What Turns Women On: 3 Keys To Making Her Really Want You!

When you meet a woman that you instantly fall for, you, of course, want that feeling to be reciprocated. But the simple desire to make her fall for you isn’t enough – you have to take action. You can’t just sit around waiting for something to happen if you really want her to develop a serious desire for you. So what turns women on? How can you make her feelings for you to grow? How can you make her fall head over heels in love with you? These are questions that I will answer throughout this entire article.

Since 2007, I’ve been working with men who want to be found more attractive by women and who want to become more seductive. It’s true that it isn’t always simple, but my method works and has so much success because it’s different than others. It is not a one-size-fits-all type method. My entire philosophy is based on developing your specific personality while keeping your past, your age and your goals in mind. There isn’t a magic formula for seducing women. Each person has their own personality and taste so you have to know how to adapt. This means that you have to work on yourself… especially if your skills of seduction haven’t quite been developed yet.

So instead of just pondering what turns women on and how to make her become attracted to you, you’ll have to set specific actions into motion that will get a positive reaction from the one you want. This is how you will stand out from the crowd and succeed!

What really turns a woman on? This is one of the biggest questions that single and taken men ask. Before I go into detail about the answer, it’s important to discuss the motives behind the question.

Very often when we want to make a woman want us it’s for sentimental reasons. You just want the woman you like to fall for you and feel the same thing for you. Love is an incredible feeling but even more so when it’s reciprocated. This is why you want to know how to turn her on and develop feelings for you.

This will allow you to feel more at ease in this situation and get rid of questions and doubts. You’ll be able to build something solid and gratifying together because you’ll be on the same page. That said, the sentimental aspect isn’t your only motivation behind wanting to know how to turn a woman on! It can also be a way to boost your self-confidence when you feel that it is lacking.

Knowing that the woman you like is developing serious feelings for you makes you feel more at ease. All men are different and have their own characteristics and behaviors when they love and are loved. For example, when you’ve experienced a serious heartbreak, knowing that someone else is falling for you can help you to feel much better about yourself and about the situation. You just need to make sure that you’re not just in a rebound relationship.

Nevertheless, if you’re familiar with my coaching philosophy, you’ll know that I always insist on the importance of not basing your happiness on someone else, so please be careful. Even if errors are often made when it comes to seduction, it’s important to learn from them and not make the same mistake twice.

What turns women on? Here are my biggest tips:

  1. Don’t rush things
  2. Don’t try to make her jealous
  3. Compliment her body
  4. Let her know you’re interested
  5. Be self-sufficient

Read on below for a more in-depth look at these tips and more!

What turns a woman on the 2 mistakes to avoid at all costs!

I wanted to go over the two most common mistakes people make when they want to make a woman want them. First of all, it is very common to rush things and try everything to seduce her as quickly as possible. On top of that, some men think of that making a woman jealous is going to make her realize that she has feelings and will then realize that she wants him. This is learned behavior but doesn’t worry, I’ll go over it in detail a little further down.

The classic mistake: Rushing things!

When you want to make her become addicted to you, and especially at the beginning of relationships, it is not uncommon to rush things. The problem is that when it comes to love, haste generally leads to mistakes. By doing this and being under the control of your emotions, and trying really hard to do everything right, you in fact end up making mistakes that could undermine your entire endeavor.

Don’t forget that the best technique for turning her on and making her want to is the “Chase me and I’ll run” technique. Generally speaking, women don’t like men who are too much of a pushover. They don’t like men who are too clingy and needy – especially at the beginning of a relationship.

When you’re working on really making her want you, you have to be patient. Feelings that go deeper than just the surface are going to take a little bit more time to develop. Don’t automatically assume that everything will happen like a romantic comedy because reality is quite different!

Developing complicity between you and making sure you’re on the same page is the foundation of a solid relationship. I see that a lot of men were wondering how to turn a woman on and make her become more attached want this, but don’t realize that it takes time (especially if this is a woman who puts a bit of distance between you).

Making her jealous so that she becomes more attached is ridiculous!

The other error to avoid at all costs when you want to turn on women is using jealousy as a means to get her more attached. So many men think that this is a great idea but the truth is that it would just be shooting yourself in the foot.

Talking to other women, flirting with them via text message, or obviously checking out other women when you are with this woman in the hopes of getting a reaction from her is just going to make you look bad.

This type of behavior is going to make her pull away, and what’s worse is that if she is the jealous type she might start to play your game and do the same thing with other men! As a general rule, you’re the one who loses this game!

How to turn women on mentally and sexually

There are two elements that you need to take into consideration. The first is the sentimental aspect and the second is the physical aspect.

How to turn on a woman mentally

You don’t have to be rich, handsome and famous. Get that idea out of your head. This is something that I hear pretty much every single day. Not everyone is a Hollywood star or a famous singer and yet they can still have an amazing relationship.

So the first thing you need to understand is that your personality is going to make the biggest difference. You and your personality are your most powerful tools! This means that the things you will say to her are very important.

You have to be confident about what you bring to the table and not be desperately in need of her love and affection to be happy in your life. The more self-sufficient you are the more attractive you will be in her eyes. This is one of the absolute most important things! Women love men that stand out from the crowd. By showing her that you aren’t needy and that you are independent while you’re able to be close to her, she’ll understand that you are something else…

What’s more, if you want to make her fall head over heels for you, you have to bring something positive to the relationship (think innovation and fun). Whether you’re already in a relationship and living together or you don’t see each other often, you have to think of ways to show her that you’re not like all the rest.

Some practical advice is to avoid the typical “dinner and movie.” Propose new places and help her discover new feelings. You will begin to beckon her closer and closer. Your connection will become deeper and your sexual appetites will increase.

Getting her to want you don’t only depend on dates or conversations. She can also see you on social media, so post pictures that set you apart and show that you have a very satisfying social life. Perhaps you work together and you’re showing that you’re ambitious, and she will see that you’re getting ahead at work and that everyone likes you…

If you want to stand out from the crowd you have to show that you’re determined, that you want to forward, and you have to inspire her! Don’t forget that this woman has been exposed to the idea of a prince charming ever since she was little, so it’s important to inspire. This means that your projects should correspond to her and you have to be able to show her that you can make both your and her dreams come true.

Now, the sentimental aspect isn’t the only element to take into consideration. If you want this relationship to be deeply satisfying (and I know you do because you’re reading this article), things need to be on fire in the sheets as well!

What turns a woman on sexually?

Have an entire, in-depth article on how to make a woman orgasm, so I invite you to check it out right away!

If you want to make her fall for you, you have to know what turns women on in bed! Intimacy is very important even if it’s not the only thing that matters. I’m not just talking about sex itself; the context is also very important.

You can turn her on with a look, with a compliment about her body or the way she does something, but also by letting her know that you’re interested in her fantasies and in her needs.

Very often men begrudgingly do certain things like cunnilingus. It’s important to note however that sexual complicity is a key element when it comes to developing a real bond and her desire to be with you.

If you want to make her weak with desire for you you have to show that you’re aware of her expectations and that you want to satisfy her needs. That said if there’s something that you really object to doing you do not have to force yourself. You have to make an effort but don’t do something that makes you really uncomfortable.

Another thing to keep in mind is the image you’re giving her well you make love. You have to show that you’re confident without being too dominating (unless that something that really turns her on!). A man who takes matters into his own hands, who is a fantastic partner, and who shows that he’s experienced, will always be attractive and exciting.

Once again if you feel that you could benefit from one-on-one guidance in love and relationships, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly here!

Wishing you all the best,

Your coach for knowing what turns women on mentally and sexually,

Apollonia Ponti

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  1. Hi Apollonia, I’m not sure how many of your followers are from New York, but back when I was in college a girl from France once told me that it was easier to pick up women in France as opposed to New York because women are More receptive there. New York women are a bit more standoffish because it can be a dangerous place. Just wondering if many of the methods are transferable. Although the majority of my girl friends I’ve met at work, school or
    Parties , lately I’m finding the internet a little more of a safe place to meet and screen potential mates…What do you think Apollonia? Garry from the big Apple

    1. Hi Garry,
      I think this is true. I believe culturally dating is different in the US and in France. I do think in Europe they’re more open to talking about relationships and commitment but in the US there is some hesitancy around it. Thanks for your comment and reading my blog about “what turns women on”. Nice to meet you Garry from the big Apple.
      FYI- don’t let this hold you back from going after what you want. 🙂

  2. I just read your blog. And I have to say your insightfulness being a woman who holds her own personal standards high. Is great! I’m 64 black Male, who married for 5 years, had a son. Then divorced in 1987. I went through many different relationships, some short term and some long term. Being a God fearing, respectful man. I would meet women, listen to their concerns, desires, goals and dreams. Yes, I did encourage them to seek their successes in life. But I wouldn’t be doing the same for myself. Sure, I became available for them. Not saying “NO”! when I really needed to. When my mother would call me for something. I would drop everything to see what she needed done. I make no excuses for myself. I did what I thought was right. Recently I made the decision not to be available for a woman I’ve been knowing for 12+years. We met at our job. Everything went well while we’re dating, for a good while. Things changed when a female friend of mine, wasn’t getting any family help, to moving her in their homes. I offered my spare bedroom for 2 months. I told both women what’s going on. One wasn’t happy, the other was grateful. But this where things get murky. After the friend I helped left to live with 1 of her daughters from out of town. My gf from work was then entertaining offers from other men, even while seeing me. Also while she was seeing me and another guy. She became pregnant with my baby. But then she had a miscarriage while she was at work a few months later. She would always that, he doesn’t do the things that you’re willing to do. To me! She did show me some support during my 1st hip surgery. But didn’t show me any support during my next 2 hip surgeries. She was MIA! Now she’s attached to an older white man, who divorced his wife to be with her. The funny thing about all this is. I was returning home from Bible study. When this marroon SUV, parks in front of my car. It’s her and him getting out. The words she spoke to me uncaring and insincere. Why? Because she was just being nosy. I told her that day, “You really don’t care about me”! Go home with your new playmate”! Fast forward to 2019. They’re still together, he’s providing the $$ for her to keep the house. She hasn’t forgiven or forgotten our past. But she wants to be, “Just friends”! From my view point, there really isn’t any need for her and I to be friends. I used to have a key to here home. I used buy groceries. And I gave her $$ to pay her mortgage. There wasn’t any kind of FWB relationship attached to what I was doing. But she was everyone’s else’s FWB. WELL, I’m glad that you’re here to help men like me, see the light, into the errors of my ways of getting a woman truly interested in the man I am. Also the man I’m becoming.

    1. I really enjoyed this article, it has showed me some of my mistakes in my past and even my present relationship of rushing things, but i have to put in more time for the feelings to grow deeper.

  3. Hi..! I enjoyed the article a lot but I’m afraid all this does not apply to me… You see I am 69 years old but I don’t look it…. my hair is white and I have mustache physically fit, work out, hike, camping, retired, live full time in an RV and I get lot’s of smiles but that’s about it..! I mean I want a woman in my life, I’ve been married 3 times and I divorced them because they could not be faithful. I want a woman who’s a Patriot and a conservative… not some liberal idiot who has crazy ideology. Women are hard to come by at my age and if I do find one, they are so freaking bitter from their past that they don’t want to date or even think of having a relationship……so be it….. =)

    1. Hey AP,

      How does a man get into woman’s emotional filter system? Attraction and interest play a major role I would think. That’s a “hmm” good place to be. Took action to sign up with Spotify. Now I get to listen to your lovely voice on the go! ???? There is nothing wrong with a woman that desires to feel good and comfortable in a man’s filter system.

      If I was on the hunt for some “TLC”, I know exactly where to direct my attention to.

      Have a Great Sexxy Day! 🙂

      PS … To have met you … in person … was an ????!

  4. Yourself like many women I’ve met. You give me confidence to know I’m on track. As soon as I am reading something you have written or listening to you on You tube. Its like you are my listening angel, keeping me on point. Thank you!!!!

  5. Id love a one on one session with you apollina so we can get deeper on all levels of these topics however in due time until then…

    1. Hey AP,

      How does a man get into a woman’s emotional filter system? Attraction and interest play a major role with balance I’m sure. That’s a good “Humm”place to be. Signed on with Spotify. So now, I get to listen to your lovely voice on the go.

      There’s nothing wrong with a woman that desires to feel good and comfortable in a man’s filter system.

      If I was available “on the market and in the hunt”… 🙂 I’ll know exactly where to place my focus on for SOME TLC!

      PS – What woman would care.. Right?

      Have a Great Day! ????

  6. My understanding in having fulfilling relationships has been redirected thanks to Apollonia’s content rich program about dating and relationships. It is building my confidence. I was guilty of not controlling my emotions thus rushing things and not pacing my thoughts and actions. My change began with awareness and the success I have is achieved through action.

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you for this amazing comment and I’m so happy that the content has helped you and it’s amazing that it’s given you more awareness and confidence to put things into action!

  7. “When you meet a woman that you instantly fall for, you, of course, want that feeling to be reciprocated.” Of course I do – what guy doesn’t? But I know in my heart that it will never, ever happen. What advice do you have for a guy who has zero chance with any woman?

    1. David,
      You don’t have zero chance. The issue is you believe you have zero chance. You’re your own worse enemy and getting in your way with a mindset like this. I’m not disqualifying what you may have been through but we are the only person that can be responsible for how we think that elutes to actions. So it seems as though you’ve decided to have zero chance so you attract this. 🙂

    2. Hi Apollonia – Are you saying that no guy has zero chance? No woman has ever shown romantic/sexual – or any other form of – interest in me – not at school, university or work – nowhere. As such, I’ve never expressed my feelings to any woman because I have no hope they would be reciprocated or even received other than with complete disdain.

    3. So some guys do have zero chance then… so what’s the point of trying when the only result I’ll ever have is failure – if not worse? I’m not being negative – just realistic.

  8. I’m a freshman in high school and there is this beautiful Jr that l like but we dont know each other and I want to get to know her and get close to her but I dont know what to say or do. I know she is way out of my league but I really want to try. She is soooooooo beautiful

  9. As a deeply shy and introverted man, reading this article makes me even more sure that I can never attract any woman. Life has shown me very clearly that I can (and do) have a lot of woman friends (which is great), but that no woman could ever be sexually attracted to me. Since I will never (and will never) express my feelings to any woman – no matter how attracted i am to her – should I just stop thinking about this and accept that it will never happen ?

  10. Leave a comment…I read and have enjoyed your blog about how to turns women on. ‘am 32years old. because of the values I places on my self, like self development becomes more difficult to tolerate some women whom I came across in life .
    A lot of them I came across, are not teachable, dont wanna show respect and felt because of my self development felt am not showing love to them. How do I attract high profile women whom are well developed, ready to settle and can respect me as a man.
    Thanks reading your blog!

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