Make Him Fall In Love! The Right Way!

how to make him fall in love with you Falling in love is something most of us yearn for. We want to fall in love with someone that motivates us and makes our walk through life much happier. I know sometimes it can be difficult, especially if you find yourself facing challenges in the love department. But don’t worry because, in this article, I am going to walk you through what makes him fall in love with a woman!

Love can sometimes be an addictive emotion. We often hold onto something that isn’t right for us and might be gasping for air without actually knowing what we truly love that partner for. The result is that a woman will be left chasing a guy, desperately trying to make him fall in love. There are so many different situations when it comes to love, so regardless of whether you are single or not, I am going to break down the best ways to make a man fall deeply in love with you.

So, before we begin let me take a moment to talk about the notion of “making” a man fall in love. You cannot make a person do or feel something. It will just end up being unattainable and leave you feeling like you’re constantly trying to chase satisfaction. With that said, we will discuss how to make a man fall in love with you naturally, without forcing anything that is not meant to be. Sometimes men do need that little extra push and you’re going to learn all about it a little further down in this article!

As always, I love hearing from you. Please feel free to comment below or ask questions about anything you may be going through, and it would be my pleasure to personally respond to you!

Make him fall in love with you using these expert tips!

how to make him fall in love There are various qualities that men look for in potential partners, but as we get started I want to share the most important piece of advice: If you want to make him fall in love with you, you have to be yourself no matter what. Show up as the best person you can be for yourself and also for him. Faking a personality and trying to be someone you are not will only cause issues. Things will fade away quickly and what’s worse, this will also build a wall between you and the man in question. Men can feel when you aren’t being truthful in situations. They might not be able to tune into it as well as women can, but they do know when something is off.

Tip #1 Smile & Be Nice

So often when working with my male clients I hear a recurring complaint about women they’re seeing. It’s that women don’t smile often. When women don’t smile, it turns men off and makes them feel less inclined to want to move forward. Similarly, they don’t appreciate the attitude. A man does not want to be with a woman long term if she comes off spiteful, manipulative, or has a bad attitude. Men want to have a woman that has standards and is still pleasant to talk to and spend time with. This means that they want someone who is respectful and treats him the way she wants to be treated. By spreading loving energy, you will attract more love.

Tip # 2 Authenticity

Trying to be someone you’re not is going to backfire on you one way or another. It just isn’t something you can maintain long-term. Typically, when you are playing a role, it comes from an insecurity that you may need to face. When you start to honor who you are and be honest with yourself, you can find power in powerless situations.

Tip # 3 Honesty

A lot of times I see women not being clear or honest about what they’re looking for. You might find yourself dating a man who doesn’t put in much effort to keep you around, but it’s simply because he already had his cake and got to eat it too… You never set the standard and you weren’t upfront with him about what you are exactly looking for. If you tell a man that you’re looking for a real relationship – not something casual – and he decides to walk away, then he isn’t worth it after all. That said, he may actually come back when he sees that you don’t give in and hold yourself to a standard.

Tip # 4 Confidence & Standards

There is a fine line between being attractively confident and being over-confident and off-putting. You never want to come off as someone conceited, especially when you want to know how to get him to fall in love. Men love a confident woman because it amps up their desire to figure you out. It shows that they can be confident in you because you value yourself, you know yourself well, and you take pride in setting the standards. Now, a lot of times you might find yourself settling or knowing in the pit of your stomach you shouldn’t let this happen, but you lower your standards in the hopes that this man will like you. There is something highly attractive about a woman that doesn’t give in too easily and sets a healthy standard. The thing about men is that they want to feel as though they have a prize and have won the best there is out there. The harder someone had to work for something, the more they are going to value it. So, the harder he has to work to get you, the more he’s going to value you! It’s human nature. It’s something that not only sets you apart, it is also a great way to show much much you value yourself.

Tip # 5 Sex

I know every couple has its different opinions about sex. I always think it’s safer and more meaningful when you wait, especially if you like this man and want a relationship in the future with him. Here is where I ask you to take a moment and identify how sex plays a role in your life. If casual sex with someone can lead to feelings, then casual sex isn’t the thing for you. It’s important that you hold out until you are ready and until you find a man that is willing to wait until you both decide to make the next step. The reason I say this is because it makes things less difficult when you are dating and it adds value to the relationship. It shows that the both of you have values and goals that are aligned, and gives the man an opportunity to show you respect and patience. Yes, some might say that sex early on makes no difference, but think of this as how you will feel at the end. Just let him know you want to take your time and you are looking forward to the moment it happens.

Tip # 6 Don’t be too available

Having your own life and your own thing going on is very important. Men love a woman that has a passion and something they invest their time in. It’s important that you set this standard with a man so he doesn’t get into the habit of planning things last minute. I know you would sometimes rather be with him than commit to the plans you already have with your girlfriends, but don’t cancel plans all the time to be available for him. Sometimes “No, I have plans, but can we do it tomorrow” is the best option! It shows a man that you are content with what you have going on and also gives him less of an opportunity to take you for granted.

Tip # 7 Praise him

Men love to be told that they look good, are smart, ambitious, or that they are doing a great job. So often men are confused about where a woman may stand and they want to see that you are supporting them beyond any superficial matter. So, complimenting him and giving him a reason or two as to why he is so special to you is a beautiful thing. In order to give this a personal touch, I would suggest about something that he has going on in his life that he has accomplished.

Tip # 8 Do things for him that don’t benefit you

One of the best ways to make a man fall in love with you is to open his eyes to what you could be to him. He will recognize the beauty of a woman that does things for him that have no personal benefit to her. When you have conversations with this man, pay attention to things that are important to him and think about how you can incorporate these things into your gestures. Thoughtful gestures and going out of your way to help him out can make a big impact. It shows him that you care and also builds the bond of partnership between you.

Tip # 9 Listen

So often I hear that men just want to be heard. They complain that they are always listening and the woman is always talking. It’s important that you establish a mutual balance in conversation and questioning when you are dating a man and want to make him fall in love with you. Don’t make it all about you! Be open and make sure that you make him feel like he is being heard as well. When you feel like you are oversharing just take a moment to pause, take a step back and let him speak. Ask him questions about his life and his passions as well.

Tip #10 Trustworthiness

Show him that you can be trusted by speaking positively about others and not sharing absolutely everything about your best friend… You don’t want him to begin to wonder about all the things you tell your best friend about him!

How to get him to fall in love with your authenticity.

make him fall in love There is no magic wand you can wave to get a man to fall head over heels in love with you. You want a man to fall in love with you because you are showing up as your authentic self. Love has ways of making everyone feel better and happier and can last forever. That’s why it’s so important that you weed out the relationships that might temporarily feel good, and hold yourself to a standard that you know is right. When you feel it in your heart, there are no delusions or games when it comes to the man you love. Listen, if you’re chasing a man right now that isn’t treating you right, I know you know. You have that feeling in your stomach. This is the time to walk away or set up boundaries and standards in order to give him the chance to step up and be the man you need him to be.

I say this because not every relationship is perfect and I know things happen in relationships that can cause confusion, heartache, and mixed feelings. The only person you have from the beginning till the end is you. So, do yourself a favor and don’t give up on what you truly deserve and what you want in a man. When you have this mentality, the current man you have in your life now will either step it up or move on out, but let me be very clear of one thing: There will be another man that comes along to take his place. It’s up to you to set the right boundaries, expectations, and to always abide by your values. I remember when I was in my early 20’s I was in this horrible relationship. Let’s just put it this way – the man had no respect for me and I gave him all of me. At that moment I had no values or self-worth. I never held myself accountable because I didn’t know what good love looked like.

So, I fell madly in love with him, did everything in my power to get him to fall in love, and continued to chase after what my heart wanted despite the fact that it wasn’t good for me. Finally, we broke up and I, of course, was heartbroken. Right after, I went out with some girlfriends and one of them says this to me: “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure.”

I hated it so much and became furious with her for calling me trash! It made my night even worse but now, years later, I finally understand what that meant. Metaphorically speaking, you can identify to “trash” simply because you have been thrown away but in reality, these relationships and experiences become lessons. Just because one man decided he didn’t want you doesn’t mean you will never experience a greater love. You will, and you will be another man’s treasure! You will know when you are treated right because your needs will be met and you will feel that sense of security.

How to make a man fall in love when you’re dating him.

I truly do feel that no matter what relationship you fall into and no matter what man you date, you will always be tested. A man is always going to test how much he can get away with just like a woman would too. I say this because I want to reiterate the importance of holding yourself to a standard. If something doesn’t sit well with you about something he did, the way you two communicate about it is how a man decides if he can be with you. Having an open policy of communication and making sure it’s reciprocated is important to a man and a woman. Also, showing that you value and respect him is huge! So, raising your voice or subjecting him to insults isn’t something that sits well with a man. This is something that will not only bruise his ego, it will also show that there may be some instabilities that arise with you. Generally speaking, when this happens a man might not break up with you right away, but he will begin to feel less enthusiastic about the relationship. You will eventually begin to feel him drift away until he bows out.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s vital that you don’t dump on all your insecurities on him. If you had an ex-boyfriend that cheated on you, it doesn’t mean that this boyfriend is going to cheat on you as well. He doesn’t deserve to be penalized because of what someone else did to you in the past. Being able to define whether an issue you bring to him is coming from an insecurity or if it’s coming from something that truly was developed between you and him is key. When a woman is able to take her time and pinpoint where this problem is coming from, the man can see that she is mature and can be a balanced partner.

It also subconsciously gives him the opportunity to continue to be open and show up as the best version of himself that he can be! How many times do you hear men saying that they can’t tell their girlfriend something because she will get mad? When a man is being honest with you, try not to take offense to it. Just breathe and be thankful that he is coming from a place of honesty. Detach yourself from the expectation you had and bring light and love to this situation. The moment you do this is, you will begin to grow as a couple.

How to make men fall in love with you if you broke up.

I know these times can be incredibly difficult because you’re left heartbroken and you just can’t seem to get a grasp of what to do now that the person you love has left you. Experiencing a breakup can be hard and it becomes easy to feel like the victim. You might catch yourself saying something like, “How can he leave me if he loved me?” This is a victim frame of mind that also allows you to deflect any blame in terms of why things went wrong. Remember, there are two people in a relationship and if things ended, there are lessons to be learned for the future for both of you.

When you continue to focus on what someone else did it subconsciously makes you feel better. It’s often a coping mechanism that ultimately preserves hate and mistrust within you. Being in a relationship does not mean that you own the other person. It means that the both of you have a mutual understanding of what love is and continue to put in the work when it’s needed. You don’t take this for granted. Typically, your man will want out when you take it for granted or take yourself for granted.

Everyone has a right to leave you even if they loved you at one point. Love isn’t always strong enough to make things work if it’s not working for your partner in the first place. The only thing we can manage in life is ourselves and our own happiness. So, letting go of the victim mentality is going to be the first step before anything else. The moment you take a look at this relationship from someone else’s perspective, you will see at which point you may not have shown up as the best person you could in this relationship. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get back with the one you love! It simply means that you are going to have to do the work to get them back and this will always be through actions.

It’s natural for most of us to beg to get the person we love back into our lives. Saying, “I love you” isn’t enough at this point. Stop apologizing because it’s only going to remind them of the mistakes you’ve made in the first place. Start to focus on things that you may have lost touch with the relationship like friends and your hobbies, or even begin to volunteer somewhere. Work out and become active so that every day you can have a fresh start and an open mind towards developing yourself into a better woman than you were yesterday. At some point, your ex may come back and this is exactly when you showcase what you’ve learned. Show him confidence and the change you have incorporated into your life through actions, social media, and conversation.

Make him fall in love with you forever!

how to make him fall in love If I could magically make everyone happy with a blink of an eye I would! Love is such a beautiful thing when you have the right partner. But then I think, if I was able to deliver love to everyone with a blink of an eye then it would get boring and people would take it for granted. Everything great in life requires work. When we work for things we learn, but we also find value in the lessons we’ve learned. These lessons are ultimately what start attracting the right man to you.

When a man wants to be completely available for you, he will be. A man will treat you like you should be treated and being a well-adjusted, high-valued woman will be just enough. Don’t neglect your non-negotiables for a man as you want to always live with integrity. As they say. “Behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman.” It’s about how you can deliver value to your man overtime to help him be the best version of himself while making sure he always feels supported and trusted by you. Our strength is that we push men to be better people just by loving us. As long as you both continue to set boundaries and standards in your relationship, then you’ll be sure to be aligned with getting what you want. Understanding that a relationship is work is key, and as you grow you both need to have a mutual understanding that you will continue to grow together and show up for each other when the other one needs it. This is the goal in partnership. When a man sees and feels this, you can make him fall in love with you forever.

Wishing you all the best,

Apollonia Ponti

Your coach for knowing how to make a man fall in love


  1. Patrice Cook

    Loved this.

    I have been dating a guy for several months. I like him a lot. He is a fantastic person with a big heart. But when I asked him about expectations for the future, his response was disheartening. He doesnt know what he wants. Furthermore, he says that in his previous relationship, he didnt say “I love you” until 2 years into the relationship. I think hes worth it and I try to show him how much I care as often as possible. We see eachother several times a week, and he makes sure to make time for me as often as he can… Something I’m not used to.

    I don’t want to rush things obviously, but I do love him and I just want him to feel the same.


  2. Pari

    Hi, I enjoyed reading the blog. I met this guy in June 2018. Started dating in October, he keeps telling me that he isn’t the boyfriend type but past couple of months, he’s been asking to meet up every week and calls or texts everyday. He told me again couple of weeks ago that “he isn’t the boyfriend type and doesn’t want me to mislead myself and can’t promise me anything but there’s no doubt that he cares for me and likes me.” I am confused wether there will be a future with this guy or am I wasting my time? My gut feeling tells me he may end up falling for me as we meet every week and talk everyday but I’m still confused wether I should carry on seeing him or not 🙁


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Pari,
      Thank you for reading this blog. I’m not sure if he is ready to give you the relationship you want. I recommend that you tell him your expectation in the relationship and base on his response, you set up some boundaries. If he is not the boyfriend type, than trying to change his mind is going to be a challenge.

  3. Megh

    Hi, I am from India and going through a tough situation at the moment. I met a guy on an online dating app almost 2 years back. We used to talk over the phone but never met as he went to US for his project. A year later he returned to India when we both started seeing each other.
    Initially I didn’t like him much, but later as we started meeting and talking and spending time together I developed some really strong feelings for him.
    He is an honest man. Always shared what he felt for me. Things were fine, he told me that he likes me and wants to see how things go. He wasn’t in a hurry to get into a relationship.
    I really don’t know what happened when one fine day, he took me out on a date and said that he doesn’t think that I am his Ideal partner.
    Surprisingly, post that, he still stayed connected with me, until in 2018 he again flew to US.
    Till date we both were talking to each other almost on a regular basis.
    It’s obvious that we have been together for almost 17 months and I wanted to know what are his thoughts about marriage.
    He is very confused and all he says that he wants to give me a chance but then he doesn’t feel for me with the same intensity as I do.
    He would call me to check on me. He tells that he thinks about me, but then the moment I try to convince him he withdraws and all he says is “not getting that feeling”
    I will be honest, my gut feeling says that he he likes me but then something is stopping him.
    I really need help as I want things to work between us.

    Please do reply.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Megh,

      Thank you for reading my blog on, “Make him fall in love the right way”. First, a long distance relationship is a challenge and it takes a lot of work. I have a video on long distance relationship that I recommend you watch. You can find it by going into my website and go into my video section. I recommend that you listen to your gut feeling and find out what is it that is stopping him from giving you what you want. I think you know the answer, but are afraid that things may not work out the way you want them too. Remember, you are important and you deserve to have a happy and a healthy relationship.

    • Christine Lanyero

      Thank you

    • Christine Lanyero

      Thank you so. I have found this so helpful.

  4. Neita Wilson

    My name is Neita. This is very helpful to me. I see myself as thinking about the person l met online and hasn’t seen in person yet. I text lesser and call lesser but normally l stay connected to him. I recognize that he is busy. However I am busy too during the day with crafts that l thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis hoping that l will have enough crafts made to sell online. Thanks you so much for your help. I don’t think I have made too many mistakes however, I am certainly learning how not to make these mistakes ahead of time. Thank you so much and so much.


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Neita,
      I am glad that you found this article helpful. So glad that you are learning from your mistakes and planning ahead to minimize them. Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best.

  5. Romeina Fox

    Love this


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Thank you and thanks for your comment! 🙂

  6. Lauren

    Love love love!!! Couldn’t of said if any better!!! Your words are truly an inspiration Apollonia!!!


  7. Mindy

    Great article. Not being too available is key especially when you are really into someone. How do you suggest to control your emotions when you are with someone you like and you notice you think about them often and might come off too available?


    • Apollonia Ponti

      Hi Mindy,
      Great question! Keeping busy is going to be key. Also, I suggest to set aside some time and figure out why it’s hard to control your emotions and why they consume your thoughts all the time. It might be something inner that has to be worked on that can cause this to happen. At the end of the day when you like someone, they do make you happy and you think about them often. But if you feel consumed by your thoughts of them then there might be some idolizing going on or some emotional dependencies. I hope this helps! 🙂

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