Signs She Loves You: 7 Signs She Loves You!

How can you know if a woman is in love with you? There are many different ways to respond to this question but the length of your relationship is going to be the determining factor. First of all, it’s possible that you’ve just met a woman that you really like and you’d like to know if she feels the same way. The other possibility is that you’ve known each other for years and you’d like to know whether or not she’s still in love with you. In this article, I’ve decided to explore the answer to your burning question and reveal the telltale signs she loves you.

In this piece, I am going to explain female psychology and the feelings that your significant other or crush is experiencing. I have a pretty good idea of what questions are on your mind because for over ten years now I’ve been receiving messages from men in the same shoes as you every day. So if you’re wondering about these questions, you’re in luck: What are the signs that show that a woman is in truly in love? How do you know if your relationship is solid and that you can trust her? What are the best tips for deciphering what she’s feeling and figuring out whether or not she’s crazy about you?
Throughout this article, I’ll reveal what you need to know, what makes all the difference, and how to recognize the behavior of a woman in love. You will learn important signs (that are often well known) but you will also learn to recognize subconscious actions that a woman does when she’s invested in a relationship, when she has strong feelings for you, and when she is feeling happy and satisfied. Let’s not forget that the goal is to solidify the relationship regardless of what stage it is in, and to provide you with the maximum amount of happiness.
Even though sometimes the relationship isn’t very clear, there are some telltale signs that can help you feel more reassured. When you become aware of them, it becomes easier to maintain your self-control and not give in to panic or fear of losing her.
Of course, if you have any questions you can always write them in the comments section below and I would be more than happy to personally reply to you.

The most important signs she is in love:

1. A woman in love is happy and she glows!

The first thing I’d like to talk about when it comes to a woman’s love and emotions is her wellbeing and the happiness she feels on a daily basis. I can guarantee that if your girlfriend or wife is radiant then she’s feeling fulfilling and is enjoying life every day. If this is the case you don’t even need to look for more signs she loves you because it’s clear that she’s head over heels in love!
I know that this isn’t always that straightforward because sometimes your partner has a reserved personality, who doesn’t reveal what she’s feeling, and sometimes you might even be with someone who is pretending to be happy. If you take a closer look at what she’s saying, her gestures and her attitude, then you will see when she’s truly feeling good and acting natural, and when she’s playing a role. All women in love feel good when they’re close to their partners, and they have a special energy. It isn’t easy to describe but if I had to try to paint a picture, it would look something like this:
– She’s tender
– She’s patient
– She’s always smiling
– She puts things into perspective
– She feels alive and satisfied, which is the BIGGEST sign that she’s in love
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If I had to take it a step further, I would say that instead of asking, “Alex, do you think that she’s still really into me? What are the signs of a woman in love?” You should focus on her happiness and ask, “Is she happy being with me?”
There is no better way to keep her by your side than by providing her with joy, laughter, special moments spent together, complicity, and all the elements that are crucial to a couple’s happiness. If this is the case, then you are the ideal partner and have no reason to worry about what she’s feeling!

2. Signs she loves you: She spends time with you and wants to see you!

When she is in love, the second indicator comes in the form of the time that she decides to spend with you and how much she invests in the relationship.
I know that this sounds obvious but in all honesty, when I started doing this work in 2007, I realized the most important resource we have as human beings are time and the amount of liberty we have. Women would have no desire to spend their time and energy on a man for whom they don’t feel anything.
I, therefore, encourage you to be confident and stay positive when you have a woman that makes an effort to be by your side or to have the opportunity to further seduce you!
I’m even going to take it a step further and say that one of the biggest signs a girl loves you is when she accepts all of your invitations to spend time together, even if it’s for simple things. This is huge because the more time you spend together, the more you’re able to show all your good sides.
This doesn’t mean that you should constantly be proposing things to do because you don’t want to be clingy, but when you can see that she’s become invested in the relationship and would like to see you, it is highly likely that she’s becoming very attached.
You don’t need to look at the blatantly obvious or ‘grandiose’ side of things to make sure that she is in love. This piece of advice is important because as human beings we like to hold on to a bit of magic in love, and this allows us to ignore the aspects of daily life… which are nevertheless very important.
I want to stress this point because it can easily be misinterpreted. What I want you to take from the is that you can organize an incredible weekend trip and she’ll, of course, be happy and look at you with love in her eyes. That said, make sure you don’t neglect your every day lives because with daily, small gestures, you’re going to reinforce her feelings for you and you’ll begin seeing more signs she loves you.

3. Signs she’s in love with you: You have an effect on her

I often talk about seduction as something that involves power play where both the men and the woman are always interconnected. What I mean by that is that it’s of utmost importance to hold on to the notion of attraction throughout the discovery phase and throughout the relationship.
If you feel like your girlfriend or wife responds to your gestures and she’s emotionally invested in the relationship (whether or not you live together), then she has very strong feelings for you.
For example, if you put a little distance between you and in turn she gets closer and wants to invest more, it means that subconsciously she has a fear of losing you. This is how you can test how attached she is to you. Just be careful to never cross the line because it can get out of control very quickly and you risk falling into emotional dependence, needing her to constantly prove her feelings for you.
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You should also keep in mind that becoming too distant can turn around and bite you. The goal is to stay within reason so that you don’t make her unhappy. It’s not a game or a test to see if she loves you!

Signs a woman loves you: She includes you in her life!

I must admit, this one was a big surprise for me and it was one of the biggest lessons I learned from my experience in coaching women.
I have come to understand that when they love a man when they’re under his spell or even when it’s just the first days of the relationship, they don’t hesitate before integrating him into their life.
So if you’ve met someone who regularly puts you first, who doesn’t keep you away from her friends, who shares her passions with you, it means that you’re on the right track! Keep an eye out for this sign because it’s particularly telling and can help you evaluate how she feels about you.
After all when you really think about it, if she’s welcoming you into her personal life, you can take it as an excellent way to ease your doubts and anxieties about losing her. If this is how she’s acting, it actually means that the relationship is evolving and you are in the process of earning her trust as her feelings for you increase.
When a woman is in love, she is particularly focused on her partner.

1. How to tell she loves you: She’s always focused on you…

To go even further than the previous sign that she loves you, keep in mind that a woman has a hard time controlling her emotions when she feels a strong attraction and feelings for someone. So she will begin to show signs of a small scale emotional obsession and her goal will be to fill your life with joy.
It can be with a gift, special attention, an offer to give you a massage, or something that she says that boosts your ego, and you will be in the spotlight because she will be fully invested in the relationship.
When a girl is in love, there are telltale signs. After reading many different books on the differences between men and women, all authors (that base their work on scientific studies) focus on the fact that women communicate more through emotions.
Love, at first sight, is still an emotion so it’s hard to handle, and at one point she might want to devote herself to you completely. Don’t be frightened; this is just a sign that she is in love with you and that you are important to her.
This is one of the easiest ways to identify a woman in love. If you ever feel like it’s a bit too much for you to handle, you can tell her that it’s going too far and that she needs to focus a bit more on herself. Finding a happy medium in love is a delicate matter but with proper communication, you’ll be able to find a more balanced relationship.

2. How to know if she loves you: You’re the apple of her eye

There is another sign that she loves you that I’ve come to understand throughout my coaching experience. You may experience a form of jealousy that can arise as a result her past, the men she’s been involved with, and all of the unpleasant situations she’s been faced with.
In coaching two very different men, I came to the realization that a woman in love will know how to protect you from that.
I was helping Patrick save his relationship and he was with a woman who understood where he was coming from. He had asked her to no longer talk about the past because it made him uncomfortable. From that moment on, she knew how to protect him and show him how important he was to her on a daily basis, and their relationship was able to blossom. The past was no longer of any importance because they didn’t discuss it anymore!
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And then there was Thibault. A man that lived in Belgium that needed help getting his message across. Each time he saw the woman he was dating, she would talk about the men that came on to her, the gifts that she would receive from them, and she would even talk about the things she had experienced with her exes.
She wasn’t able to change and show him how much she cared for him, and she ended up losing Thibault. I’m sharing this story with you to illustrate how a woman in love knows how to adapt her behavior and avoid doing anything that would cause you to be uncomfortable in any way. Under these circumstances, there is no need to ask yourself is she in love with me or what kind of behavior proves that she has deep feelings… The answer is blatantly clear if she’s protecting you and avoiding unnecessary disputes!

3. When a woman loves you she’s afraid of losing you!

The seventh and last sign she loves you is directly related to emotional dependence. This sign could be perceived as something negative but as we are talking about signs she loves you, we are going to consider it as a positive thing.

A woman that is very much in love would logically fear to lose her man, and this doesn’t necessarily have to have a negative effect on your relationship. If you enjoy being together and she has strong feelings for you, it’s normal that she would make a comment if you spend time with too many women or if you don’t give her much attention.
Some jealous comments or behaviors are actually signs of love that is strong and are therefore positive. If you feel that it’s going too far then you can mention it to her, and she should be able to take a look at her behavior and be more in control of it.

Bonus: When she’s in love she has an attitude!

It’s common knowledge that men prefer a woman with a bit of an attitude! I have to admit that I wasn’t really sure how I should title this last part, but I decided to just be straightforward about it. When a woman is nagging you, critiquing your attitude time and time again, or telling you that you should be more invested in the relationship, well, then I think it’s safe to say that she’s in love with you.
It is often said that there is nothing worse than ignorance and I completely agree with this idea. A woman in love is a woman that gives you attention, even when it comes to calling you out on little things that you might think are insignificant.
Let’s just say that you should accept this type of behavior as long as she doesn’t go overboard and as long as your relationship remains fulfilling because, in my opinion, it’s one of the biggest signs a woman loves a man.
You now know all of the biggest signs that a woman is happy and in love. Being aware of her love is one thing, but keep something in mind, Gentlemen. If you’ve successfully made her fall in love with you, be careful to not break her heart because once it’s broken, it’s hard to put the pieces back together.
Be a good partner to her and focus on the happiness that both of you can share.
If you have any questions or if you’d like to share your story in the comments section, go ahead!
I wish you nothing but the best.

Your Coach,
Apollonia Ponti, your coach for knowing how to recognize the signs she loves you


  1. Louis

    AP … That’s You

    A long term relationship seems like an eternity. But, that’s what a man with standards should sign up for. Being upfront without killing attraction that is what it’s all about. I must admit, Sometimes it can be hard especially when the woman just doesn’t get it. My love language is affection. I guess I should have conveyed that in the beginning. I see I’m going to have to re-read the entire book! Lol

    If there is one thing I could share if anyone was to ask me is … “always do your best to keep the attraction-steam alive with your companion of choice! “VERY IMPORTANT”

    It’s the only way to feel like life matters. Like you are truly appreciated.

    I have the number to a very sensuous woman (no worries) for she knows I would only tap into it for tender loving care. How’s that for banter? It should always come naturally.

    So, What is the storyline here? There has to be a better way without breaking the heart. Yeah, there is the option of walking away. But, a man must keep his word till the end.

    Thanks for listening. It was helpful.


  2. Marshall

    Hi Apollonia – I’ve never been on a date because I’m unable to compete with other guys for women’s attention and interest. Other guys are – or can be – attractive, and I am not. I really don’t think anyone could ever find me attractive enough even to have a conversation with. Do you think it’s possible that I’m just fundamentally unlovable?


  3. Mickey

    No she doesn’t! NO, NO, NO!!! All she loves, if anything, is what you can do for her. If you can’t do anything for her, she’ll just as soon cut your heart out and hand it to you. Relations between the sexes are at an all time low, and all the “rah-rah” speeches in the world won’t fix this. Women make damn sure to tell all within earshot that they think guys aren’t worth a damn. Women…the allegedly “fair sex” are the true enemy now. Tell me I’m wrong.


  4. Mike

    Hi Apollonia! First of all love your work. I enjoy listening to you on youtube. I have watched almost all your videos. Thank you. At some point I may need to work with you. For now, there is a woman who I like very much. She is 25 years younger however her first marriage her husband was almost same age difference of almost 25 years. She like older men she feels we are more established, better conversations and she is attracted to intelligence. We work in the same field however we don’t work together. we have similar friends. We do things together, we laugh and we really enjoy each others company when together. We haven’t been intimate and aren’t in a relationship however it feels like there could be one. She went on vacation with her family recently and we didn’t text the whole time. I wanted her to enjoy family time so I didn’t bother her. Then when she got back she had to go on the road for work. So we didn’t have any communication for over 2 weeks. I took some of your information to create some mystery. Yesterday she texts me and says Solecito! which is nick name she gave me. She is Latina hence the Spanish name. Whats going on?! I waited a while and texted back not much just working how about yourself? She says work is good trying to catch up. Too many days gone Lol with happy face emoji. I didn’t text back. Then she texts me and asks if I am attending a seminar and I respond no. She responds me neither. Then she texts how is your schedule next week for Lunch or dinner. I said let me check my calendar I prefer dinner. Do you have a preference? She responds dinner sounds good pick a place with smiley emoji. I responded ok. She sends me animated smiley face that smiles and blinks. and she texts smile with sun emoji meaning smile solecito! Then in Spanish she asks me Solecito que pasa? Porque tan serio? You need a shot of country! She mentioned country because we both love country music. Prior to her vacation she sent me a text out of the blue that said miss you solecito with heart emoji with a kiss. I respond I missed her to. Later in that same text chain she sent me a text with 40 kissy emojis and the comments as how do like them apples? I am ready to tell her what I want, my real truth about how I feeling let her know. I don’t want to though if she really isn’t into me?Im not sure if it is flirting or if I am in friend zone. In June she took me to a country concert in the park. During the show a woman in the crowd threw her panties on stage and the artist put her panties on his guitar neck for everyone to see. I asked her, are those yours and she responded no I’m not wearing any! I said really!! She responds I never wear panties! She had skirt on and was showing cleavage however I was a gentleman because we hadn’t gone there yet. Sorry for the mouth full. When I first met her 3 years ago at lunch, I could tell there were sparks from the way she talked, treated me and acted. There was a mutual instant attraction. from both of us I am at the point I want her in my life completely and I want to give her unconditional love. I would be interested to hear your feedback on where you see this is our where I may stand with her? Thanks for listening


  5. Fernandez

    Hello appolonia i’ve a crush on some girl in my class and we had good moments like never before but during the holidays we had only talking on sociaux media i try to hangout with her in real life but she is always busy and that why i don’t know if i have continue to try or not


  6. D

    I always like listening to your blogs. My Girlfriend broke up with me last Oct. 2018. We were together 16 years. Sometimes off and on. Mostly because all my friends have always been female and I didn’t realize how wrong it was until the last year or so. I Love her and want to Marry her. She gave the ring back when she broke up. But we occasionally talk, and text, and have even met up once. But sometimes she won’t respond for a long time, and I’m surprised sometimes when she does. I don’t think she’s seeing anyone else because of that, but I’m not sure. But I do want her back and I want to Marry her. I know it’s sounds complicated, but do you have any advice?


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi D,
      I would focus on your relationship problems and what brought you here. I would also suggest to find your happiness and make your life great so she can also see how you have taken control of the things you needed to work on for yourself and the relationship. I know it’s hard right now but taking control of your happiness will be the key to growth and really focusing on the things that you can change and work on.

  7. Kenny K.

    There is this young lady that has shown the 7 signs recently and in the past to me. I’ve known her for exactly one year
    She is working 1 full time and 2 other part time jobs.
    She is a remarkable person focus on her objectives to improve on her self worth as well as payoff some of her debts….
    The other day, I ask her to go with me to a festival. She declined because someone else had already ask her to attend, unsure if it is a guy or a girlfriend.
    I believe it is the guy, because of her past relationship with him in the last 4 months. Unsure if they have broke up….
    That same day she ask me to pick her up from work and we went out, having a great time with lunch, shopping to celebrate her daughter’s birthday that nite. We talk about many things about our past and being a better person moving forward……
    Back to the festival invite. We both will be attending the same day event, you think it will cool for me to invite someone else (a female friend) who has interest in me too or go alone?
    Possibly I will see her there with this other guy too.
    The remarkable young lady who I have more interest with, in the past she has told me to move on…..I could lose her trust and this could possibly break her heart (she does play hard, the type that has to have control over situations)……
    Appolonia P. what do you think?


  8. Solomon

    Solomon from Nigeria I took a girl out for a date. I so love her; But I keep calling her, texting her she won’t respond. Her excuse is this, I am busy.
    How can I get her.
    And is it a crime to be in love to beautiful ladies?

    Thank you so much Appollonia. You have really help me.


  9. Alexander

    Is a women on her period really her because, I’m 24 and so is she. But every time she’s on her period she, goes over board with the little things. It’s escalated to the point where I’m trying to kick her out of the lease because apparently we’re done/broken up. Over that bull shit if he threading she’s wants her on space/life, but I been her everything/ rock.Is there any resolving solution to get her backup sole mate??? If it’s meant to be


  10. Edmond Dyson

    Hi Apollonia,
    What if she gave you all the signs but she’s not ready for a relationship just yet? She’s scared to be that vulnerable again and needs time to overcome that fear. I gave her distance recently but now I’m not sure of she feels the same as before.


  11. Narciso Rosario

    Reading the blog, is a lot of good information.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Narciso,
      Thank you! Happy you enjoy my blog about signs she loves you!

    • Royalson

      Thank you so much apollonia, this blog is wonderful… Well I love your advice on a little challenge am facing. One is, there is this girl I love so much and I have told her already and she replied that she loves me too but she said she got a boyfriend but I love and I want her. What do I do?, secondly my friends girlfriend told me on a private chat that she loves me and want to have something going with me, what do I do?

  12. Mike

    Hi Apollonia,
    what advice do you have for a guy who at 48 has never been on a date? I [literally] have never kissed, held hands or been on a date. Women my age aren’t interested (at all) because I have zero dating experience, so my only [faint] hope is to find someone younger. Is it even worth trying? Or should I just forget it and accept that it’s too late.
    Thanks, Mike



    • Apollonia Ponti

      Never think it’s too late. Mike, you have to put yourself out there and really encourage yourself to learn from possible mistakes and what you want. I would encourage a coaching session so I can really determine what’s holding you back and guide you along. Thank you for reading my blog about signs she loves you.

    • Eluang Michael

      Hi Apollonia, thank you so much for your email, I myself can relate to Mike, I haven’t been dating that much, so I have alot to learn too. But in some ways I have that thought that it’ll come naturally when I am head over heels with a woman. The thing that holds me back is fear of rejection and comparison these two things pulls me down the drain quick.

    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Eluang,
      Thanks for reading my blog about signs she loves you. My advice is to challenge yourself to not let your fear of rejection hold you back. We all have this it’s about how good we get at not aligning expectations to rejection.

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