How To Attract WomenHow to attract women! This is what every man wants to know when he is dating and looking to have relationships with women. This is also the holy grail of all questions asked by men when it comes to the seduction process. A lot of times, men think it’s more complicated than it really is, but it’s actually quite simple!

What makes me say this? As a woman that works with men to help them master the art of attraction and get results, I give you the NO BS answers on how women think and the right ways to attract women. I can offer you insight that no man can really know or understand since I’m a woman myself!

This is probably one of my most favorite blogs to date because this is something that I know works, and I am going to give you results that make you switch your way of attracting women to the right way. In this blog, you will find that I am going to go over EVERYTHING you need to know in order to successfully attract women. I am not going to give you any BS advice about listening to her, supporting her, being nice to her, no! Though respect is incredibly important, I am going to give you real results. Ready?

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How To Make A Girl Attracted To You With These 7 Mindsets

How To Attract WomenThe way you approach this situation is going to make a huge difference, so let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind.

#1 You do not have to prove yourself to anyone

You have clarity in your life about who you are as a person. If you are not going to be desired by this one specific woman, you know you will be desired by another woman! You don’t say things to get her to like you, you know that you are enough and you don’t think women are better than you.

#2 You are not addicted to an outcome

You don’t seek validation from another person and when you meet women, you don’t attach to a specific outcome even when you find a girl you like. You don’t put pressure on the woman to like you, because you come from a mindset that even though you might like her, you’re OK with or without her. When you start to get attached to an outcome or have expectations of this woman in the dating phase, you run the risk of becoming needy and overbearing.

#3 What value can I offer someone without expectations

Don’t go into this thinking, “What can I get out of this and what am I going to receive from this?” Instead, look at it without expectations and just be in the present moment. Show her you’re built with integrity by being your best self.

#4 Unapologetically honest mindset

You’re not going to say “You look fat in that dress,” but you have your own opinion so don’t be scared to react to something you may or may not agree on. Women don’t want someone to just absent-mindedly agree with them.

#5 Value your time to see if this woman is worth it

A lot of times men fixate on the aesthetics of the woman and fall for just that and don’t get to know what’s underneath the surface. Figure out what this woman is worth. Does she want something more serious or does she just want to have fun?

#6 You show up powerfully

how to attract a woman You know who you are and are not pretending to be anyone else. Own your power and don’t hold back on saying and doing what you want. You become powerful when you focus on more than just the woman in front of you; A life focus.

#7 Compassionate and patient

Some men take automatic offense to anything and everything a woman says. You want to be someone who does not get irritated very easily. If not, it will show that you let other people control your emotions and have a short fuse. This shows a woman that you may not be stable and not have a sense of control over your emotions.

#8 You embrace failures with confidence

How you look at your mistakes as lessons and how you are in the moment when things aren’t going your way shows your character, so embrace failures with confidence and poise. Make sure you build the skills you need so you can avoid future issues.

How can a man attract a woman by avoiding neediness and pushiness

Remember, when it comes to attracting a woman, it’s not about focusing on her so much that you lose your own sense of self-worth and dignity in the process. A lot of times you can become your own worst enemy by getting in your own way and putting a lot of pressure on yourself to impress a woman when it’s not that difficult. Why? Because as a woman that has been in the dating game, I know when a man is putting a lot of pressure on himself to impress me and it makes me feel less attracted and less intrigued. It’s important to understand the difference between pursuing and being needy, and I believe this is where the breakdown is important when it comes to attracting women.

How To Attract Women

Pursuing: Claiming a date and being assertive in the direction that you are taking with her. Show her that you are not interested in just being a nice guy but you are pursuing her by planning dates, checking in every once and a while and making sure she initiates as well. You create chemistry together on dates and talk about more than surface-level things. You aren’t afraid to talk about your wants and desires, but you also have an attitude about you that shows her that if she does not like you, you’re OK with that too. You are in demand with yourself and might even be in demand with other women. It’s important to understand that women are naturally attracted to masculine energy and that comes from the pursuit. During the first couple of dates, pursue her, create banter, be positive, but also be ok with giving her space. If you spend the whole weekend together because everything is going great, then make sure you understand that this will not be every weekend and you are not attached to a specific outcome.

Needy: You are attached to a specific outcome and you want to be with her right now and expect her to give you attention when you want it. You may, therefore, react out of neediness and reply to her texts in a way that comes off as aggressive or clingy because your emotions are not aligned with abundance and integrity. The #1 reason for this is because you get attached to a specific outcome right away and you are not ok with going with the flow of how this dating process should work between the both of you. You might even get into a “scarcity mindset,” where you think she is dating other guys, so you get jealous, and you bring up petty things that push her away instead of attracting her.

How to attract women without talking: The key to success!

Pursue a purpose:

When you are not driven intentionally by something you love, besides a woman, you can easily attach to love and that specific person. This, in turn, can hurt the relationship and yourself. Women love a man that has a purpose and follows his passion because it showcases strength and resilience, and it’s hard to sweat the small stuff when you won’t let anyone hold you back from pursuing what you need to do. This showcases dignity and independence with women. I’m not saying you should forget about this woman and just focus on your passion, but you should showcase to her how important your purpose is in your life.

Pace yourself:

How to attract womenRemember guys, women typically are the decision-makers when it comes to sex and the man is the decision-maker when it comes to the relationship. You have to make sure you know what this woman is all about and not get hooked just based on the story you’re telling yourself, or “How she could be”. Make sure you really get to know what this woman is all about before you give her all of you. Make sure both of you are looking for the same things and have the same goal in mind. Pursue with intent, not with lack of intent. The best way to do this is by staying on your purpose but not seeking external validation and not getting attached to the need for validation.

Give her space:

A sense of independence is hot! Ao giving her space is good. She has to see a part of your life you are excited about. When you desire something else besides her, it shows a strong masculine presence and the woman feels that she still has to work for something. This continues or boosts attraction. Women want a man of status and when you showcase status, in other words, that you place importance on other things besides her, it keeps women interested and they want to be a part of that with you.

Prioritize your time:

This has a lot to do with pursuing. Pursue with a purpose. Be clear on when you want to see her and be disciplined enough to focus on your own goals when you’re in the attraction stage and when you are starting to date. You want to show a woman that you manage your life well and it’s not all about her in the beginning, but you’re interested in where this could go in the future.

Stop being hooked on an expectation:

A lot of times you can’t to any of the above because you get hooked on expectations of what you must get from this woman and you have a goal in mind before she even has one. This is what I call the “Blinders.” You have your blinders on and you want a specific goal or have a specific expectation, so you build up to worry and/or doubt since your expectations may not be met, and this is exacrly where you can come off overbearing, needy, or plenty of other things. Having expectations too early on is the root of killing attraction.

See yourself as quality:

Placing a high value on yourself shows the woman that she has something to work for as well. Never think you’re less than anyone. Instead, think about the qualities you have that will impact any woman’s life!

Eradicate all jealousy:

Some women will try to make you jealous. An insecure guy focuses on the other guy and starts to get jealous. The secure guy focuses on her and questions her intentions in terms of what she may be doing or why she may be saying certain things. You question her, not the guy, because you couldn’t care less about the guy!

Body Language:

Hold your head up and shoulders back with integrity. Don’t fidget or overthink things. There is something very attractive about the calm demeanor of a man. This is a topic that I explore in my Escalation Cheat Sheet, and you can it right here.

Showcase social proof “status”:

how to attract womenUnderstand that these traits are under your control. Social proof can be defined by your lifestyle choices, occupation, how you groom yourself, health and fitness, confidence and lack of neediness in your behavior. As I have studied the human brain, research has shown that women are primarily attracted to men who are perceived to be of a higher status. That’s why it so important to make sure you are constantly advancing in your life and putting in the work.

As a woman, I’ve dated men that were still in college and living with their parents, but they had an inner confidence that still showcased status. I would notice men like this had no problem getting women. They actually had women support them while they were working on getting on their feet. Status is determined by behavior! By the way, sexual attraction is determined by behavior as well.

Make her chase you:

Let her initiate with you a bit. Don’t let her just stay on the sidelines and do no work. No text, no calls, nothing! Women do want to be pursued by men, but they are great at reciprocating. So make sure this woman is doing this in the beginning and then after a couple of weeks of dating, make sure she is initiating.

How to attract any woman by not being the needy man!

Let’s say you have everything going for you but as soon as you meet a woman you like, you immediately get hooked! Which results in fight or flight mode in your mind. You find yourself trying so hard, as though this is your only opportunity with a woman. This turns into needy behavior when everything you had going for you goes down the drain.

I would never want you to disregard your feelings but I do want you to be disciplined enough on when you should and should not showcase them as a result of neediness. Here are some guidelines designed to help you out:

Lying to a woman to make yourself become more attractive in her eyes.

Memorizing lines or routines to meet women, avoid rejection and not be authentic.

Always working to impress a woman instead of seeing if she can impress you

Calling a woman multiple times because she didn’t call you back or you never got an answer. NEEDINESS

Understanding if a woman never called you back then she was not the right one anyway.

Rising up and expressing your masculinity pertaining to desires and interest. Openly, honestly and respectfully.

Accepting criticism of yourself from others by always saying “yes” instead of “no”.

Being fearful, hiding your flaws and not calling yourself out to make light of the situation.

Being comfortable with not being perfect and finding humor in your flaws.

Feeling like you have to CONTROL and “dominate”.

Having high standards about the women you date and want a woman who enjoys you and makes you happy! Treating a woman as an equal.

Resenting the woman you date and talking down to her since this you think will make her want you.

Constantly investing in improving yourself for yourself ONLY. Not to impress a woman or to make people like you, but to be happier with yourself!

Improving yourself only to impress a girl you like.

Thinking that life is better with this one specific woman, even if she does not want you.

Stalking her social media accounts and then asking her about these things later or asking her about other men.

Disciplined enough to question her intentions and respect for you or the relationship (and not the other man.)

Not granting her wishes by continuing to try to persuade her after she told you to leave her alone or that she does not want to be with you.

Giving the relationship time, focusing on what will make you happier and more solid in your life with no attachment to being with this specific woman, and being open to reconciling in the future.

Needy behavior will only attract toxic relationships, unfulfilling relationships, and needy women. If you’ve been needy in the past then you have most likely been in dysfunctional relationships. If you have not been able to attract women in your life, then chances are you’ve been so needy in your own behavior that you’ve consciously or subconsciously decided to remain alone.

If this is you, I encourage you to invest in my Master Attractor- Friend Zone no more course to get you out of this!

How Do You Attract Women With Confidence:

how to attract women Women are turned on by bold behavior and from my research and studies, when you understand the difference between the female mind and the male mind, then you will understand this. I teach this in my membership group and in my boot camps. Women desire bold behavior and a man who displays bravery, and direct sexual desire, especially to a woman who is interested.

You must go out there and start trying to attract women so you can learn your authentic techniques. You cannot build expectations for everything to go the way you want because you learn through practice. If you get nervous around women, it can be a turn off so you have to push yourself to continue until it becomes a routine. When it becomes something you’re used to, the nervousness goes away.

If you’re afraid to talk to her, ask her out, ask for a kiss, or even to take her home, chances are you will be the friend or the guy that never gets the girl. Men underestimate how forward they can be with women. So, they underestimate how effective this can be to open up sexual desires and compatibility with women.

“Here’s what one of our members said: “I was able to identify exactly what I was doing wrong. I went out on two dates and made out with a woman all night and she continues to initiate with me and have another date lined up. This product really helped me understand what I was doing wrong. I would recommend this to every guy out there that needs some guidance or help! -Dylan 38”

Becoming an attractive man to a high-quality woman is about being a man that invests in himself and wears his sense of pride with dignity, with respect for himself and caring for himself, but not in a manipulative or narcissistic way. How you feel about yourself is how you perceive others, and the key is understanding that beautiful women are out there, but the most important thing is what’s underneath. External investments will not lead you to find love and an empowering relationship. This is a superficial and dysfunctional relationship, and in the worst-case scenario, it will bring you absolutely nothing and will probably set you back. So proceed with caution, guys.

My hope is that this blog gives you a solid foundation on how to attract women and understand the major principles that women want in a man. I’ve written tons of other articles about this so don’t worry, it does not just stop here!

Your Coach,

Apollonia Ponti

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