She Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested! 7 Reasons Why!

She rejected me but still acts interested: What does it mean?

A woman has rejected you but she still wants your attention. She might text you, flirt with you, or even intentionally lead you on and leave you feeling extremely frustrated. At this point, you may be thinking, “Why in the world is this girl playing these games?!” These mind games disturb you to the point that this whole situation is driving you crazy! I get it. As a coach, who also happens to be a woman, I have coached thousands of men in this type of situation. This is something that happens all the time and I know exactly what to do.

In this blog, I am going to give you some techniques but I will also give you some insight, as a woman, as to why this is happening. So, if you’re in a situation where you’re realizing, “She rejected me but still acts interested” you’re in the right spot!

I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns below this blog, so if you need some advice on your specific situation, all you have to do is comment below and I will try my best to respond.

She Rejected Me: The 4 Main Reasons Why Women Reject Men!

In most cases, women reject men for a couple of different reasons and I am going to explain them here for you.

Reason #1: You’re too into her

Normally, when you are in the attraction stage of dating, you want to make sure that both of you have a mutual connection and are reciprocating and initiating at more or less the same level.

What ends up happening here is that a man over-initiates, does not become perceptive to her responses, and continues to try and make things work. This typically happens because you like her (of course) but you also want to get a result right away, so you don’t give her time and space, and this pushes her away. A woman also wants to feel like she has to work for something and when she sees that she has you in the bag, then it makes you less desirable. I’m not saying to not give women attention, but don’t rush through things and pace yourself. If this is you, don’t worry because I will tell you how to fix it further along with this blog.

Reason #2: She’s unavailable or just not ready.

She might be young or recently out of a divorce and she does not want to get into anything too serious. When this happens, almost 100% of the time a woman will voice this or show you through her actions that she does not want to settle down or commit. She might be looking to play the field and have fun with other men. If this is the case she might have rejected you because she saw that you were getting more serious than what she is currently looking for.

Reason #3: She sees you as just a friend

Another reason why you might be thinking, “She rejected me but still acts interested“ is that she feels that you are more of a friend than anything else. This could be for numerous reasons. Perhaps you weren’t direct and you did not take the lead but instead, you said “Yes” to her all the time. It did not give her any substance of who you truly. You were constantly trying to make her happy but forgot about yourself during this time.

This happens often when you put a woman on a pedestal and you look at her as the prize and forget you’re a prize as well. Women are attracted to the inner confidence of a man and I talk about how to get out of the friend zone anymore in my product here!

Reason #4: You don’t inspire her

Women want to be inspired by a man and true inspiration comes from motivation and positivity. She wants to learn from you so if your life just becomes all about her, how can she be motivated by that? Being aligned with a purpose and following and going after something that makes you happy is exactly what you have to do in order to get her to think of you as high-quality and different from everyone else.

She lead me on then rejected me: The 7 common reasons WHY…

Listen, women can sometimes be the most confusing creatures on the planet and sometimes we can even confuse ourselves! I want to be 100% clear about something here. If a woman rejected you and is leading you on and you continue to stick around, then you are already doing something wrong.

You must have a sense of self-respect for yourself and stand for how you are willing to be treated. The one thing I say to men constantly is if a woman is disrespectful or is playing with your emotions and finding joy in it, then it’s your fault for sticking around. Never in a million years would I suggest any man be with a woman that does this to him.

Why? Because this is toxic behavior which leads to unhealthy relationships. There are women out there that will use you for attention and want you to stick around so they will breadcrumb you here and there and have you when they want you. So my question to you, is this a one-track relationship? If it’s on her track then I want you to follow the tips I’m going to give you in the next section.

There are several reasons as to this may be happening, in a nutshell, these are:

  1. Coming on way too strong.
  2. You aren’t authentic and you’re trying to be someone you’re not.
  3. She is dating someone else and entertaining another option right now.
  4. She sees that you want more of a physical relationship than anything else.
  5. She just not feeling it and she does not see you as an ideal partner.
  6. You are not forming an emotional connection.
  7. You’re just a friend!

Read on below for more detail on these reasons!

How to get girls to like you instead of rejecting you.

Lastly, the only time I would encourage you to maybe stick around is when a woman is open with you that she wants to be with you but is going through a difficult time like studies, loss of a family member, child troubles, etc. When a woman is open with you on why she lead you on and then rejected you, then this is when you just need to be focused on you and show her that you will be ok with or without her instead of proving that you can help her through this rough time.

If she needs the support then support her but also show her that you will give her personal space and not become overbearing. A lot of times when we like or love someone we go into what I call “flight or fight” mode, and this is not where I want you to go. This means that you are trying to make the goal fast and you are frantically recovering, and trying to make up for everything and typically giving 100% of your attention that you lose yourself in the pursuit and this is what will kill attraction.

Reason #1 Coming on way too strong.

You have to pace yourself and not put a woman on a pedestal. When you date a woman, you might think that she is the best option you’ve ever had, but women can feel this if you treat her as though you’ve never had a girl like her before. If this is you then I want you to back away and start letting her come to you more. You can go on other dates and show her that it’s not all about her at the moment and if not, I want you to dedicate some time to yourself and get back your sense of self. So she starts to see that she wants you! 

Reason #2: You aren’t authentic and you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

There are a lot of people teaching techniques that make you not authentic and you may think if you say some “perfect” line then you can get the girl. Completely false. Invest in the things that you are going to feel comfortable with, analyze yourself and then choose to learn from someone like me or someone else who preaches this. 🙂

Reason #3: She is dating someone else and entertaining another option right now.

Don’t focus on being jealous of the other guy and getting bent out of shape because things aren’t going your way. Stay grounded in your dignity if this happens and move forward. You don’t want to be looked at as a desperate man if she and the other guy don’t work out. If they don’t then you have a better opportunity because she saw your willingness to walk away and respect yourself.

Reason #4 She sees that you want more of a physical relationship than anything else.

Sometimes men lead with their sexual desires because this is what they’ve been taught. If you are dating a high-quality woman that wants the relationship then she is not going to take you seriously. If you get rejected because of this don’t lose confidence and show her something different.

Reason #5 She just not feeling it and she does not see you as an ideal partner.

Listen, we aren’t meant to be everyone’s cup of tea and if we build expectations to be everyone’s ideal partner, then we start to take personal offense to every rejection. If you let go of expectations then you will deliver more quality and abundance to the attraction stage and the relationship. Sometimes girls just don’t feel it. It’s the same for men, sometimes you just don’t feel it with a woman.

Reason #6 You are not forming an emotional connection.

You are not having any depth in the conversations and you do not form any other connection. No emotional connection and no physical connection. Women decide when they want to sleep with you or how they feel about you based on how you make them feel. Lucky for you I have an escalation cheat sheet and a manual of 20 questions to ask women to get to know her true self.

Reason #7 You’re just a friend!

You have not figured out how to master the dynamics when it comes to pursuing women. Women end up seeing men as a friend when he does not stick out from the other men. He doesn’t have his own opinion, he’s too nice, there is no challenge, and he is always doing everything the woman wants and not showing her that he is ok with her or ok without her. Basically, this happens when he is in demand and not confident with his purpose. If these ring a bell with you I highly encourage you to invest in my Friend Zone No More Product!

Should I ignore her after she rejected me

Here’s the thing, guys. There are plenty of scenarios where a woman will reject you and still try to get attention from you and you’re left thinking, “Should I ignore her?” If you’re in a situation where you guys work together or perhaps go to the same gym, you may not be able to ignore her, so the key here is to show her that you are not going to play her games! You have to show her that if she rejected you, you lost no sleep over it and you couldn’t really care less. This is the inner confidence that I talk about a lot! When a woman rejects you and you show her that you’re mad, hurt, or disappointed then you gave up your sense of control and no one can give their sense of control away unless they choose to. Listen, you may like this girl and think she’s perfect but if you want a chance with her, then you have to make sure you do not give up your sense of control and really master your attraction skills when it comes to trying to re-attract her.

Part of re-attraction is understanding that you are not attached to an outcome and we are not obsessing over one desire. Yes, I know that this can be painful to hear but this is the truth. When we start getting attached to someone then we are preventing our best selves from showing up. I want you to have the mindset that if it does not work out, then it is what it is. This is what will attract a woman back. You might be thinking… well, if I don’t pay attention to her she will go out and find another guy. My response is always then she didn’t really like you in the first place and you can’t make water and oil fit. Also, when people create distance, it’s natural to think about and want something that we do not have.

If any of these tips resonated with you, I encourage you to follow some of the tips that I have talked on how to move forward. Once this girl starts coming back, I want you to pace yourself and attract her back with the right traits that you can showcase since you have no expectations of a specific outcome. This woman will now see that she also has to work for something.

If this woman continues to reject you and you keep trying, then it’s time to stop and slowly move on when you are ready. Don’t continue to pour salt on a wound that isn’t healed if you know what I mean.

Your Coach,

Apollonia Ponti

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information about how to handle my own mindset and emotions, whenever I’m in a relationship with a woman. Sure, I know how to talk to women during the “meet and greet”, beginning phase. And sometimes I’ve miss read her signs, through her words and body language. I’m not perfect, and have made plenty of mistakes in my dating life. I’ve been married, cheated on and divorced many years ago now. I’ve hurt other women feelings too. Even though being honest with myself and conveying who I am to women. Probably causes some issues between us. Is it possible I might come on as too intense whenever I’m dealing with a woman I like to know? You made some great points about, holding on to, my dignity, integrity, and also “I can live with you or without you attitude”. Whenever I’m involved with a woman who’s not willing to reciprocate what I’m looking for in a relationship. I’ve been dealing with such a woman like that for 12+ years now. She’s not innocent with her patterns of behavior towards me and with other men, which I know about. But she’s very quick to tell me about my failing her trust. Yet, she’ll contact me whenever the mood strikes her. Recently I told her, I will not longer tolerate her behavior towards me. And there’s no need for us to contact each other. You’re right when you say, that a man must stand his ground based on his own principles and not let anyone detour his progress towards becoming successful in life. There’s some areas in my life I truly need to focus on to achieve my goals. And have the great life I deserve. I also have my faith in God’s word and truly believe in His promises for me. I’m grateful to be learning how to gain more confidence and control of myself, by listening to your advice about how to really handle my own emotions when getting to know a woman’s ways. I know that things and situations are placed in front of me. To test my responses to them. I’m praying that I’ll get better at reading those signs in the future. God’s blessings are upon you! Peace

        1. i think im in the same situation. what do i do?? she said i give her time i asked and she was like 2/ 3 months but we communicate as we dating . on a normal day we can call and talk for abt 2 hrs non stop. i reaply do like her what do i do???

      1. Great article! I’m actually having an issue with a shy person. We went out a few times, she came to my place on the 3rd date. We can talk all night, but with texting? It’s like a completely different woman, slow responses, 1 line or word responses most of the time, etc. 3rd time we were together, I kissed her and she did kiss me back so a few days later I had asked her if she wanted to have dinner, and she had some things to do for the holidays… ok, no problem I said. 3 or so days later, she’s texting asking if I’m ok… I just said yeah, why? She says, just asking (probably because I’d always say good morning and tell her to have a good day), I replied with, yep, alive and well. She says “that’s good” and I just gave her the 👍🏻 And that was it. I’m not doing the chasing, but I also don’t want to play games, so now I figure, she knows my number, we’ve never spoken on the phone and we’ve been out 3 times lol… it seems so stupid for 2 people in their 40s, but the interesting thing is that she’s told me a whole lot of deep things about her past, so… mixed signals all around. I thought it was because of being shy and maybe I’d have to take the lead, but now I almost don’t care.

      2. I am interested in a girl. She has been through a bad past lately with some personal issues. We got close and hugged it out and she said she needed it. She messaged me to say we should go out sometime. I replied to say we definitely should do something and I would be interested. After a few days I never got a message back. I again asked directly for date a few days later and she declined it. Why would she be interested in doing something/going out a few days before but not on the days after.

        1. Hi there!
          Thank you so much for reaching out to us about this. I ‘m so sorry to hear what you’re going through and I know our coaches would love to help you out with this issue. I would highly suggest you book a coaching call with one of our coaches so we can get to helping you right away. You can book a session with this link:

          -Ap Team

  2. Hi Apollonia. So far. Last year my wife 37 year passed away. May would be a year. I found a young girl by accident at doc office. We like each other. She did sting for me. I showed to much attachment she backed off. I have Ben reading your advice. This started in may. You on the mark. I have Ben following you keep it comming. Love it

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you so much! This means the world to me and I hope you find what you’re looking for in your journey. I’m always here to support!

    2. A “young girl” is around age 4-11, “young woman” age 15-20something. I hope you mean a woman.

  3. Thankx for the delightful insights my Ladyfriend. I wish women would reject me more. Eye have developed my mind, mentality and physical demeanor & social etiquette so much, and will continue to do that attracting women from all cultures is unconsciously effortless! Because of the unique variety of high quality, intelligent, and career minded women that keep telling me they’re ready to compliment my existence is becoming increasingly difficult/ interesting to choose which one would be best at being a lifelong companion!! I guess my dilemma is the more i travel, the more i keep developing myself, the more financially independent i’ve become, the more solidified in my core values i live by, and knot caring about the trivial things about women because of the acute understanding of our human natures…The more abundance of awesome women have entered my life on a weekly basis!! And after entertaining sum because there is not enough time to entertain all them, and this has me dumbfounded. Because i choose not to have sex with them after periods of weeks, months,…the women, begin to buy gifts, take on travel trips, but won’t let me pay for anything, give me keys to houses, apartments and etcetera. Invitations to all their lady and family functions…So Coach from a womens perspective what does all this mean?

      1. There’s a girl I’ve been friends with for awhile now and I slowly started to get feelings for her well I never tried cause she has a BF and I am a old fashioned southern gentleman in the north well I asked her out after they split and she said she wasn’t ready then slept with my former friend well 6 months later she spilled her guts that she’s getting to the age where she’s figuring out what she needs and wants are different and want to have a real future and knows I’m “The Perfect guy” that she needs but I also am so hurt by everything she’s done lately like if you just wanted sex and always told me she isn’t the type to sleep with someone she doesn’t care about then why didn’t she just hook up with me before instead of

        1. So now I wonder was I a back up plan all along I’m not sure cause I started drinking but I think she said I’m either the guy she needs but doesn’t want or wants cause she needs me then kissed me I’m eland she can’t find what she wants but knows I’m there for her cause she has been there for me when I needed to be not alone she knows more about me than almost everyone and is a true friend to me but honestly finding out what happened even tho we weren’t together really hurts I told her how I felt he knew I care for her to him she was just a lay same for her I just don’t get it I want to get over it she asked me on a date and the worst part is I really do care deeply for her and would die to make her smile but also want her to be happy and I am scared I can’t be the man she wants Im a chef so I make enough to get by but not to live very well I just scrape by and don’t want to be poor again and honestly don’t know I fell for a friend and am scared to lose that too

          1. Also when she shot me down she said she wasn’t ready and spilled when she said something about me an a crush which I told her that it passed I moved on and gave up on her and me and wanted to know if her friend was single plus we work together and when I switched jobs she did too

  4. Hi Apollonia you are a treasure. Your guidance always help. You are a saviour for lot of men. Heartfelt Gratitude.

    1. Hi Vaibhav,
      Thank you for your support and reading my blog about “she rejected me but still acts interested” I appreciate your comment and I’m glad you are here. So glad to hear that my blogs are helpful. Have a good day.

  5. Hi, Apollonia,
    First many thanks for your very smart and useful advices I got via your YT channel (as I found it first). Hat down. Regarding this Article I can say I had right same situation where she has shown me some acceptance first but she never shown much attention later to me. I was always inviting her to meet, but she never did. She always had ready a fake excuse if she was not in the mood to meet me with no proposing next option to meet. 80% of my invitations were rejected. That made me mad. That lasted 4 months but I didn’t give up. We finally kissed and said we are together but in next days she was afraid to get more intimate with me so she cancelled my invitation before my trip. After that I wrote her a long letter I can’t be with her like that. She said to me she doesn’t know what she wants. One day to she wants to be a pair, next day she runs away of relationship. She proposed to meet more like friends to see how far we can come like that. I rejected Friend zone and she dumped me after the trip but still I wanted to meet her to see what is going on. She said we can meet but as friends only. She said to me at the end I was pushing in her too much and that this pushes her away from me. And if I can’t be just her friend to meet her, she doesn’t care and that I will find another girl easily. After that meeting I didn’t call her anymore and she the same not (1 month).

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thanks for your comment and for reading my blog about she rejected me. Sorry, this happened but I would suggest taking this as a lesson. It seems like she had a big sense of control over the relationship and this has to be even. You may have been trying harder than her and this does not have to happen in relationships. I hope this blog helped and best of luck to you with everything! 🙂

    2. Hi, Apollonia. Thanks you for your reply and answer. Must admit that you are really big expert in many situations. I watched lot of your videos, some even several times that helped me a lot. Many, many thanks!! Let me say continuation of my story after 1,5 month of no contacts with her. I just met her yesterday on dancing floor. She approached me and we start talking as I wanted to present me as totally another person she known me before and to make her see what is she missing. So the biggest and the most valuable thing is to put the girl from pedestal lower below yourself – main thing! I acted like I don’t care for her but still being polite in conversation. I told her that I do many things what plans I have for the summer. I was far from my former neediness. So I acted like”girl if you want me, you’ll need to do something – actually I don’t need you”. We talked different common things for 20 min. After she wanted to go where her company sit she asked me if I would like to meet some day for a coffee exposing “like a friends”. 🙂 I just said to her, you can call me yes as I’ll not call you. She asked why? I said I don’t even have your phone number anymore as I deleted it. 🙂 I said you wanted a space as I was rushing in you so I gave you space moving myself away from you. And I added when you’ll be ready to meet me, you can invite me, sure. She was a bit confused what I mean and I just repeated of course you can invite me when you’ll be ready – as Apollonia teaches us 😉 And I felt like a winner last night!

    3. Continuation of story. After four days after meeting her since 1,5 month ago I’ve got a MSG from her saying: Hey it’s me, that you have my number again, now … How Apollonia’s advices worked like a charm as planned. 😉 So pedestal on OFF!! and then you go. 😉

    4. At the end happened all as what Apollonia said. Even after I moved away for 45 days she was curiuos what I was doing in that time. But that doesn’t mean she will like me. No, it was the same so the only thing is to move on and forget on her. 🙁

  6. Thanks Apollonia, this blog couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been seeing this great girl for just over a month but things had gotten flaky. I’ve been following you for some time and knew the direction to go. This post reassured me I was making the right decision.
    Thanks again

  7. Hi Apollonia my name is Kennedy, I have been dating a girl for 4 years and she broke up with me and I accept but she keep on talking to me any time we meet in the church and also call me.after 3 weeks I ask her about what she said and she said she have move on but she still want to talk to me or call me because we always see in the same church. Please Apollonia what should I do.

    1. Hi Kennedy,
      I would not focus on an outcome with her and not be available too much for her at this moment. Just talk to her at church with no expectation for something in the future.

  8. All I can say sis Apollonia, another authentic blog! I just wish men can have abundant mindsets just like women.

  9. Hi apollonia your blog was excellent, i have read it at the right time .when i was in btech 1st year i saw a beautiful girl in my college and we started seeing each other whenever we have seminar she would turn and see me atleast 20 times and even at the buses she used to gaze me .so one day she was overseeing me and my emotional feelings got that day i went and proposed her but she rejected me.i accepted it.all of a sudden she stopped seeing me and started ignoring me so i also pretended that i doesn’t really care.but after 2 months she started again seeing afterwards my feeling became so high that i couldn’t sleep .i was just thinking about her the whole i wrote a beautiful poem with the title “i love you” for her .each and every guy who read my poem loved i thought she will accept me .so i gave that poem to her but in return she replied ” your a fuckin creature ,what do you think about yourself” and much more .so i was breakdown to such extent that i went into depression and suffering from insomia bipolar i am in btech third year already geeting suicidal thoughts but that is not the issue she is again started seeing me.what should i do?

    1. Thanks ill walk through the line you show me
      The truth is the girl I love rejecting but still want to be with me as a friend sometime I want to ingnore her but I won’t (sorry am Tanzanian so my English is not well)

  10. I am working in UK. There is a girl working in a nearby restaurant who is from France. One day during conversation she asked casually if I make more money than what make in India, also which car do I drive, to which I replied, I can buy a car but I don’t need one as UK is not my home country. One day during conversations she mentioned she is going back to France for one month holiday. Before she could leave I asked her out for coffee, she turned down my invite saying “It is going to be complicated, sorry. What does it mean?

    1. I am married and had this lady who was into me. She knew i was married from day one and we dated then her ex once came back and physically assaulted her, from there she just told me she is broken and she is just distant. I miss her emotionally she was that person i needed. Am trying to let go but not sure if i can cope, i just feel so in love with her. The worst she said was “she will not be intimate or have sex with me”…The other day we kissed and i could feel her with the kiss but why is acting cold?

  11. What does it mean when she says this

    Yeah well you know I have a lot going on and I’m trying to get myself right so I will do my best to

    Well you know how I feel about rushing things we barely know that much about each other and you know I told u I like to take things slow so as long as you cool with that then we are wonderful because you are a great person and very sweet but it’s more to a companionship than that

    1. Hi Mike. Thank you for taking the time to read She Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested. It sounds like she might have started to get scared off. Perhaps you’re doing too much and trying to prove things to her, giving her gifts, etc. I would pull back and let her come to you more. I would need to know more about the situation to better coach you through. You can book a private coaching session here

  12. If these are really good reasons for women rejecting a man so I’m more sure than never I will really pass my whole life without sex and romance: “You’re too into her”; “You don’t inspire her”; and “This happens often when you put a woman on a pedestal and you look at her as the prize and forget you’re a prize as well. Women are attracted to the inner confidence of a man”.

    I will always be too much into a woman I like. I will never lie to her about that or hide it from her. I will never be the prize of any woman, as I never saw any woman sexually wanting me at my whole life. It’s just impossible to happen so.

    Although, this is a reason that makes sense to me: “she might have rejected you because she saw that you were getting more serious than what she is currently looking for”.

    Nonetheless, for me, the major reason for I being always been rejected by any kind of woman is that I am simply too much shy, too much physically unattractive and have a very unattractive way of being. Doesn’t matter how successful I am at my beloved profession. Doesn’t matter how healthy I am. Doesn’t matter how much gentleman and kind I always am with women.

    That is it: the women just don’t like me as simple as that. It’s just impossible for they wanting me wherever I do. I’m sure I’m doomed to dye virgin, because I’ll never pay for sex. My solution was accepting this fate and living as happy as possible the rest of my life without sex or romance, just with my family, friends, job, trips and other kinds of fun, sincerely thanking God for every day of my life He gives me.

  13. I asked this girl out really wanting to be her boyfriend and she gave me several reasons like
    (1) Im not really in a place to be dating relationships are complicated
    (2) she said she would want us to be friends
    (3) at one point she said she has a boyfriend
    Whenever I called her she would pick up and most of the times when I asked to see her she didnt really give an excuse. I decided to stop calling her and giving her much attention for the past week and then she texted me saying “Heyy you dont like me anymore but I miss you”. We kinda work at the same office block then she comes to see me at work and asks me why I didnt text her back or check on her and telling me she was sick and she did not come to work yesterday. Where is she really playing at cos to me she sounds confused. Your advice would really help

    1. Hey Tinotenda, thank you for taking the time to read She Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested. This sounds like she just wants your attention for the ego boosts. Women do this, we like feeling good and if there’s a guy that can do that for us, we will try and keep him around. I would start dating other women and not give her any attention. I wouldn’t respond to her messages or calls and keep your cool. If she comes in to your office and pouts, you can tell her that you’re not interested in games. Or if you want… when she comes in to your office you can play her game, throw it back at her. But there’s better options out there.

  14. What did I do if I love a woman and knew it but still pretending and still tryin to take you out with her other men

  15. Hi, at first i initiated for conversation with her on whatsapp. Then after sometime i proposed her but she said “no”. She said me “she likes me as a friend”. Then she stopped replying me whenever i messaged her she sees it but not replied back. I said her that “i hate ignoring and we are friends and we will… but i dont want to talk to you thats it ” , then i started ignoring her in college on whatsapp i did’nt talked to her for 5 days. One day she messaged me “You really don’t want to talk to me” i replied “we will talk after exams.. Let me focus my studies..” Then she said “you really don’t want to talk to me !” This way she replied i don’t understand what she want… she loves me or not i asked her that “do you like me” she still said “i like you as a friend”. I don’t know what to do now… Plz guide me ma’am.

  16. Now she talks to me replies me. But still she says she likes me as a friend and i think i should stop talking with her. I should ignore her… But i really don’t know she like me or not after her message. As i posted before on top

  17. Why are you still spending time with a woman who rejected you? You need to make her accountable for the words that come out of her mouth. For too long men have allowed women to lie to them; saying one thing while meaning another. If she told you no, believe she meant no. If she likes you, rejecting you means she’s a liar. Why would you go out with a liar? If she becomes truly attracted to you after rejecting you, she will have to come to you, apologize, and ask you for another chance. You’d be a fool to give it to her, but at least she’d be doing the right and honest thing. It’s best to completely ignore all women anyway. They are all trying to get your money by slapping you with a false harassment claim. Don’t give them any reason to do this. Don’t look at them, approach them, talk to them, and for heaven’s sake don’t date or marry them. That’s the only safe way to deal with women these days.

  18. Hello,
    I stumbled upon your blog by accident. Well, perhaps law of attraction helped me find this blog. I just want to say these tips are not just for men, but for women too. I am a lesbian and appreciate the blog. Women frustrate me and although I have been applying my own technique—I would tell myself that I am free! Free to be me and be happy with that. I believe words are very powerful along with prayers.

    I would close my eyes and picture myself releasing all the confused energy out to the universe. If it’s meant to be so be it. If not, I can move on because I am Free.

    Thank You

    1. Hey Annette. Thank you for taking the time to read She Rejected me but still acts interested. So glad you’re enjoying the content, too! That’s a great visualization!
      Thank you for commenting and stopping by my blog.
      Wishing you the best,

  19. I’ve proposed to a girl for about 16months and she’s saying she won’t date. I got tired of her so I texted her that I’m moving on. so after the next 5 days she texted me and ask my condition, what does it mean

    1. Hi Morayo, thank you for taking the time to read she rejected me but still acts interested. If you guys weren’t dating and you were proposing, then I think we’re going too fast here. I’m not sure if you mean that you proposed to her marriage or you were just asking her out. Either way, it sounds like we were missing the biggest sign… she actually told you she doesn’t want to date.
      She’s not ready for a relationship… but she’s reaching out because she wanted your attention. You were giving her attention and boosting her ego, of course, she wants that back. I would really suggest going slow and getting to know someone, and when someone tells you about themselves, listen. There are plenty of women out there who ARE available.


  20. Holy cow,
    You could not have said anything better. This blog was a message from the heavens. I’ve instinctively already knew most of what you said here, but ignored it n did the total opposite because it felt right. Wow, just hearing the confirmation from another woman was a huge help. I’m a master now, you have no idea what this has done to my dating experience. But , I will be honest and you may want to tell readers to be kind with this new power they will now wield. I have certainly used for evil n revenge n ruined a few lives I now regret. But I get ANY woman I want, all I need is eye contact and one conversation and I own them😈. If I could make a donation I certainly would.😉

    1. Hey Carlo. We never use our practice to “dominate” or be manipulative. It should only be used for the right reasons. Thanks for stopping by and reading she rejected mt but still acts interested.

  21. well there’s this girl that I really like but she is 5 years older than me
    the thing is that I confessed to her and she said that she coulnd’t do anything for the moment and despite the fact that wealways have a lot of fun together she says that she just needs to recover from a past brake up and that she feels kind of weird due to the age gap… I then replied look I just wanted to suggest to take it easy and get to know each other more and then see how would things go. And then I told her that since she did not see it that way we could just keep it friendly. She keeps texting me and videocalling while behaving like nothing happened and I just can’t even ignore her because we literally live two houses away

  22. Hello, great article. I matched a girl on Tinder she had a general nature picture, and my account is the same. We matched and started chatting, she thought I’m a girl but I was honest that I’m a man and stayed talking accepted to be friends. The chat she started was about her experience in life generally and then about sex and her past relationships and even she mentioned she loves sex a lot she doesn’t mind doing it all day. We stayed chatting and listening to her she was relaxed told me why you listen to all my stories are a psychiatrist I laughed and said no. At night I invited her for dinner she said where is your house joking wisw so I asked to go out some place and she discovered I’m from a different religion she said no commenting I don’t go out with strangers besides I still don’t know you. I didn’t tell her much about myself I tried to keep myself as a mystery to give a chance to her to discover. We stayed in touch and moved from Tinder to WhatsApp and kept chatting and she’s sharing info about her, I once told her I’d like to know more about you. She replied why you wanna know more about me? I commented because you’re nice, humble, educated and nice so why I shouldn’t. She was flattered and liked my reply I think, everything is well remained chatting even I called her once and talked and told me stories about her once of them she has breast cancer and she’s gonna take the second surgery soon. Anyway I don’t wanna talk much we’re still chatting, after 2 weeks I added her on FB so she rejected me I was oops why? So I decided to stop talking to her it was the weekend on Monday she ping me asking how was my weekend and sent her a voice note which showed my voice isn’t well so she asked are you ok it seems you’re upset or tired what’s wrong? So I told her don’t want you to disturbed with my stories she said oh no come on been telling you about me so I told her at night we’ll talk which we couldn’t because she was busy. All the time I was kind and caring towards her and she was liking that and she found me so nice, gentle and sweet. Now I’m really confused what’s going on why she’s not stepping forward and trying to establish a relation. She might thought I’m being serious looking for marriage which I’m not but maybe I didn’t something let her feel like that. What I want to have a good relationship with her, I really like her and would like to be in a relationship but not go towards marriage just keep it on the level of boyfriend and girlfriend with love and loyalty.
    Your advise how fix the situation and let her take forward steps is highly appreciated and needed.

    Thank you!

  23. I have a problem that is I purposes a girl and first time I say her friends I want talk to my crush than she says I will through u shoes second time I say her that I have urgent work with u please meet me somewhere than she says okay and second time she says I have realation but when she says this she was thinking what I will say and third time I say her another time she says from there I am not interested in this what is this matter please help me

  24. hey… so there is this girl I like so much and i was gonna tell her how i feel face to face when we met but we were all put on quarantine and so we couldn’t meet. I then decided to tell her through the phone and when i did, she just took it as a joke and used the laughing emoji but after some few minutes she realized that i was serious and know she is delaying in replying my messages. Yesterday i sent a voice note and asked her what she thinks or feels but she completely ignored my message….By the way on Sunday, i ignored her, this was before the voice note and later through a text i told her that it wasn’t personal but i found out that she actually took it personal….. so what can i do or rather what is the problem?

  25. In this situation right now and I must tell you it’s so annoying because she’s intentionally playing hide and seek in the relationship based on her selfish gains and I believe she thought she’s smart. I’m calling it a quit today.

    1. Emmanuel,
      Yes. If it’s not healthy then yes it’s time to release. Also thanks for reading my blog about she rejected me.

  26. Thank you for the article n advice.
    I am in the same situation now. I have chatting and talking with a girl for last 1 year..We live in different countries. She came to visit me for 3 days. I was already attracted towards her before we met. After meeting her I got hooked and developed real feeling and I really thought she feels the same way . But I couldn’t confessed all this face to face, I was afraid. But I confessed all on the phone after she went back and she told me she likes me as a friend. I know I missed my chance and I screwed the situation myself. Now she still talks n jokes around likes before.
    I am really confused n hurting !!

    1. Hi Ruben,
      Thank you for your comment on my blog about ” she rejected me but still acts interested” as of right now you’ve put her on a pedestal and it’s important that you don’t. I think backing away may peak attraction but it’s important that you focus on reality and not the story.

  27. Hi Apolloni,my situation is way different. We dated for 2yrs and just this February 2020,she told me she is not interested. However,she still sends me chats,pictures of herself,occasionally calls me and tells me about things she is doing. Yet she says she is no longer interested so I am a bit confused. When I read her message and dint reply on time,she gets angry and feels ignored. This is my own concern and I need you to help explain this.

    1. Hi Henry,
      If she rejected you then it seems like she also likes you attention. Eliminate the attention more and switch the balance of control. Once you make her wonder she may come to you.

  28. Hi Apollonia,
    I read your blog, you gave us men some good advice. But i still have some questions, specifically on the 4 main points that you explained above.

    The title of your blog says “She rejected me but still acts intetested”. One of the points was clear to me that a girl might reject you but still shows an interest on you because she sees you as a friend.

    But I still have some concerns about the other 3 reasons that you explained, for instance a girl rejects a guy because he is too much into her than she is to him, this makes him less desirable. So, if a girl has rejected a guy because of that reason, why is she still acting interested? What is the point of acting interested on someone that pushed you away because he seemed too desperate to be with you?. I saw an explanation that some women want the attention from men that they have rejected, but what is the point anyways? If a woman rejected a man because he was showing too much attention to her, then why would she act interested in order to get that attention that she does not want in the first place?

    Another point, “She’s unavailable or just not ready.”
    If a woman rejects a guy because he was too serious about the relationship while she wasn’t, why does she still act interested? If her aim was just to have fun or to flirt with a guy but she rejected him because he was serious, why does she still act interested on that guy? Because personally, I don’t see any fun on flirting with someone that you are not interested in because it is actualy boring, so why would you torture yourself?

    Another point “You don’t inspire her”. If a guy doesn’t motivate or inspire a girl and she rejected him because of that, why does she still act interested? Is she waiting for him to change? and what if he doesn’t?

    So my main concern is why would a woman still act interested on a guy if she has lost interest on him and rejected him? maybe you might have some more explanation about that. You explained that some women just use men for their attention and move them around here and there, but personally if I am not interested on a certain woman I don’t see the point of seeking attention from her or to continue messing with her feelings if I have rejected her. From what I know or read about, is that if a woman rejects a man, she also ignores him. So why do some women act interested in order to have the attention from the men that they are not interested in? What is the point of that?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Bryzow. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on She rejected me but still acts interested. So to answer your question for all 3… the reason why… is because it’s human nature. It’s the same thing that guys do, too. A woman will still act interested because the guy was feeding her ego, making her feel good about herself. (not all guys do this and not all women do this, but it happens… it’s completely natural) if someone is making us feel good about ourselves, then we will use that. So while a girl is out dating other guys, she will still talk to the guy that she friend zoned because the friendzone guy was complimenting her a lot and trying to PROVE that he was good enough.. and by doing that… was over gifting, or over doing… so although it KILLED ATTRACTION… it still feels nice to have the attention. It’s an ego boost.

      Men will do the same thing with a woman that he’s not interested in (similar to hooking up with someone you don’t want to date.. it’s a quick fix)

      Compliments feel nice. If someone compliments you, you like it, you want more of it. Doesn’t mean you want to date the person.

      Hope this helps. If you’re still confused, then I would suggest booking a private session.
      Wishing you the absolute best,

  29. Hie apollonia!
    Thanks for this information. I really had no Idea of what happens .
    I proposed a classmate and she rejected me but she always sticks to me and always say she wants me to be happy. We sometimes flirt but if I tell her again about how I feel, she always say she does not want to here that.
    I was so frustrated and I decided stop talking to her but with this information, I now know what to do and if any additional information is available you can share again

  30. Thanks Apollonia for your response.

    Well, I guess it’s better to avoid those egomaniacs by moving forward, just like you suggested.

      1. I approached this girl and she told me she’s already made her mind with a different guy and yet she keeps on fetching her problems for me to solve and all the time she keeps on telling me she’s already in love with someone else and pretend like we’re dating..what should I do..??

  31. Greetings. So a few years back I met a girl. From the start it hit me like lightning. But when it comes to flirting? I’m clueless when a girl likes me. So I noticed anytime I’d see this girl, she’d tell me I was a rock star. I work at a hospital she’s a nurse. So I thought she was just trying to be a leader so I didnt think anything of it. But she’d only talk to me when no one else was around. One day I saw her in the parking lot. She was talking with a guy. I said “hey” she saw me, turned bright red, then went straight to her car. Didn’t even say goodbye to that guy. So I thought maybe she did like me back.

    So one day I saw her but I didn’t get to talk. I saw she left a pin on my desk that had the same message that she used to compliment me. So I asked if she gave it to me? She was over the top denying it. Like it was comical. She didn’t want me to know. So one day I wore it. When she saw it, she turned bright red again

    But anytime I’d work up the courage to ask her out, she pushed me away. I got her a Christmas gift, she was so upset at me. In fact I was getting a lot of hot and cold from her

    Around this time I realized her friends were making contact with me. Always super nice. I guess they didn’t realize I knew they were connected. But recently I had let one of her friends know that I knew. She then tells me thst she is just ultra shy and struggles. So recently she left my hospital and she went to another job. So I can’t just go by her office. Her friends are now avoiding me so I can’t ask them for her number. It was weird that they all started avoiding me. Again with the hot and cold.

    So what do you think? I’m I over thinking this? Are they just all making fun of me? Or does she actually like me. Also how can I make contact with her?

  32. I would need more on your advice concerning my relationship with a lady that Irelly love, and we have been in a relationship for almost 3years now, but it happened several times, almost like four times now that she is in a relationship with me but later on she told me that she has found another guy where her feelings are highly on him, this became a challenge to me and I had to fight for my relationship untill I managed solve the issue out, this happened 3times where Everytime she had feelings on different guys, though such things were happening Iwas able to sort issues and we continue with our relationship as normal. This this time around after like 3months now this year June 2020,the same issue has just happen again and she has told me that her feelings are on another guy which is totally different from the other guys before, and she’s telling me that she loves me but her feelings are not on me, so I should let her go, though I’ve been trying to do so but I find it too difficult where it ha s take me almost a month now since the beginning of June 2020,and the bad part of it is that we are far from each other coz she’s in university in another region and I also in another region though before we were togather before she went to the university, it has been 1year now. So plz I need ur adivise, coz I’ve tried everything I could do but no success.

    1. Hi Adamas,
      Thank you for reading our blog and We are sorry to hear what you are going through.
      We would highly recommend subscribing to our youtube channel if you haven’t already, you’ll be able to find a lot of valuable information.
      Also, would absolutely help you understand what you are going through and analyses your current situation.
      Apollonia’s team

  33. Hey Apollonia and Team

    Really interesting article. A co-worker of mine and I got very close prior to the currently C-19 lockdown, and throughout the first few months of the lockdown period we were having what you may class as an ’emotional affair’. We got close because she confided in me about her relationship and during lockdown i helped her as she decided to move on from that – which was a huge decision for her. We grew really close, spoke about many things and found every way possible to meet up. When we did meet the feeling between us was electric like nothing I’ve ever experienced. We could talk for hours about nothing and cry on each others shoulders without hesitation. We even went out on her birthday – i skipped work and made excuses – it was a great day (just 6 weeks ago now). But… gradually i felt her start to distance herself and when i questioned her on this she stated she needed some space and ‘me’ time. Now, i don’t dispute this – she is out of a relationship – but we were closer when she was in her relationship than out of it. As soon as she moved out and in with a friend, i felt pushed away. This wouldn’t be so difficult but before this we were great friends and colleagues. She says she’s never had a bond like this with anyone, and seems to want her cake and to eat it – not only with me but her ex.

    Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gone through some really bad personal issues with a bereavement within the family. I thought this would at least show her to be the friend i needed. I have to say i was a bit disappointed with her reaction and compassion. I had spoken to her, messaged her, stayed up to all hours comforting her, but when i needed it i could see she was online but ignoring me.

    I don’t want to feel played, but i do. I haven’t messaged her out of work since Thursday last week – she hasn’t either. I will see her at work on Friday, and we are due to have some works drinks in a couple of weeks’ time. I don’t know how to play this with her anymore. As i said i don’t want to think I’ve been ‘used’ by her and I’ve completely misjudged her character, but i can’t un-do the things i said to her and what she said to me. Should i continue to maintain silence and let her miss me and just maintain a professional relationship?

  34. All of these are nonsense. The best way for you to attract women is just to be yourself. You can improve your personality if it shows defects. But do not put someone else’s mask on your true personality. You might succeed in getting a relationship or attracting women by following these advises that this website or other websites tell you. But your relationships will soon end in divorce or breakup. Why? Because you denied your true self. You assumed a different character – thinking that finally a woman will say yes to you- but you did not realize that a relationship is a private affair, and that your woman must know your true or private self.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reading “She Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested! 7 Reasons Why!” Being true to ourselves is definitely important. Take care!

  35. man see woman

    She show signals, eye contact, smiling, talking in the same tone as him, standing close with an open body language(whole body pointed into him). Listining to him answering question and so on.
    Even when he walk to find something like a ” soda ” she gave him signs as he saw

    After a while the womens friend become friendly to him.
    They guy now has dialogues with ” her friend”
    friend often start to talk with him.

    After a while
    Guy started to message one of her friend to find out,
    He explained to her friend.
    Also answer some questions.
    Friend tips to go to womens place.
    Also not spending to much time inside. and asking her out in a friendly way.

    The guy now going to that store. Spending about 5 minutes.
    Trying getting her attention (in normal way)
    He wants to ” buy ” a stuff and have some questions about the ”soda”

    in the end with that he says.
    – I come back later and buy the soda, I have to go now.
    (he pointing I don’t buy today I buy next time).
    He wait until both can ” go ” separate ways

    After this

    He ask the woman out in a normal way.

    The girl rejected and getting ”chocked”


    My personal thoughts while I hear this story from a friend
    is that she only wanted attention. But if that is the case.
    why making this long progress without any reason?

  36. As far as I know, a woman who acts interested, even after she rejected you, only likes the attention you give her.

    1. Hey Johan,

      Thank you for reading She Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested! 7 Reasons Why!
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  37. Thx I like this girl and I was trying to hard im going to trust in myself and stay true to myself😌💯

    1. Hey Rodrigo!

      Thank you for reading my blog post She Rejected Me, but Still Acts Interested! 7 Reasons Why!
      I know what you are going through can be very confusing and frustating.
      I would love to work with you and hear a bit more so I can give you the exact tips and advice you need for your specific situation
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      I look forward to working with you!
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  38. I’m gladly amazed to have encountered you,because everything I have read ,has resonated me. And now, I’m feeling fresh, and I’m trying to contemplate on other ambitions. Thank you miss apollonia

    1. Hey Rodrigo!

      Thanks again for leaving me 2 comments on my blog post She Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested! 7 Reasons Why!
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  39. hi apollonia
    thank you for sharing these infos
    but i want to ask you about something
    you said that a girl might reject someone if she’s not ready.
    so i love a girl but she rejected me saying that she’s not ready (and she’s my best friend ) and i think that she is not ready brcause she’s still young but recently she’s acting like more interested and i want to know what does that mean and if i shoul not give up on her ?

  40. Hi appolonia
    I have this woman who i loved her alot and she knew it coz i told her already.she refused me by saying she don’t want boyfriend for mean time,but fun things she don’t want to let me go and then I told her my feelings again but still play the same game and it almost a year,i want to move on but she gave me something to keep me into her and that driving me crazy coz she don’t want me but keep calling me leaving me with alot of questions.I don’t know what to do but now I’m ignoring her calls and answering absurd.i hope it’s right thing to do!

  41. ok She says she doesn’t want a relationship or a boyfriend… ok I get that. But then she texts me morning to night all the time, asking things like what are you doing? talking about all kinds of things, and wants me to take her to lunch all the time. (but she says NO DATING) I’m really confused about her intentions. She knows I want to have a relationship and I’ve made no secret about it (my wife died three years ago, and I didn’t choose to be single after 35 years being married) she knows I like her a lot, but always gets offended if I say anything about dating, or whatever… if I say anything “naughty” she gets offended, even just kidding around, even mentioning dating, and we have not dated, not had sex, anything. But she turns right around and still texts me all the time… wants to go to lunch, etc… I’m really confused. Move on? Keep trying? Give up totally? Things are different than they were 40 years ago and I can’t figure women out, especially her.

  42. I usually don’t ask for help in this kind of matter, buy i think i need your advice.
    I know this girl from highschool, we didn’t interact too much at that time, but after many years we ended up colleagues at the same company. After a while she became one of the bosses, a manager. A few months ago she asked me to help her with some projects. Working with her also came with a promotion and respect from other co-workers. I soon started to see signs that she likes me. We stayed up late for work, and we became more and more close to eachother, comfortable with touching eachother lightly (gestures wich she started). I realised that i like her too, but i was very cautios because she is married. She started to tease me subtle.  I didn’t made any moves, even if i knew i could kiss her on a few occasions. I know she didn’t liked that, and she backed off a little for a while. After two weeks of holidays we met again at work. When we had a conversation she told me joking that i bored her.
    I continued to be nice to her and make her compliments and she started to tease me again but in a sexual manner this time. Her interest in me sparked again. Two days ago, we stayed up late again to work. The moment was perfect for me to make the move and kiss her but again, i didn’t. Not because i was affraid but because i was still cautios regarding the whole context. Next day she seem to be still friendly but not flirty anymore (obviously). We stayed up late again, just the two of us. At the end of the day, i tried to make her laugh and tried to kiss her. Of course she rejected me. She told me that she won’t allow me. I was ok. She asked me if i’m upset and of course i answered that i’m not. She said that she need need to think about this. I told her that i have patience (i’m sure she didn’t liked this either, and for good reasons) but i will try just once more. She told me that maybe i shouldn’t waste my patience on her. I told her that we will see, and that i am pretty confident. She after drove me home. I know that she will be friendly at work, after the weekend (or at least i hope). But i am also sure she will be distant at the same time.
    What should i do in this situation? Should i just let it go? And if i don’t wanna let it go, how should i proceed to turn her back? It’s silly for me to ask this questions and i’m a little ashamed, but i think i really like her and we seem to be on the same wavelenght. So…help me?

  43. Hello,
    I met a girl at a park, we introduced ourselves and spoke briefly for a couple of minutes. During the conversation I found out where she works so I decided to go to her work place and simply asked her out. She was very excited to see me (at least that’s the impression I got from her). However, she claimed she had a boyfriend. I then offered my number if she ever wants to talk. Two days later she texts me at 9:00 AM by just saying “this is first/ last name”. I was very surprised and delighted at the same time. I replied immediately by asking how her day is going and wishing a wonderful rest of her day. No more. She said, “I will try to”. That was the end of it. I am lost here and not sure what to do.
    I would like to add that I lived and still do in the same neighborhood where she works and she would stare non stop every time I walked by her to the point I was intimated by her good looks and I would not make eye contact. I always pretended I did not see that. Keep in mind I am a shy guy. The staring went on for about 6 months before I walked up to her in the park. Again I am lost…LOL

  44. I am a fundamentally unattractive man so it is unreasonable to expect any woman anywhere to be interested in me as more than a friend. I have never expressed sexual interest in any woman for this reason – I make sure to keep my desires to myself no matter how strong they are. It’s sad, lonely and often painful to keep my [normal human] feelings inside, but I have no choice – this is the cold hard reality for men like me who are incapable of being sexually attractive to any woman.

  45. I was browsing and found your blog very interesting, and another reason why I am of the view that the game of romance is a waste of my time. I am very literal minded with no ability to read people’s emotions, taking people at their word rather than trying to get subtlety. If this is how the game is played, then for people like me the only way to win (and not waste time) is to not play in the first place.

  46. All I have to say is guys just move on. I’ve experienced it myself sometimes and it’s nothing but toxic.
    It can ruin your self esteem, makes you wonder what was wrong. Stop it. Leave. No one deserves to be treated like that. She might had bad relationships in the past or trust issues or daddy issues or whatever.
    You did your best but you had life before her so you must go on after her. If it’s meant to be you’re gonna both feel it and it will be great. I’m 41, still searching too. Don’t give up.

  47. Thank you for such a straight forward talk. I have been going through this and over and over again I go back and end up in the same situation. She invites me back, we spend time together, travel, etc.. Then she rejects me again and again. So I have stopped again and just a week she is texting me what are you doing? Are you going out with others..etc. I respond that I have been busy. I ask her to come over and and we go on and on and on.. It’s like that bunny with the batteries. Can you tell me what I should say to her? What do I say? I always say after a few text come over or lets hang out. I don’t want to but don’t know what I should say. HELP ME

  48. Hey I really find this blog very interesting. It happens when I met this girl 4 years ago at school. She was my close claasmate. But she love me and finds me so interesting because I was different from the other guys when it comes having a real man character. She would always come to my desk for advice.There is a time she said she will name me after her baby in the future.One day she holds my hand as we were walking together. So from that day I feel attractive to her cause I see she really wants me. We started communicating more through text message for 4 years. But I never tell her I love her cause I just wanna prove it to her by actions. So after 4 years of being in a friend zone relationship I finally tell her that I have crush on her and want to start a relationship with her. She was shocked and tell me she honestly liked everything about me. Then she asked me to give her time and one day she said “let’s try it.” I asked her whether she truly want to be my life partner, and she respond by saying “yes I do”. The relationship goes on till it happens a day that I find out that she was playing games with a friend through online I asked y and she said she wasn’t ready for relationship with me and she apologized too. I accept the apology and asked her when did she want the relationship and she didn’t reply. After days she text me to be chatting with me as she normally does, I also chat but never text her first anymore. I finally tell her that Since she don’t accept my request I also don’t want to be her friend or to be playing around with her anymore! I moved on with my life but she is still texting me.. should I respond or ignore her forever?

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