plus a couple other of your core professional services, through her YouTube Channel, and Attract a Woman E-Book. To get real results with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction. Book a coaching session here.

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  1. I love the opportunity for dating in Miami. I agree, Miami is a beautiful City. It’s filled of so many influences. Thank you for making me feel that I am deserving of finding love.

  2. Apollonia, my name is Mr Miller. I’ve been watching a lot of your series on YouTube. I thank God for you I’m trying to set the record straight this time dating is so hard. Was married several times and treated the woman like there was no other woman on Earth. Well I made my mistake at I’ll let them control me and I’m a born again Christian.

  3. I really tried I really try to let God take control in my in my life. I had enrolled in seminary School. I am strong-minded honest and hard-working and anything I do. I also am a great dresser I love fashion. Like you said women are wired different.

  4. I remember one time there was an older gentleman about mid 60 early 70s great looking guy but this young girl was following him like he was God. he said to me he said he said you better come get it cuz he I can’t do nothing with her. Apollonia what attracted that young lady to the older gentleman what the spirit of God.

  5. I don’t know if you believe in God young lady but I do. I look back in the past relationships and marriage they all failed. A lot of women like thugs bank robbers all the other things that are not good.

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